Monday, February 28, 2011


Have you seen this boy? His name is Bobby.

beware, this next track is incredibly catchy et contains tonnes of swagger, Sore Spores, from Montague, Massachusetts based avant-/rock outfit Bobby off their forthcoming self-titled debut album "Bobby" (2011).

Sore Spores features the sublime et versatile vocal stylings of Molly Sarle {of Mountain Men fame}, her lush, soaring, lyrical harmonies are contrasted with her fluid, zesty, hip-hop-like drawl delivery on the verses, Sarle's delicious vocals are nicely counterpointed with low, rich, mellow male crooning, the female/male vocals contrast et blend together perfectly to enrich this hazy track.

an infectious acoustic guitar riff kicks things off, mixed with warm rhythmic strumming et the gentle plucking et jangle of an electric guitar, simple, funked-out bassline, stripped-back percussion et a slow, lethargic, muted staccato drum beat round out the laid-back, hypnotic sound, while a curious squealing, spacey, theremin-like synth effect whistles its way intermittently through the track.

for the entertaining et insightful backstory/legend of Bobby go here.

MP3: Sore Spores

the "Bobby" LP is due out June 21st on Partisan Records.

you can check out Bobby here: myspace | facebook | partisanrecords | bobby

59. LANGUAGE ...

Language bears the meaning of thought as a footprint
signifies the movement and effort of a body.

{Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Essays on Painting}

Sunday, February 27, 2011


here's a blissed-out, lyrical track, Hibernation from Seattle, Washington bedroom/synth-pop producer Nick Fioretti off his debut "Wait A Minute" EP (2010).

putting the whole grunge scene aside et a certain Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan movie, i must admit my image of Seattle, Washington was largely shaped by listening to fellow bedroom pop producer Owen Ashworth aka Casiotone for the Painfully Alone's Seattle Washington track over et over again* which illustrates the outsider's idea of the city with these poignant lines: "Sometimes I think about moving up north, where rent is cheaper, I can have a house and a porch, to watch the rain, walk out in the rain, stand under the rain, and let Seattle wash me."

with this sentiment in mind, when Fioretti delivers the lines: "and it's going to be a long cold winter", i shudder with a sense of sympathy, it is late summer here in the southern hemisphere, et the prospect of a cold, wet winter is not so appealing. Hibernation simultaneously captures a sense of isolation et longing, warmth et drowsiness, it exists in that state of sleep just before you awaken, caught between conscious et unconscious/ness, in that timeless, in-between zone, where everything is slightly blurry et in a constant state of flux, a place where anything is seemingly possible.

Hibernation plays out as a constant struggle between dream et reality, between euphoria et melancholy, the refrain is like free-falling in slow-motion from an unfathomable height et releasing a cathartic scream into the ionosphere. this is an achingly beautiful et entrancing synth-pop anthem, filled with an intricate tableaux of astutely arranged et processed synths, wonky, pitch-shifted synths bubble et pulse away, a soft, hazy, atmospheric wash blends with faint dreamy harmonies, floating off in the distance, joined by a sparse, icy piano melody that tinkles away, inducing a sense of longing et nostalgia, while a deceptively simple, yet effective syncopated drum-machine beat pounds away methodically.

although there is a chilly breeze prevailing through Hibernation, it is a deeply uplifting track, at times Fioretti's soft, dreamy voice soars, fighting against the somber, wintry lethargy, he leaves behind his earthly confines et floats high above the world, weightless, swimming in the deep azure sky, his euphoric vocals echoing back to earth, the warm sonic waves begin to melt the icy thaw that has a grip on the sleepy earth below, everyone begins to awaken, as if from a hundred year long slumber, thankfully for some, another winter has come to an end.

i'm really looking forward to hearing more from Nick Fioretti, he's let on that with his new music he is incorporating more diverse instruments like the mandolin, trumpet, harmonica, and ukulele into the mix, i'm eager to hear this new direction.

MP3: Hibernation

like what you hear? you can currently stream/download the "Wait A Minute" EP from soundcloud for free, go et check it out!

you can check out Nick Fioretti here: soundcloud | facebook

* also the fantastic et epic cover of Seattle, WA by The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up, from the Split CD with Xiu Xiu {2003}.

58. THAT ...

"That the birds of worry and care fly about your head, 
this you cannot change, but that they build nests in your hair,
that you can prevent."

{Lorae Parry, Eugenia}

Saturday, February 26, 2011


next up is the gorgeous, fuzzed-out, spacey title-track, Young Silence from London-based shoegazey "swoon-pop" outfit Echo Lake off their recently released debut "Young Silence" EP (2011).

Young Silence exists in a weightless, timeless, murky vacuum. fluid, glowing sounds cascade into the space, ethereal, ghostly voices, jangly, wailing guitars, splashing drums all blend et smear together, the music swirls dizzily around us, this is nostalgic, hypnotic, fuzzy, dream-pop, drowning in a roily, foggy ocean of reverb, echoing into the endless abyss ... there is no shore to return to ... lie back et embrace the unfathomable ...

after hearing Young Silence you are left slightly bewildered, wondering whether it was all just a dream, a fanciful imagining, or hallucinogenic apparition. Echo Lakes' music has a fleeting, cloudy, vaporish quality, evoking My Bloody Valentine, coming into being with an explosion of light, flooding over us with a swirling, hazy wall-of-noise, affording us a dim glimpse into another time et place, but it quickly evaporates before it is ever fully formed, leaving you wanting another glance, maybe next time it will become clearer.

