Sunday, January 9, 2011


here is one of my favourite tracks of present, Port Isabel taken from Led Er Est's brilliant debut album "Dust On Common" (2010). like labelmates Automelodi, Led Er Est's sound is achingly familiar, yet very contemporary. their unique blend of British new romanticism et obscure European synth wave make this an incredibly catchy et danceable track, this would have been a #1 hit in the 80s!

Port Isabel is decadent et intoxicating, throbbing with youthful angst et intense melancholy, filled to the brim with intricately sequenced/fluctiating digital et analog goodies, thick, driving, hypnotically pulsing synths, icy guitar riffs, metronomic drum machine hits et splashes, spacey electro flourishes swirl et encircle us. lead singer Samuel Kklovenhoof repetitively incants, like a hypnotic mantra, "her eyes, they feed us, forever orange days ..." the throbbing music et psychedelic lyrics create a euphoric, cultish devotion, we are enraptured. this intoxicating music really should be worshiped on the dance floor like all great synth wave music!

this is damaged-love-pop / this is as authentic as it gets / this should be compulsory listening for today's disaffected youth / this is the new sound!
let's all be thankful for the existence of labels like Weird that are supporting et promoting bands like Automelodi, Frank (Just Frank) et Led Er Est among others!

MP3: Port Isabel

i strongly recommend getting Led Er Est's album "Dust On Common", it's available from Wierd Records et itunes.

you can find Led Er Est here: myspace | lederest | facebook

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