Monday, January 24, 2011


here's a great dreamy tropical flavoured track New Space, by Wellington ambient/dream pop duo Glass Vaults {Richard Larsen et Rowan Pierce}, it is from their debut "Glass" EP (2010).

well, these guys are ridiculously talented, the "Glass" EP was a massive discovery for me {yeah i know, 8 months after the fact, i'm on 'island time'!}, this is a truly inspired work, et Wellington is certainly the logical/perfect breading ground for producing this distinct sound, a sublime amalgamation of rich electronic/percussive experimentation et blissed out introspective dream pop, the result, a unique blend of chillwave et tropical/roots music.

a stream of garbled/piercing digital noise washes over us like sea spray, we have arrived, a simple looping synth melody slowly builds momentum, ebullient yelps echo out of the hazy mist, the pulse of the synth acting like a beacon, guiding us, vaporous, ethereal harmonies swirl around us, "I moved into a new space," a voice wistfully intones, Larsen’s chanting vocals float toward us, they become more abstracted, hallucinatory, trance-like, conjuring up American Indian tribal chants.

the pathway opens out revealing a vast euphoric soundscape before us, we are greeted with layers of exuberant percussion, live et programmed, bass-heavy, thumping, tropical big beats pound away rhythmically, synths drone et jangle out playful melodies while icy atmospherics encircle et flood over us, the chanting grows more upbeat et jaunty, cries of "hey" ring out, trailing off, dissolving into the endlessly lush tropical expanse.

the driving, tribal big-beat sound makes New Space a totally addictive et catchy atmospheric pop song. New Space is a euphoric sonic journey, evoking a rapturous psychedelic ceremonial gathering in some lost-in-time tropical jungle setting, this is the perfect auditory getaway.

MP3: New Space

check out the experimental music video for New Space.

you can get a hold of the "Glass" EP from the Glass Vault's bandcamp, name your price, so be generous! et it is now available on glorious 12" vinyl from Sonorous Circle or Jukboxr.

you can find the Glass Vaults here: myspace | facebook | glassvaults

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