MP3: Young Silence

here is the brilliant new music video for Young Silence directed by Dan Nixon. this hi/lo-tech performance clip completely captures/renders the fuzzy, dream-like quality of the song perfectly.

if you like what you hear then i would recommend getting a hold of the spaced-out, dreamy "Young Silence" EP, it is available online from No Pain In Pop or itunes.

you can check Echo Lake here: myspace | lastfm | echolakeband

57. AND ...

And without her all the varicoloured sumptuousness
seemed useless to me, wasted.

{Italo Calvino, The Complete Cosmicomics}

Friday, February 25, 2011


i recently became aware of the awesome LA record label Not Not Fun, et have been making my way through their impressive lineup of female artists, here's a deliriously nihilistic track, from ex-San Fran/NYC no-fi, noise-pop artist Psychic Reality {Leyna Noel} off the stunning "Psychic Reality/LA Vampires" split 12" (2010).

META/Meta-Prayer is a haunting, euphoric hymn to digital delay et distortion. Noel's psyched-out wailing, shrieking vocals are primal, raw et cathartic, at times other-worldly et ethereal, other times regressive, vulnerable et childlike. multiple lyrical layers fade in-et-out, merging, then drifting apart again, like restless spirits wandering aimlessly through a desolate landscape, trying to find some resemblance of the past. from time to time Noel unleashes a devastating, reverberating sonic maelstrom that crescendos into the void only to be subsumed by the nothingness. a deep, low-end, muffled, pulsing sub continues to throb away hypnotically, like a homing beacon, transmitting a signal out into the ether, for whom or what, it is unknown, should we be afraid? perhaps ...

this arresting split EP is definitely recommended for fans of Tickley Feather, Pocahaunted, U.S. Girls, Julianna Barwick et Pink Floyd ...

MP3: META/Meta-Prayer

her's the fantastic music video for Fruit, which is off Psychic Reality's brilliant new album "Vibrant New Age" (2011) . directed by Ben Shearn.

the "Psychic Reality/LA Vampires" split EP is available online from itunes et boomkat.

check out Psychic Reality here: myspace | lastfm | notnotfun


i've just posted the stunning new music video for Without You by Rainbow Arabia under my original post for the track, you will find it here.


56. IT ...

It is said that the poor, the sick, the dreamers
and the fools always go into exile.

{Josefina Baez, Dominicanish}

Thursday, February 24, 2011


if you're feeling blue et in desperate need of something light, fluffy et heartwarming then look no further, next up is a great bubblegum-pop track that i heard a while back but didn't get round to posting, Go Outside is the breakout single from NY indie-pop duo Cults {Brian Oblivion & Madeline Follin} off their self-titled "Cults" 7" (2010).

Go Outside is a jingly, 60s-tinged, indie pop day-dream, a saccharine glockenspiel melody tinkles away, evoking a woebegone vision of snow slowly falling outside a window, the sound of a television can be heard in the background, it is filtered out, our day-dream begins as we are engulfed with euphoric, sundazed, reverb-laden girl/boy harmonies, transporting us to our happy warm place, the smooth bassline hook grooves away, sounding like it was right out of a Motown recording, gentle tapping, clapping, brushing percussion fleshes-out the track nicely before the child-like glockenspiel melody returns, bringing us slowly out of our warm, nostalgic reverie, the snow still falls outside, but it's ok, the song is on repeat!

does this track remind anyone else of Time Is On My Side?

interestingly the sample at the beginning of the song is taken from the "Death Tape" or FBI's "Q042" file, the last recording of Jim Jones as he speaks to the members/residents of Jonestown before the infamous mass "revolutionary suicide"/murder, the knowledge of this fact changes the reading of the track completely et gives it an eerie et haunting, 70s cultish vibe, which aptly explains the bands name. it also shows that there is a dark et twisted core lurking under the sweet exterior of these pop songs.

MP3: Go Outside

et here is another dose of melodious 60s-inflected sunshine pop:

MP3: Most Wanted

whatever you do, stay well clear of the music video for Go Outside, it's a complete abomination, et yet another uber-lame Godard rip-off video {see also the new Paris Wells "Let's Get It Started" video}! arrrgh! i get totally enraged by clueless music video directors blindly decimating Godard's iconic 60s films et rendering them into cringy, superficial, sentimental trash! hey, let's all film our "model" girlfriends with super 8 cameras! it's so nouvelle vague! merde!!!

the Cults debut album is currently in the works, et should be out around May.

for now you can check out Cults here: myspace | cultscultscults | bandcamp | lastfm

55. SOUNDS ...

Sounds of cities, in the evening and
in the sun and always.

{Arthur Rimbaud, Departure}

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


here's a ridiculously fat, distorted, laid-back, hazy, dubbed-out track, Tiger Eyes from dub-inflected noise pop duo Peaking Lights {Indra Dunis & Aaron Coyes} from their infectious album "936" (2011).

