Wednesday, January 26, 2011


if you've played your "Crazy For You" album to death et have been pining for something new from Best Coast then look no further, here's a new track When You Wake Up from the recently released "Summer Is Forever" EP (2011).

When You Wake Up is more of what we love about Best Coast, dreamy, lovelorn, sundazed, beachgazing pop music to mellow out to in the fading afternoon sun. jangly, fuzzed out, strumming guitars, big spacious pounding drums, soft cooing, dreamy harmonies, et yearning, lovesick vocals from Bethany Cosentino. "It's always 11:30 / When you wake up" she laments in the refrain, this sounds like yet another relationship that isn't going to work out, oh well, it's good material for a pop song.

MP3: When You Wake Up

here's another great new Best Coast track Sunny Adventure that just got released on the "Sunny Adventure/Bummer Split" split EP (2011).

MP3: Sunny Adventure 

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