Tiger Eyes is a delightfully innovative mix of diverse sonic stylings, from dub, garage/noise pop, psych pop, hip-hop et lo-fi, amongst a myriad of keen influences. Coyes unleashes some awesomely fat, distorted drum/bass hooks, along with an ambling, jangly, reverb laden surf guitar, while Dunis’ tranced-out, incantatory, shaman-like vocals {reminiscent of Catherine Ribeiro} float in, droning indifferently over the wall of distorted et muffled RZA-esque beats. a deliriously infectious dubbed-out, vibrating bassline throbs throughout the track, while looped clapping percussion et free-floating layers of synth melodies et tingling riffs jingle et ripple hypnotically in et out of your subconscious.  

this is one tripped-out, hallucinogenic track, there is an overwhelming sense of weightiness, the lethargic, smeary, lo-fi, dubbed-out beats are oppressive et numbing, the fat, thrumming bassline hook will continue to rattle et reverberate in your brain long after the song finishes ... warning this track may induce nausea.

i can totally imagine Ghost Dog pumping this track in his boosted car, as he stalks the city streets, out on a nocturnal mission.

MP3: Tiger Eyes {Laid Back}

et here is another sublime track from the "936" album:

MP3: All The Sun That Shines

check out the lo-fi, digital-effects laden music video for All The Sun That Shines directed by Amanda Brown & Ben Shearn.

trust me you need to get yourself a copy of "936" if you haven't already, it's available online from itunes, or from NotNotFun records on cd or vinyl!!!

you can check out Peaking Lights here: myspace | lastfm

54. WHAT ...

What is the use of a violent kind of delightfulness
if there is no pleasure in not getting tired of it. 

{Gertrude Stein, A Substance In A Cushion}


next up is a fantastic new track, Joe Says from San Francisco's all-female garage-folk trio The Sandwitches off their much anticipated forthcoming album "Mrs. Jones' Cookies" (2011). 

Joe Says is filled with achingly beautiful, endearing et heartfelt harmonies, gently warming us before giving way to the gorgeously fragile, bittersweet, lilting vocals. a jangly, fuzzed out guitar meanders, while a muted snare drum beats away steadily, an organ whirs away dreamily, along with an uplifting cello melody that surges from time-to-time, a haunting banjo ambles off in the background, adding to the wave of nostalgia that washes over us.

The Sandwitches’ sound is an interesting commingling of gothic americana, 60s garage pop/girl-groups, et Appalachian folk music, there are echoes of Joan Baez et Natalie Merchant in this track. 

MP3: Joe Says

et here are a couple of swell tracks from the breathtakingly sublime "Duck, Duck, Goose!" EP (2010).

MP3: Song of Songs

MP3: Stardust

i couldn't resist adding this twisted music video for Kiss Your Feet directed by Joey Izzo, it's from the Sandwitches debut album "How to Make Ambient Sadcake" (2009).

"Mrs. Jones' Cookies" is due out March 29th on Endless Nest, in the meantime if you haven't had the pleasure yet, you should get a hold of The Sandwitches' debut album "How to Make Ambient Sadcake" (2009), et the stunning "Duck, Duck, Goose!" EP (2010), both available online from itunes or at Endless Nest.

check out The Sandwitches here: myspace | lastfm

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

53. I ...

I think the rock 
thinks and my thought is what it thinks.

{Allen Curnow, Dialogue With Four Rocks}

Monday, February 21, 2011


you know when you experience a kind of "mystical" feeling, or "sixth-sense", that something dreadful has happened to someone you know, or worse that someone close has died, well today i had said quasi-mystical feeling as i started listening to a band i hadn't heard in a while ... who am i talking about? the Disconcerts of course, et to my amazement et despair i just found out {via f#$king facebook!} that they have called it a day! i mourn the fact that i never got to see these guys live! so this post is to commemorate the awesomeness that is/was the Disconcerts!!!

i know, i know my sixth-sense is about a month off, well, i've got sinusitis! anyways i felt that it was the right time to post something about these three very talented young lads {geniuses!} from Chichester, England, who have been steadily et independently producing a unique et brilliant blend of post-punk/art rock for several years to little deserved acclaim, they will be fondly remembered ...

i have to acknowledge my debt to Hedi Slimane whose stylish photo shoot of the Disconcerts lounging around their flat back in late 2009 piqued my interest in the band, et i proceeded to scour the internet for anything et everything the band had produced, which proved rather tough, but after some time i was repeatedly trashing the deliriously post punk-tinged "A. Medic" EP (2009), "Human Bodies in Motion" 7" (2009), et an untitled "album" filled with absolutely stunning tracks; Books Chairs Thoughts, David Bowie, Selsey Bill, Window Shopper ... each ecstatic song riddled with brilliant et infectious lyrics, catchy bassline hooks, angular, razor-sharp guitar riffs et ridiculously tight drumming. the Disconcerts continue et extend the rich et feisty British post punk, new wave traditions established by bands like XTC, PiL, Gang of Four et Fire Engines etc ... let's hope a comprehensive collection of their singles et demos is in the works!

Copper Gone Green is a dark, tranced-out, rhythmically et lyrically hypnotic track, taken from the Disconcerts' seemingly abrupt final offering "Copper Gone Green/Trouble Keeping" 7" (2010).

MP3: Copper Gone Green

here are a couple highlight tracks for those not acquainted with the Disconcerts:
MP3: Chance Remark {from "Human Figure in Motion" 7" (2009).}

MP3: She Was Spitting/Cotton {from "A. Medic" EP (2009).}

et here is a great performance video i recently discovered, it's for Steady Questions (an unreleased demo), the video is directed by Sam Bailey.

you can find most of the Disconcerts' output on itunes, or lastfm, et you can currently download the "Copper Gone Green/Trouble Keeping" 7" for free from lastfm.

check out Disconcerts here: myspace | lastfm | facebook

52. ANYONE ...

"Anyone at all to break the monotony."

{Caryl Churchill Cloud Nine}

Sunday, February 20, 2011


next up is the latest track from Athens, Greece electro/downtempo duo Keep Shelly In Athens, called Hauntin' Me, from the just released "Hauntin' Me/Song To Cheer You Up" 7" (2011).

Hauntin' Me is a smooth, dreamy, languorous, ambient 90s-tinged, downtempo track. a clean, solitary guitar riff opens the track, before a second riff eclipses the first, playing over the top, a soulful trumpet joins in, blowing away mournfully, before a deep bass rhythm kicks in, a snare roll awakens the hazy, languid, enigmatic vocals, like a burst of sun light, the sombre storm clouds part, giving way to a clear blue sky, the lyrics echo et swirl around us. a wonky, glitchy, electro soundscape haunts the bridge, giving us time to breathe et reflect, before the upbeat refrain kicks back in segueing into the dizzying, ghostly outro. Hauntin' Me is a super catchy track, very aptly titled as one feels compelled to hit repeat as soon as it ends.

MP3: Hauntin' Me

check out the new 'found-footage'/non-profit video for Hauntin' Me by French video artist Jamie Harley. the footage originates from the 1957 Russian film "The Cranes are Flying" by Mikhail Kalatozov.

et here's an older track from the blissed-out downtempo "In Love With Dusk" EP (2010).
MP3: Running Out Of You

"In Love With Dusk" is available online from itunes or amazon et the "Hauntin' Me/Song To Cheer You Up" 7" is available now from Transparent records, it's limited to 300 copies!

check out Keep Shelly in Athens here: myspace | keepshellyinathens | lastfm

51. QUITE ...

Quite audible then now for her and if other ears there
with her in the dark for them and if ears low down in
the wall at a for them a voice without meaning, hear that.

{Samuel Beckett, All Strange Away}

Saturday, February 19, 2011


this is not an apple ...

it's the stunning new track, How Come? from California-based indie folk troubadour Little Wings {Kyle Field} off his long awaited album "Black Grass" (2011).

i've been a Little Wings fan since stumbling upon the mp3 for Look at What the Light Did Now while surfing the krecs site back in 2002, et i've avidly devoured everything that Kyle Field has released since. well, it's been nearly four years since the release of "Soft Pow’r" (2007), so i am chomping at the bit to experience the new "Black Grass" album, i've just heard the first single, How Come? which promises a truly remarkable album.

"What would it take to make it right / we painted all the grass blades black /
When you're a dark and empty night / how come I always take you back"

How Come? is an incredibly intimate et emotionally powerful track, comprising of a mournful piano, ponderous acoustic guitar strumming et gentle, steady percussion flourishes, Field's distinct voice is raw et vulnerable as ever, at times evoking Nina Simone in his emotional intensity et wavering delivery, Field's poignant lyrics are heightened by the choir-like backing-vocals that echo et surge on the refrain, rising et falling like a tempestuous sea.

MP3: How Come?

this is a great time to post a couple of my favourite Little Wings tracks of old, for those not familiar with Kyle Field's unique sound, these songs will come as a breath of fresh air! enjoy!

MP3: Look at What the Light Did Now {from "Little Green Leaves" (2002)} 

this track was recently covered by Feist, she even named her new live album after it, a sign of her appreciation et respect for Kyle Field's music.

MP3: I Saw Reflections {from "Wonderue" (2002)}

et you can listen to the Little Wings Daytrotter session from 2010, which features some tracks from the upcoming album; including a stripped back acoustic version of How Come?

the "Black Grass" LP will be available from February 25th, via Rad Records, which is Field's offshoot of Marriage Records. you can find most of the Little Wings back-catalog online at itunes at amazon

check out Little Wings here: lastfm | marriagerecs | kyledraws 

50. WHEN ...

When the object first appears, its meaning is subject 
to the viewer's interpretation.

{Ann Sargent-Wooster, Yvonne Rainer's "Journeys from Berlin/1971"}

Friday, February 18, 2011


i've only just recently discovered this next artist, Brooklyn singer-songwriter Joan As Police Woman {Joan Wasser}, this is the first single, The Magic, from her new album "The Deep Field" (2011).

The Magic is an infectiously sultry, funked-out track. a tight, steady bluesy drum beat sets the scene before a funky, fuzzed out, jazzy organ riff drops in, Wasser's sassy et soulful crooning vocals flow sensuously, the slight vocal distortion gives her delivery an edgy, slightly distressed quality, mixed with catchy, ecstatic harmonies that echo et swirl around dizzily, at one point Wasser's vocals are distorted to the point of sounding impressively like a feedback laden guitar screeching away, heightening the actual guitar riff simultaneously shrieking away in the background, making way for the blissed out, dreamy bridge section that washes over us. at the end of the track Wasser is still desperately looking for the magic, some kind of answer to the chaos inside, yet in her anguished search she has conjured up a mesmerising spell of her own, one that leaves the listener buzzing et hooked on her funked out jazzy riffs et sassy vocals.

MP3: The Magic

here is the great music video for The Magic directed by Ben Reed

"The Deep Field" LP is available online from itunes

check out Joan As Police Woman here: myspace | | lastfm

49. AT ...

At dawn I looked up.

{Jack Kerouac, On The Road}

Thursday, February 17, 2011


this next track will transport you back to the early 90s, Georgia from London noise pop/shoegaze outfit Yuck, off their just released self-titled debut album "Yuck" (2011).

"Georgia / what's a girl to do / Georgia / still in love with you"

Georgia is a super catchy, guitar heavy, twee poppy track, instantly evoking fond memories of My Bloody Valentine, ecstatic jangly, fuzzed out, churning guitars ride over the track, while faint, doleful twee boy/girl vocals pine away, wallowing in the misfortunes of love, the endearing refrain will stick in your head long after the feedback has stopped ringing in your ears ...

MP3: Georgia

here's another great fuzzed-out guitar pop single from the album:

MP3: Holling Out

et Yuck's awesome epic shoegaze anthem:

MP3: Rubber

if you like what you hear, you can grab Yuck's self-titled album online from amazon or insound, you can also get the "Georgia" 7" from insound.

check out Yuck here: myspace | yuckband | lastfm

48. PEOPLE ...

People want to take a small slice of the sea home with them,
sometimes a book will do.

{Airini Beautrais, Secret Heart}

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


next up is the marvelous opening track Beating Heart from LA-based indie/garage-pop artist La Sera, the new solo project of Katy Goodman {of Vivian Girls} from her just released self-titled debut solo album "La Sera" (2011).

Beating Heart is a haunting lament that gently comes into being. a clean, picked guitar riff chimes away, the lethargic drumbeat mimics the steady pounding of a mournful, weary heart, a tambourine gently jingles away, Goodman's warm, ethereal vocals softly lilt, while surging, choral-like harmonies wash over us like a fine mist, an epic, shoegazing, feedback laden guitar solo pierces the serenity, creating a sense of release before the song fades away into the ether.

MP3: Beating Heart

et here is another fantastic single from the album;

MP3: Never Come Around

check out the wonderfully twisted et macabre, b-grade slasher music video for Never Come Around directed by Seattle-based filmmaker Brady Hall.

the "La Sera" album is available from Hardly Art, or you can get it digitally from itunes.

check out La Sera here: myspace | facebook | hardly art

47. THE ...

The love of a young girl, charming, poetic, carrying me off 
into the realm of dreams - only that kind of love, no other,
can bring happiness on this earth!

{Anton Chekhov, The Seagull}

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


i just discovered this fantastic new track Araby from Brooklyn lo-fi indie pop duo Minks {Sean Kilfoyle & Amalie Bruun}, from their recent limited cassette release. Araby wasn't included on their superb debut album "By The Hedge" (2011), so i thought it would be a good opportunity to post a few of the older singles from the album that i've been meaning to post for a while, for those not yet familiar with Minks.

Araby is a delightfully lo-fi, subdued et melancholy, twee pop song, with dreamy, jangly guitars, swimming in reverb, a steady, fuzzy bassline thrums away, while a simple snare/hi-hat combo taps away. Kilfoyle's somber, lovesick vocals croon away, evoking a strong sense of nostalgia, glimpses of hope spring forth from the gloom as he conjures up euphoric images of the object of his affection, a young girl called Araby, she is his first love, the one he would "wait a hundred years" for. the song is based on/inspired by the James Joyce short story Araby from his "Dubliners" collection.

MP3: Araby

here are a couple of stunning singles by the Minks from their "By The Hedge" LP, the wonderful reverb-laden, wonky, hallucinogenic Ophelia, et of course the pessimistic farewell to summer anthem Funeral Song. enjoy!

MP3: Ophelia
MP3: Funeral Song 

if you like what you hear then you should grab the Minks "By The Hedge", available from itunes or captured tracks

check out Minks here: myspace | lastfm

46. COME ...

Come, future, come, you coming ceaselessly, 
never arriving, come, coming!

{Hélène Cixous, Savior}

Monday, February 14, 2011


here's a {anti}valentine's day track, a fantastic cover of the Smiths' There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by garage/bubblegum-pop darlings Dum Dum Girls from their forthcoming "He Gets Me High" EP (2011).

the Dum Dum Girls give the Smiths' twee pop anthem There Is A Light That Never Goes Out a fuzzed-out, nihilistic garage pop makeover!

MP3: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

et here is a bonus track from the Dum Dum Girls debut "I Will Be" LP (2010).

MP3: Bhang Bhang, I'm A Burnout

have a look at the awesome psyched lo-fi out music video for Bhang Bhang, I'm A Burnout directed by Christian Turner.

the "He Gets Me High" EP comes out March 1st from Sub Pop. also, definitely recommend getting hold of the DDG's "I Will Be" album too! available online from itunes or from Sub Pop.

check out Dum Dum Girls here: myspace | lastfm | wearedumdumgirls

45. ALL ...

'All I want is a cup of coffee.'

{Norman Mailer, An American Dream }

Sunday, February 13, 2011


next up is a deliriously moody track i've been meaning to post for some time, Pie IX from Montreal experimental prog/kraut rock four-piece Suuns off their brilliant debut album "Zeroes QC" (2010). 

Pix IX is a seedy, unsettling, hallucinogenic, spacey et atmospheric track. singer Ben Shemie’s distinct vocals draw us in instantly, with their distorted, muffled, manic et childlike refrain, one can almost picture Shemie rocking back et forth in a straitjacket, his experimental, drawly delivery is reminiscent of Ade Blackburn {Clinic} et Thom Yorke.

a sparse, driving et gritty beat stomps away, punctuated with a clapping percussion loop, while a raspy industrial-sounding synth vibrates et drones away, mid-way in a screechy, feedback laden guitar riff rises et falls repeatedly, accentuated with a fat kick/snare beat et deep throbbing bassline, Shemie's spaced out vocals continue to drone away, the track closes with a haunting jangly surf guitar riff, which emerges from the darkness giving the track levity et a sense of release. 

Pie IX would slot seamlessly into David Lynch's "Lost Highway". 

MP3: Pie IX

here is the stroboscopic music video for Pie IX directed by Frederique Berube.

et here is another track off the "Zeroes QC" album Up Past The Nursery

MP3: Up Past The Nursery

also check out the video for Up Past The Nursery directed by Ben Shemie et Petros Kolyvas.

the "Zeroes QC" album is available from Secretly Canadian, or online from itunes.

the "Up Past The Nursery" is available for free download from bandcamp.

check out Suuns here: myspace | twitter | facebook

44. SHE ...

She spent the rest of the day once more 
trying patiently to learn to be alone.

{Colette, Chéri}

Saturday, February 12, 2011


here is the latest offering from Brooklyn garage pop trio Vivian Girls, called I Heard You Say, it is the first single off their forthcoming album "Share The Joy" (2011).

I Heard You Say is a perfect blend of surf pop et garage rock, the track is a tad more subdued et nostalgic, offering a promising glimpse of things to come for the Vivian Girls. with a clean jangly guitar, driving bassline, jaded, acerbic lyrics from Ramone, laced with catchy, saccharine harmonies from Goodman et newcomer Fiona Campbell {drummer from Coasting}. the track sounds like the theme song for a long lost spaghetti western, with a band of female gunslingers out for revenge, inflicting bloody carnage on the seedy, crooked wrongdoers.

MP3: I Heard You Say

take a look at the new music video for I Heard You Say, directed by Timothy Fiore.

the "Share The Joy" album is due out on April 12th on Polyvinyl.

you can check out Vivian Girls here: myspace | viviangirls | facebook

43. WORDS ...

Words without experience are meaningless.

{Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita}

Friday, February 11, 2011


next up is a day-dreamy, new wavey track i acquired recently Love Well Spent by Seattle based synth pop/chillwave outfit Craft Spells {primarily Justin Vallesteros}, it's from the recently released "After the Moment" 7" (2011).

Love Well Spent is a great New Order-esque, upbeat love song, featuring blissed out vocals from Orlando dream pop queen Emily Reo, her voice contrasts with Vallesteros forlorn crooning, yet their voices blend together nicely. the track is filled with lush shimmery, glittering new wavey synth riffs, swirling et twinkling around us, a crisp drum beat pounds out a steady, driving rhythm, mixed with clicky, glitchy percussion, while a keyboard tinkles out a simple, melancholy et sentimental melody. Love Well Spent comes et goes like a blissful, soothingly cool sea breeze on a summer afternoon.

MP3: Love Well Spent

also, here is Craft Spells' awesome breakthrough track Party Talk {for those not familiar with it}, it's off the "Party Talk" 7" (2010)

MP3: Party Talk

Craft Spells debut album "Idle Labor" (2011) is due for release on Captured Tracks at the beginning of March.

the "After the Moment" single et "Party Talk" singles are available online from itunes et lastfm.

check out Craft Spells here: myspace | caturedtracks | lastfm

42. HE ...

He was one of those people who take in the world 
through the eye and ear; his intellect was probably 
worth very little, but his love of beauty was genuine. 

{Nancy Mitford, Love in a Cold Climate}

Thursday, February 10, 2011


here is a fantastically broody single i found recently et have been digging, Beat & The Pulse from Toronto-based goth-pop/darkwave trio Austra {Katie Stelmanis - singer, Maya Postepski - drums et Dorian Wolf - bassist} from their "Beat & the Pulse" (2011) EP et will also feature on the forthcoming debut album "Feel It Break" (2011).

Beat & The Pulse is a murky, brooding, pulsing synth-laden club/dance anthem. a single driving industrial sounding synth throbs away before a second pulsing synth shadows the first, followed by a drum machine pounding out a simple snare beat, chiming, clanging percussion kicks in, the tempo builds et deepens, setting up a mournful cathedral-sounding organ riff which lends the track an eerie, gothic atmosphere, finally Stelmanis' dark, incantatory vocals are conjured up from the deep darkness, she chants cryptic lyrics, like a spell, summoning something or someone from the beyond. the moment when Stelmanis first wails out: "Feel it / Breathe / Feel it / Breathe ..." is one of those goose-bump moments, her powerful, wavering voice, raw et truly sublime.

there is a real grimy subterranean feel to Beat & the Pulse, evoking an epic dance party in a dark catacomb, the strobe lights pulse away, giving us brief glimpses of skulls stacked against the walls, enraptured, merging bodies, sweating as they dance away in slow motion, their faces rapt, in a euphoric trance-like ecstasy.

MP3: Beat & the Pulse {Extended Version}

here is the great experimental music video for Beat & the Pulse directed by Claire Edmondson. {this is the uncensored version, et contains some female nudity.}

Austra's debut album "Feel It Break" is due for release through Domino on May 16th.

the "Beat & the Pulse" 7" is available from Domino on either vinyl or mp3 or online at itunes

check out Austra here: myspace | tumblr


Everything is endured - disgrace, humiliation, poverty, war, 
crime, ennui - in the belief that overnight something will occur,
a miracle, which will render life tolerable.

{Henry Miller, Tropic of Cancer}

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


next up is a truly remarkable et arresting track, Wilhelm Scream from British electronic composer/bedroom pop artist James Blake off his just released self titled debut album "James Blake" (2011).

Wilhelm Scream is innovative, spacious, deconstructed 90s R&B, this is an incredibly unique et sincere pop song. Blake continues to process variations of the same lyrics/thoughts over et over again, his heartfelt, soulful crooning is emotionally arresting, vulnerable, full of self-doubt, he is searching desperately for some meaning in his life, a reason to keep on living. the subtle shifting atmospheric synths et intricate instrumentation reflect Blake's agitated state-of-mind, mid-way into the track the music builds, growing more intense, chaotic, distorted et hallucinatory, washing out his lyrics, echoing Blake's anxiety, he is beginning to lose grip of reality, yet he keeps hanging on to the same words, repeating them like a mantra, still searching for something or someone to live for.

the chaotic soundscape cuts out, the storm has passed, we are once again left alone with Blake's soulful vocals, a mournful organ et a drum machine pounds away, evoking a heartbeat, it too cuts out dramatically, leaving us with Blake's exposed, weary et disillusioned voice as he habitually resolves:

"all that I know is / I'm fallin' / fallin' /  fallin' / 
fallin' / might as well falln'."

MP3: Wilhelm Scream

et here is a bonus track for those who haven't yet heard Blake's stunning Feist cover on the album.

MP3: Limit To Your Love 

here is the brilliant performance video for Wilhelm Scream directed by Alexander Brown.

the James Blake S/T album is available now, online from itunes, i would highly recommend getting hold of the "Klavierwerke" EP (2010) also.

check out James Blake here: mysapce | | jamesblakemusic

40. THAT ...

That night she made her mind white and blank
until it was a page and her one thought the pen.

{Sophie Dahl, Playing With The Grown-Ups}

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


here's the just released title track What a Pleasure from Brooklyn indie pop outfit Beach Fossils off their forthcoming "What a Pleasure" (2011) EP. 

What a Pleasure is more of what we love about Beach Fossils, carefree, dreamy twee pop, jangly, chiming guitar riffs et soft, lilting, dreamy vocals from frontman Dustin Payseur. the new tracks on this EP are more thoughtful, cooler, you get the sense that summer is over, the tan is starting to fade, it is time to reflect on the accumulated experiences of summer.

MP3: What a Pleasure

and if you missed it here is another great single off the EP; 

MP3: Cayler

the Beach Fossils "What a Pleasure" EP drops February 22 from Captured Tracks!

check out Beach Fossils here: myspace | facebook | beachfossilsnyc

39. BUT ...

But this was the same story all over again.

{Muriel Spark, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie}

Monday, February 7, 2011


next up is the irresistibly catchy, shimmering et effervescent, Cyndi Lauper-esque, disco-infused title track It Goes Through Your Head, from LA-based avant-pop artist Nite Jewel {Ramona Gonzalez} off her recently released "It Goes Through Your Head" EP (2011).

MP3: It Goes Through Your Head

the "It Goes Through Your Head" EP is available online from itunes.

you can find Nite Jewel here: nitejewel | myspace | facebook

38. IT ...

It seemed as if some penetrating lucidity permitted her
to see the reality of things beyond any formalism.

{Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude}

Sunday, February 6, 2011


this is a fantastic track i stumbled upon recently called Daniel, from Virginia baroque/bedroom pop outfit We Are Trees {singer/songwriter James Nee} from their brilliant "Boyfriend" (2010) EP.

MP3: Daniel

you can get the "BoyFriend" EP online from itunes.

check out We Are Trees here: bandcamp | myspace

37. YET ...

Yet I am a patient watcher of the skies.

{Patricia Grace, Potiki}

Saturday, February 5, 2011


this is a great track i found on the {pitch}forkcast the other day, Les Neuf Soeurs is from Vancouver minimal-synth-pop trio Mode Moderne {Felix, Clint et Phillip} off their album "Ghost Emerging" (2010).

Les Neuf Soeurs is a Joy Division-esque/Ian Curtis-intoning, post-punk/minimal wave-imbued track. enjoy!

MP3: Les Neuf Soeurs

the "Ghost Emerging" album is available online from itunes or from lastfm.

check out Mode Moderne here: myspace | tumblr {which has some more of their track for previewing}

36. MUSICAL ...

Musical bird who sings to celebrate 
through all these leafy woods the year's rebirth.

{Giacomo Leopardi, Canti - To Spring}

Friday, February 4, 2011


next up is the ecstatic fuzzed-out, jangly, throb-laden, wall-off-noise, Feel Fine from San Fran psych-gaze outfit Young Prisms off their just released debut album "Friends For Now" (2011).

embrace the wall of noise, be at one with the feedback!

MP3: Feel Fine

the "Friends For Now" album is out now on Kanine Records, it is currently available on cd from Insound! otherwise you can score it digitally online from itunes.

you can check out Young Prisms here: myspace | facebook | tumblr 

35. SHE ...

She was so ... beautiful.

{Kirsty Gunn, The Keepsake}

Thursday, February 3, 2011


next up is a ridiculously catchy track from Portland indie-rock/punk trio The Thermals called Never Listen To Me off their recent album "Personal Life" (2010).

MP3: Never Listen To Me

check out the great new video for Never Listen To Me, directed by Lance Bangs and Aubree Bernier-Clarke, it was shot of discontinued kodachrome film, which gives the clip an awesome retro look!

the "Personal Life" album is available online from itunes.

you can find The Thermals here: myspace | TheThermals

34. LET ...

Let me ask you outright, gentle reader, if there have not been hours,
indeed whole days and weeks of your life, during which all your usual
activities were painfully repugnant, and everything you believed in and
valued seemed foolish and worthless?

{E.T.A. Hoffmann, The Golden Pot }

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


here is a great track i stumbled upon recently et have been meaning to post about, Nightmares of Candy Yang & The Black Italian from Atlanta indie pop duo New Animal {Kris Hermstad & Derek Burdette} from their debut self-titled album "New Animal" (2011).

Nightmares of Candy Yang is a cathartic lo-fi 'beatnik' pop song, a remedy for the forlorn, what better way to get over a girl than to beat away on a drum et bellow out all your pent up, broken-hearted thoughts et feelings. Hermstad et Burdette manage to turn dejection et despair into a jaunty, euphoric happening, with shades of Brian Wilson. playing off firmly established pop song clichés, they add their own personal insights into the mix, there are some wonderfully depraved et candid lyrics that capture the sense of emptiness et desperation that comes in the aftermath of a failed relationship:

"I can't breathe / I can't sleep / I can't eat / I can't beat / off / 
because I'm thinking of you / and I love to / 
make me wanna cry with a dick in my hand / and I don't want to ..."
a stripped back plastic drum beat pounds out zealously, rattling percussion jangles away, with a distant guitar picking out a tinny melancholy melody, a fuzzed out, growling bassline rumbles away, before the wailing, distorted et clipped vocals kick in, chanting out anguished, lovelorn lyrics, complemented by reverb heavy Beach Boy-esque vocal harmonies, that eventually give way to lovesick howls at the end of the song. a harmonium tops things off, whirring away mournfully on the choruses et outro.

New Animal's DIY, lo-fi pop stylistic approach evokes the raw, spontaneous charm of Beat Happening, The Microphones et The Fugs. Nightmares of Candy Yang & The Black Italian is the perfect karaoke anthem for all the jilted et distraught lovers out there.

MP3: Nightmares of Candy Yang & The Black Italian

i recommend getting a hold of this great album, you can download the entire album for free from New Animal's official site here.

you can check out New Animal here: lastfm | bandcamp | newanimal

33. UNLIKE ...

Unlike the majority of photographs this one had 
an extraordinary feeling of life and reality.

{Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock}

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


here is a great psyched out track Do You Want to Give $$? from San Francisco lo-fi noise-pop duo {now a trio} Sic Alps {Mike Donovan, John Harlow et new-comer Noel Harmonson} from their just released album "Napa Asylum" (2010).

Do You Want to Give $$? is a beatlesque bluesy, psychedelic, slacker garage pop 'recession' anthem. ecstatically distorted, gritty, jangly guitar riffs, fat, sluggish, thumping, crashing, headache inducing drums, booming, twanging, room vibrating monster bassline, Donovan's off-kilter, spaced-out vocals evoke Alexander "Skip" Spence {Little Hands from "OAR"}, he even finds the time to sardonically whistle the chorus amid the distorted, shambling chaos. out of the dusty rubble, the faint sound of whistling rings in your ears, you start compulsively chanting: "Do you want to give / Money!" for the rest of the day.

this is one highly unpredictable, raucous track, evoking a psychedelic benefit concert in an insane asylum for suicidal, straight-jacketed Wall Street brokers.

MP3: Do You Want to Give $$?

check out the fantastic new music video for Do You Want to Give $$?, directed by Mike Donovan et John Harlow {Sic Alps}. the look et style reminds me of Jem Cohen et Jonas Mekas, but it has a definite late 70s No Wave cinema feel to it.

you can buy the "Napa Asylum" album online from itunes or from the Drag City site.

you can check out the Sic Alps here: [SicAlps] | lastfm

32. DO ...

'Do you understand,' said the other, 'that this is a tragedy?'

{G.K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday}