Thursday, June 30, 2011


next up is the devastating title track, Haven from Copenhagen-based lap-pop/dub producer Steve Borth aka CHLLNGR off his forthcoming album "Haven" (2011).

Haven is an epic, spaced-out, deconstructed 90s-smeared r&b-pop song, with an inspired commingling/amalgamation of glitchy industrial samples/electro blips et synth washes/drones with intense tribal percussive rhythms, trust me you need to turn this one up real LOUD! for the maximum immersive experience i would recommend wearing a pair of headphones, closing your eyes et just allowing the rich matrix of intricately produced sounds to completely envelop you mind, body et soul!

MP3: Haven

check out the moody music video for the stunning, dubbed-out track Ask For, from the forthcoming "Haven" album, directed & filmed by Bjorn Stig Hansen.

the much anticipated "Haven" album will be available July 5th through Green Owl on cd et vinyl!

you can find CHLLNGR here: myspace | facebook | twitter


check out the great new 80s-laden, orgiastic music video for UK revelers Vaccines latest single All In White, created/produced by the always entertaining/innovative CANADA!

181. AGAIN ...

Again and again this conviction crashed over us.

{Banana Yoshimoto, Love Songs}

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


need an injection of sonic bliss in your life? this next ethereal pop track should do the trick nicely, Cuckoo from London-based dream/psych pop outfit Still Corners off the forthcoming debut album "Creatures Of An Hour" (2011).

"I'd like to read your mind / can you read mine?"

Cuckoo is a vaporous, rueful, atmospheric, dream pop apparition, a solemn, undulating organ drones away eerily while a muted drum beat pounds steadily, Murray's hushed, wispy, lamenting vocals/harmonies swirl around us delicately, her lilting voice is utterly mesmerizing, completely transparent, gauzy et fragile, an epic, reverb-stained guitar riff cuts through the haze from time to time, breaking the spell Murray casts over us momentarily. Cuckoo is infectious stuff, it drifts inside your head et lingers in there indefinitely, like a tantalizing perfume you can't forget et long to experience again. enjoy!

MP3: Cuckoo

check out the new music video wonderfully hypnotic & ghostly, Lynch-esque, blurry, strobe-laden visuals for Still Corners stunning single Cuckoo, directed by Lucy Dyson.

the "Cuckoo" 7" is available from from Sub Pop on vinyl+mp3 et the debut album "Creatures Of An Hour" is set for release on October 11th, which will be available on cd or lp!

you can find Still Corners here: myspace | facebook | stillcorners

180. ART ...

"Art is a mirage that can lead you to death."

{Philippe Garrel, Cinéma, de Notre Temps Interview}

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


here's a wonderfully blissed-out, hazy, bittersweet track, Millionaire from Brooklyn-based bedroom pop crooner Ex Cops {Brian Harding} off his forthcoming debut "White Women" EP (2011).

Millionaire is a wistful, hallucinogenic, 60s-tinged reverie, a Badalamenti-esque synth wash surges away, lending a redemptive, expectant air to the track, a melancholy guitar drenched in reverb plucks et jangles away nostalgically, while Harding's reflective, poignant vocals et mellifluous, dreamy harmonies float delicately over a sea of warm analog tape hiss. Millionaire delves into the sublime realm of transcendental pop, imbuing listeners with a rich et uplifting musical experience, Harding leaves us with a bittersweet optimism, enjoy!

for fans of Youth Lagoon et Her Space Holiday.

MP3: Millionaire

check out the experimental 'found footage' video for Millionaire, created by Tim Underwood, nice re-usage of the epic ultra-slow-motion symphony/climax from Antonioni's Zabriskie Point.

the "White Women" EP is set for release September 2nd!

you can find Ex Cops here: mysapce | facebook | excopsband

179. THEY ...

They were alone in the silence of a dead city —
it seemed to her that he was miles away, a reflection of
suffering without identity, a fellow survivor whose problem 
was as distant to her as hers would be to him.

{Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged}

Monday, June 27, 2011


next up is Björk's hotly anticipated lead single Crystalline from her ambitious forthcoming album/multimedia project "Biophilia" (2011). 

Crystalline is an epic 90s-tinged, plinky, dubbed-out, scratchy, glittering avant pop concretion, featuring a devastating et intense, glitched-out, breakbeat outro that will give you whiplash. Björk mines the greatest moments from her innovative et eclectic musical oeuvre to give birth to this resplendent musical experience. trust me, this track demands to be played LOUD! but be warned, one listen is all it takes et you'll be playing Crystalline on an endless loop until september when the full album finally drops, absolutely captivating! enjoy!

MP3: Crystalline

the "Crystalline" single will be available from June 30th, while the "Biophilia" album/multimedia project is set for release on September 26th. the multimedia side of the project is directed by regular Björk music video collaborator Michel Gondry.

you can find Björk here: myspace | björk | facebook

178. BEFORE ...

"Before I write about it, it has to happen."

{Eric Rohmer, Claire's Knee}

Sunday, June 26, 2011


i know, i know, there's been a deluge of indie pop songs of late, well it's gloomy et rainy here in the antipodes/southern hemisphere, so bear with me while i mope about for a few days, anyways here's the fantastic new nostalgia-laden single, Longing from Brooklyn-based indie pop duo Soda Shop {Drew Diver of Horse Shoes & Maria Usbeck of Selebrities} off their forthcoming {not yet titled} EP (2011).

Longing is a warm et woozy, 50s-inspired, jangly, snare drum tapping, tambourine jingling indie pop track, with dreamy, saccharine, reverb-swooning vocals from Usbeck. Longing hesitates between light et dark, oscillating between whimsical instrumentation et heartbreaking lyrics et harmonies, it's as if we are standing in the vast shadow of the past, we can see the warm sun ahead, but can't manage to free ourselves, we are transfixed momentarily. enjoy! 

this track is definitely for fans of Cults!

MP3: Longing

et here is another wonderfully whimsical, jingly, 50s-tinged single

MP3: Farewell

the "Longing" single is from a yet to be announced EP to be released on Shelflife, in the meantime the "Farewell" 7" is still available on white vinyl with mp3 download.

you can check out Soda Shop here: myspace | facebook | sodashop

177. NO ...

No obstacle stops him, and all suffering, all insults,
all rejections are indifferent to him as he seeks that
invisible and promised territory, that country that
does not exist but that he bears in his dreams and
that must indeed be called beyond.

{Julia Kristeva, Strangers To Ourselves}

Saturday, June 25, 2011


next up is a day-dreamy, spaced-out indie pop track, Into the Wilderness from Finnish indie pop duo Burning Hearts {Henry Ojala & Jessika Rapo} off their new "Into the Wilderness" EP (2011).

"You walk with the foxes, dancing round your feet
they followed you into your dreams."

Into The Wilderness is a wistful, melodious, nostalgia-tinged, twee pop reverie, Burning Hearts add to the already rich canon of Nordic pop music. like all memorable 80s twee pop Into The Wilderness offers a catchy blend of ephemeral, melancholy-laced, idiosyncratic pop music with gorgeously fragile, swoony harmonies, enjoy!

cover art by Helsinki-based freelance graphic designer Johann Höglund.

MP3: Into the Wilderness
check out the retro, impressionistic music video for Into The Wilderness.

the delicious "Into the Wilderness" EP is available from Shelflife on cd/ep or as a digital download.

you can find Burning Hearts here: myspace | facebook | lastfm

176. WHAT ...

What does it mean to disarticulate, 
to cease to be an organism?

{Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari, A Thousand Plateus}

Friday, June 24, 2011


here's a zesty, ska-tinged pop track, Eg Vetsje from Bergen, Noway-based all-girl indie/ska pop group Razika off their forthcoming debut album "Program 91" (2011). 

Eg Vetsje is a euphoric, 60s-flavoured, jangly, stomp-heavy, day-dreamy indie pop jamboree, this track is made to be played loud while you dance around the room idiotically or while doing a spot of vacuuming/cleaning in your underwear! enjoy!

it seems that young girls knees are becoming tres fashionable on indie album covers, often covered in bruises or with bloody scrapes {one band even named themselves the Bleeding Knees Club!}, i'm sure we have Eric Rohmer to thank for this wonderful trend/fetish! who doesn't secretly want to caress Claire's Knee!

MP3: Eg Vetsje

et here's another super catchy indie pop track from the album

MP3: Nytt Pa Nytt

the  album is will be available August 22nd from Smalltown Supersound on cd & lp! otherwise it will be available for digital download from itunes.

you can find Razika here: myspace | facebook | lastfm

175. A ...

A wave of cold air received him, he lost his breath, 
slipped and rolled over the edge.

{Tove Jansson,  Moominland Midwinter}

Thursday, June 23, 2011


this next track is absolutely devastating, The Lamb from Montreal-based avant-folk/pop artist Laurel Sprengelmeyer aka Little Scream off her wonderful debut album "The Golden Record" (2011).

"Oh come on, hear me now."

The Lamb is a truly inspired track, a work of sublime beauty, Sprengelmeyer's fervid, plaintive vocals et seraphic harmonies send a tingle up my spine et goose bumps down my arms. The Lamb is one of those rare tracks that transcends any sense of its earthly, materialistic confines et takes flight into the ether, enjoy this stunning miracle, prepare yourself for a truly uplifting musical experience!

recommended for fans of Mirah et Feist!

MP3: The Lamb

check out the stylised, expressionistic, Lotte Reigner-esque, shadow-play, music video for The Lamb.

i highly recommend getting the brilliant "The Golden Record", it's available from Secretly Canadian on cd et vinyl!

if you haven't already, check out my post of Little Scream's The Heron and the Fox track.

you can find Little Scream here: myspace | littlescream | lastfm | facebook


check out the great new intense, schized-out, split-screen performance video for Meg Remy aka U.S. Girls lo-fi, 60s-tinged, garage pop track If These Walls Could Talk, made by Molly Landergan et Meg Remy. this video looks like it could be an audition tape for a new David Lynch film!

174. WE ...

 We know nothing of their troubles, of course,
of the elements of harshness, danger, and suffering
in their lot.

{Hermann Hesse, The Glass Bead Game}

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


next up is the wonderfully frivolous, blipped-out, jangly title track, Tropical Splash from Curitiba, Brasil-based indie dance/pop revelers Copacabana Club off their delicious new debut album "Tropical Squash" (2011).

Tropical Splash is an infectiously, funked-out, sassy, electro pop summer jam, no more words necessary! grab your togs/bathing suits et ...

"1, 2, 3, take my hand and hold your breath.
let's get wet / let's get fresh.
I want to do / a tropical splash with you."

i really like the Fauvist-style cover art.

MP3: Tropical Squash

the "Tropical Splash" album is available to purchase/stream as a digital download from the Copacabana Club bandcamp.

you can check out Copacabana Club here: myspace | facebook | copacabanaclub


check out the fantastic, ultra-colourful et cheeky music video for João Brasil's new track L.O.V.E. Banana made by Rio de Janeiro-based production company Hardcoure.

173. THE ...

The ruin has memorized the ruin, and so too the vinyl
in each one of us replicates the original vinyl
of some unsuspecting excellence.

{Marjorie Welish, Crossing Disappearing Behind Them}

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


next up is a mellow, shimmery, hazy, nostalgia-tinted track, Open Rhythms from LA-based alt rock outfit Bodies Of Water {chiefly Meredith Metcalf & David Metcalf} off their latest album "Twist Again" (2011).

Open Rhythms evokes the slowly dwindling golden rays of late afternoon sunlight, its rich warmth washes over you with its languorous, halcyon, 70s California vibe, one feels slightly groggy while listening to it, a blissful intoxication, as if from soaking up too much sun, your squinting eyes seeing things with a fuzzy, browny-red tinge, too dazed to move, shadows have descended, as the sun sets, leaving you shivery. Metcalf's mellow, wistful vocals et reverb-glimmering harmonies drift over the laid-back, funky, disco-tinged track, her voice is reminiscent of Christine McVie's {Fleetwood Mac}, enjoy!

i really dig the evocative cover image, it is very Bressonian.

MP3: Open Rhythms

et here's the upbeat, melodious lead single from the new album, 

MP3: Triplets

the stunning "Twist Again" album is available from Bodies Of Water own shop or Insound on cd & vinyl! or you can download it digitally from itunes.

you can find Bodies Of Water here: myspace | bodiesofwater

172. NO ...

No leaf can fall except into an endless
series of poetic mirrors of autumn.

{Harold Rosenberg, The Tradition of the New}

Monday, June 20, 2011


need a quick pick me up? i've got just the track for you, wrap your ears around this frenetic, high-octane, vocoder-laced, electro pop track, Don't Look Down from Auckland-based one-man-band F In Math {Michael Logie ex Mint Chicks bassist} off his debut "The Couch" EP (2011).

Don't Look Down is an intense, beat-laden, blipped-out, chiptune/8bit-worshiping, virtuosic-bass thrashing, sonic roller-coaster ride, this track could have easily been the theme song to some after school 80s kids adventure cartoon. F In Math really needs to be seen/experienced live to be believed, Logie is a total machine onstage, his pyrotechnical bass playing alone is something to behold, i've seen him play when his voice was completely short circuiting, yet he kept going, have you ever seen someone trying to sing into a vocoder with no voice? it's totally ridiculous, but Logie managed to pull it off with his insane energy et humor! enjoy!

the epic cover art is by Paekakariki-based illustrator Tane Williams, it slots right in to the great tradition of hand drawn Flying Nun covers. 

MP3: Don't Look Down

check out the tripped-out music video for Don't Look Down, directed by Marc Swadel.

i recommend taking the unique, kinetic musical experience that is the "Couch" EP, it is available from Flying Nun Records on cd or mp3, you can also stream the album on the F In Math bandcamp et purchase it on cd, or you can grab it as a digital download from itunes.

you can find F In Math here: myspace | facebook

171. CAN'T ...

Can't you rest now, lay down the pen?

{Djuna Barnes, Nightwood}

Sunday, June 19, 2011


been hanging out to hear some reverb-laden, 80s-tinged, noise pop from China? well funnily enough i just stumbled upon this awesome track today over at Altered Zones, Castle from Beijing-based noise pop duo Dear Eloise {Sun Xia & Yang Haison from P.K. 14} off their debut album "The Words That Were Burnt" (2010).

Castle is an ecstatic Jesus & Mary Chain-esque, reverb-worshiping, raw, feedback-overloaded track, Sun's fervent vocals float on top of a tumultuous ocean of epic fuzzed-out guitar drone et squealing feedback produced by Yang. embrace the impressive wall-of-noise produced by this kick-ass husband et wife duo!

it seems very likely that Dear Eloise are named after the classic Hollies track.

a new album "Beauty In Strangers" is slated for release this year from Maybe Mars, along with two 7"s, one for Castle et the other from the forthcoming album Song For Her on Genjing Records.

MP3: Castle

et here's a hazy, mellow, reflective track off the album

MP3: Alice

you can grab "The Words That Were Burnt" album from Genjing Records on cd or Australian outfit Tenzenmen on cd, or it is available for digital download from itunes.


check out the new summery music video for Rye Rye's latest 'slow jam' single Never Will Be Mine, featuring some power-pop vocal stylings by Robyn, directed by Tim Nakashi.

170. SEVERAL ...

Several bodies were lying there
under white sheets.

{Ingmar Bergman, The Hour of the Wolf}

Saturday, June 18, 2011


the daily grind got you down? in desperate need of some blissed-out auditory escapism, well have i got the trip for you, next up is a wonderfully warm, lush, samba-tinged, pure escapist track, Paraty from LA-based avant folk songstress Mia Doi Todd off her exceptionally beautiful new album "Cosmic Ocean Ship" (2011).

Paraty is a gorgeously timeless, laid-back, lilting, day-dreamy track, beautifully segueing from an idyllic, sun-drenched tropical beach to a dusky, elegant poolside gathering.

recommended for fans of Astrud Gilberto et Joni Mitchell.

MP3: Paraty

i highly recommend getting yourself a copy of the remarkable "Cosmic Ocean Ship" album, this is a timeless masterpiece! it is available from City Zen Records on cd, lp et dl, otherwise you can grab it digitally from itunes.

you can find Mia Doi Todd here: lastfm | facebook | miadoitodd

169. PERHAPS ...

Perhaps he is afraid he might not say
what I expect to hear.

{Liv Ullmann, Changing}

Friday, June 17, 2011


craving a taste of some "junkshop record collector pop"? well here's the awesome new funk-tinged, psyched-out track, Little Blu House from Portland-based psych pop three-piece Unknown Mortal Orchestra off their hotly anticipated forthcoming self-titled debut album "Unknown Mortal Orchestra" (2011).

Little Blu House is a warm, lo-fi, distortion-quivering, funkdefied, psysched-out trip, take a journey into the warped, visionary mind of Ruban Nielson {ex-Mint Chicks}, enjoy!

MP3: Little Blu House

et here is the awesome lead single from the new album that was infamously released somewhat anonymously on bandcamp et then later on the "Unknown Mortal Orchestra" EP (2010), this is an incredibly infectious track!

MP3: Ffunny Ffreinds

here are the 60s-psyched-out, sexploitation-tinged visuals for Little Blu House, directed by Liam Bachler.

the "Unknown Mortal Orchestra" album comes out June 21st on Fat Possum Records, you can currently stream the album at Under The Radar, so head over there for a preview.

you can find Unknown Mortal Orchestra here: lastfm | facebook | unknownmortalorchestra | twitter

168. WITH ...

With such faulty equipment, with those ears,
how can anyone possibly trace the pain,
by sound and quality alone, back to its source?

{J.D. Salinger, Seymour an Introduction}

Thursday, June 16, 2011


if you've been hanging out for some exceptional Swedish pop then your wait is over, here's an absolutely magical track that will have you levitating, Out In The Streets from enigmatic Swedish trio Forest off their exceptional self-titled debut album "Forest" (2011).

Out In The Streets is an exquisite, profound, melancholy-tinged, transcendental pop song, a woozy, reverb-gleaming piano melody runs through the track like a trickling stream, the familiar sound like an old friend, we are then graced with a mixture of blissful, airy male harmonies et smooth, recitative, lamenting vocals which send goose-bumps along your arms et make the hairs on the back or your neck stick up. this is the closest you'll get to a dreamlike, spiritual experience while remaining fully conscious/sober, it's what i imagine having a near-death experience would be like, traces of lost worlds et visions or sublime beauty are conjured up before us. Out In The Streets is an absolutely devastating pop song, perhaps one of the greatest i've had the pleasure of experiencing, maybe that is why i'm finding it near impossible to do justice to it through my rambling adjective-laden text, so just trust me, listening to Out In The Streets is a transcendental experience, one you will want to have over et over again, it is a very special piece of music full stop. enjoy!

the gorgeous vinyl artwork is by Palmestål family et Ola Borgström.

MP3: Out In The Streets

i urge you strongly to purchase the stunning "Forest" album on limited edition vinyl {only 250 worldwide} from boutique Swedish label Service, it features exquisite picture printed vinyl. my LP just arrived today et hasn't stopped spinning! trust me you really want to own this album on vinyl! otherwise you can get it as a digital download via Klicktrack or itunes.


better late than never ... my recent discovery of uber-cool Swedish label Service has introduced me to a very talented Swedish experimental pop artist Erik de Vahl et his stunning albums "Secrets Adrift" (2003) et "Friendly Fire" (2005), along with them two very cool animated videos for singles of each album. enjoy!

here is the wistful, adolescent doodle-style video for Friendly Fire.

Erik de Vahl - Friendly Fire

et here is the stunningly simple yet wonderfully clever animation video for Walk.

167. I ...

I do some of my best painting in the 
washhand basin when I'm cleaning my brushes.

{Philip Clairmont, Quoted by Julian Dashper}

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


here's a delicious track i heard a while back but it totally got lost in the ocean of tracks i've amassed of late, so when i saw the music video for My Mistakes on pitchfork today i was pleasantly reminded, so here it is for those who haven't had the pleasure yet, it's from Brooklyn-based avant-pop songstress Eleanor Friedberger {of the legendary Fiery Furnaces} off her eagerly anticipated debut solo album "Last Summer" (2011).

"and he's ignoring me like it's 2001,
why keep on trying if it doesn't get better
on the second time around."

My Mistakes is a resplendent, acoustic-driven, spaced-out, 80s synth-laden, nostalgic pop reverie, Friedberger's warm, huzzy* vocals take us on a frenetic, delirious journey through past misadventures, each memory conjuring up a myriad of wondrously colourful, manic, pulsing, chiming instruments, producing an intricate mosaic of sound, lead by a catchy new wave-ish synth melody. My Mistakes also features a magnificent, soaring, euphoric sax solo, a pleasant surprise indeed, it gives the track a sense of maturity et resolution! enjoy!
* husky et fuzzy

MP3: My Mistakes

check out the cool retro, past<–>present, re-enactment music video for My Mistakes, directed by video artist Sara Magenheimer.

the "Last Summer" album comes out July 12th on Merge Records, it is available for pre-order on either cd or lp+dl!

you can find Eleanor Friedberger here: lastfm | eleanorfriedberger

166. AT ...

At age nineteen, despite my ignorance and incompetence,
I had genuinely wanted to write: I felt myself an exile,
whose one remedy against solitude lay in self-expression.

{Simone de Beauvoir, The Prime of Life}

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


here's a wonderfully infectious, dead pan, anthemic existentialist psych pop track, Fuck It from Lancaster-based indie/pub pop duo The Lovely Eggs {Holly Ross & David Blackwell} off their new album "Cob Dominos" (2011).

"Can I type a letter when I'm thirsty?
Does the light from the stars mean you're not born?"

there's not much one needs to say about the refreshingly irreverent single Fuck It, the song sells itself, however, be warned it is a ridiculously catchy song which will have you singing along like you were down at the pub when you least expect it, so i'd recommend not listening to Fuck It if you're about to go into an important meeting or going to meet your girl/boyfriends parents for the first time, they might not be able to appreciate it for it's finer points. otherwise, turn it up real f'n LOUD et scream your head off during the euphoric, anthemic breakdown!

MP3: Fuck It

check out the fantastically droll, Young Ones-esque, dead pan video for Fuck It.

the "Fuck It" 7" is out on Cherryade Records, otherwise you can download the single from itunes, or if you haven't already, grab the new album "Cob Dominos" (2011).

you can find The Lovely Eggs here: myspace | lastfm | facebook

165. THE ...

The ring of the vertical cords on the ground,
the gurgling gutters,
the tinkling gongs,
multiply and reverberate together in a concert
that is never monotonous,
never lacking in delicacy.

{Francis Ponge, Rain}

Monday, June 13, 2011


sick of all that over-produced, over-hyped et over-thought music out there? well don't fret, i've got the perfect solution for you, here's a deliriously ultra no-fi, stripped back, hip hop-tinged track, Soon The Moon from Athens, Georgia-based experimental/psych hip-pop outfit Pretty Bird off their fantastically experimental album "Rules" (2011).

Soon The Moon is a euphoric, jubilant, rowdy, spontaneous happening, it has the exciting feeling of a work in progress, Pretty Bird's music is an ongoing experiment into stripped back, percussion-driven, distortion-laden, vocally improvised pop music. the raw, free-style delivery is reminiscent of early Beastie Boys which gives the track a sense of nostalgia, it is a call to get back to basics, a 'return to zero'. Soon The Moon delights in old brain, no-fi technology, just a bunch of voices et whatever object nearby that makes a cool percussive sound, this is pure unadulterated noise-making et joyful experimentation, first thought, best thought, no editing, no self-censoring, just let it spill out, just scream et shout, for better or worse. Soon The Moon is the kind of track that comes out of a bunch of like-minded people gathering together et deciding to make some music, spontaneous et unfettered, making music for music's sake, not for fame or fortune, you can't help but wish you were taking part, they're having so much fun it's hard not to get caught up in it. whatever you want to call it, or however you try to describe Pretty Bird's music, you can't deny that it is full of passion et jouissance!

to fully enjoy this track it is recommended that you turn your stereo up to full, strip-off your oppressive clothing et dance around the room stark naked! enjoy!

i have to say i really dig the cover art, the composition et clever use of colour is just right, it totally captures the group's aesthetic et personality perfectly!

MP3: Soon The Moon

check out this awesome psyched-out "hand-made" music video for the track Opener from the album:

the remarkable "Rules" album is available over at Pretty Bird's bandcamp, you can currently download/stream it for free, so what have you got to lose! i highly recommend checking out this unique musical experience!

you can find Pretty Bird here: myspace | facebook

164. LUST ...

Lust is the quest of the flesh for the unknown,
just as Celebration is the spirit’s quest for
the unknown.

{Valentine de Saint-Point, Futurist Manifest of Lust}

Sunday, June 12, 2011


here's yet another great song/band from 'over the ditch', feast your ears on this wistful, day-dreamy, jangly pop track, Holiday from Adelaide-based garage/fuzz pop trio Hit The Jackpot off their infectious new "Holiday Tape" EP (2011).

"It'd be nice to have some time to go away,
We don't have to go very far,
we could just jump in the car."

Holiday is a wonderfully dead-pan, downer, garage pop anthem for anyone who has had itchy feet or felt the restless, nagging pangs of boredom, the track perfectly captures the notion that anywhere would be better than we you are at that particular moment in time, that desperate need for a change of scenery, of escape from the quotidian! Holiday is filled with super catchy, sardonic, bittersweet lyrics, et what makes them even greater is the sarcastically droll delivery, which is brilliantly heightened by the rambling, shambolic, jangly guitar melody, it totally sounds like when you're sitting alone in your room, bored to death et going a bit stir-crazy, you pick up the guitar et distractedly strum away angstily to pass the time et just possibly to piss off your family or flatmates! enjoy!

"I don't really care what we do / 
I just want to hang out with you."

MP3: Holiday

the "Holiday Tape" EP is available on limited edition cassette + download or as a digital download from Hit The Jackpot's bandcamp, where you can currently stream the entire album, otherwise you can order it from Chapter Music, i just ordered one, so can't wait!

you can find Hit The Jackpot here: myspace | lastfm | facebook

163. WE ...

We are the music-makers,
and we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams.

{Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy, We Are The Music-Makers}

Saturday, June 11, 2011


looking for some refreshingly innovative, stripped back hip hop? well this next track is for you then, Ha-Ha from Chicago-based hip-hop experimentalist Serengeti {David Cohn} off his forthcoming debut solo album "Family & Friends" (2011).

"She helped me get over rap
She taught me how to mix paint
and how to make the perfect black."

Ha-Ha is a lo-fi, experimental, verité/social realist-style hip-hop track for the jaded et world-weary, filled with nostalgic crackle/hiss et fat distorted beats, along with super-catchy, detached Laurie Anderson-esque female a cappella-style harmonies {by Hazel & Martha Brown of Otouto} et infectious hand-clap, rhythmic percussion, Cohn's naturalistic, matter-of-fact delivery suits the everyday, mundane situations, events et experiences he relates/confides to us, these personal yet familiar insights are what give Ha-Ha a unique et fascinating "autobiographic" dynamic. enjoy!

MP3: Ha-Ha

the "Family & Friends" album is set to drop July 19th via Anticon Records, pre-orders can be made at UGHH {Underground Hip Hop} or CD Universe.

you can check out Serengeti here: myspace | lastfm | facebook

162. NOW ...

"Now I've made my bed / I'll lie in it
I've made my bed / I'll die in it."

{Courtney Love & Eric Erlandson, Miss World}

Friday, June 10, 2011


if you have the patience et fortitude to wade through the overwhelming amount of new music that is available via sites like bandcamp, generally from "unsigned" bands {like that really even matters now}, then you will generally be rewarded with some remarkable indie gems, it is a process akin to wading through jam-packed vinyl bargain bins in the hope of gleaning some amazing discovery you've been after or hadn't counted on, this is what keeps things interesting et allows musical tastes/styles to evolve or be challenged, this next track/artist is one such blurry eyed discovery, The Center of Information from LA-based ambient/indie pop artist Universe {Hunter John Skowron} off his stunning new "The Center of Information" EP (2011).

"1,2,3,4,5 / I'm still alive"

The Center of Information is a yearning, glistening, 80s-tinged indie pop gem, reverb-shimmering guitars cut through the maudlin keyboards et woozy hazy drone, like a ray of sunlight forcing its way through the overcast gloom, a glimmer of hope et lightness to combat the oppressive weight of ennui. Skowron's listless vocals have a unrehearsed, stream-of-conscious, self-exploratory feel to them, i have a vision of Skowron lying on his back gazing up at night sky filled with an infinity of dazzling stars, inspired by the vastness et the uncertainty of it all, he sings into the starry void in an attempt to make sense of it all. The Center of Information is drenched in youthful, existential melancholy, yet Skowron manages to craft an uplifting et inspiring pop song by astutely injecting both a sense of wonder et a feeling of world weariness into the mix. lie back et let this splendorous track wash over you, enjoy!

recommended for fans of Her Space Holiday!

MP3: The Center of Information

if you like what you hear then i would recommend getting hold of the fantastic "The Center of Information" EP, it is currently only available for streaming on the Universe bandcamp, but there is an album in the works!

you can find Universe here: myspace | lastfm | facebook | universe

161. HIS ...

His ears, straining for a clue, hear nothing;
even his breathing, that might break the silence,
stops of its own accord.

{Alain Robbe-Grillet, The Voyeur}

Thursday, June 9, 2011


next up is a hazy, 60s-tinged garage pop track, Fiesta Texas from Seattle-based boy-girl-girl-girl garage pop group Witch Gardens off their forthcoming album "Alice Agatha Branch & Christ" (2011).

Fiesta Texas is a wonderfully warm, reverb-overdosed, murky, lo-fi garage jam, the recording has a live, spacious dynamic, it reminds me of when you're at a gig, standing {or sitting} in the toilet et you can hear the band jamming away, the sound is all muffled, the lyrics barely audible {but you know the song already so it doesn't matter}, you find yourself caught in an in-between auditory zone, where you are the only one who is experiencing the song this way, you wait till you hear clapping, zip/button up et head out with a smile on your face. Fiesta Texas is catchy et to the point, evoking the golden age of two minute pop songs, enjoy!

i have to admit my debt to Craft Spells for making me aware of this awesome band on their facebook.

MP3: Fiesta Texas

you can pre-order the "Alice Agatha Branch & Christ" album from Wonder Beard Tapes, at this stage it is limited to 50 "pro-dubbed cassettes", so be in quick, i already ordered mine!!!

there are a couple tracks from the album available on the Witch Gardens bandcamp.

you can find Witch Gardens here: myspace | witchgardens | facebook


check out the wonderful action packed retro music video for (Please) Don't Blame Mexico's latest single Panorama off their new "Panorama" EP, video shot, edited & directed by Jean Thevenin. enjoy!

160. SHE ...

She was afraid of these things that made her 
suddenly wonder who she was, and what she 
was going to be in the world, and why she was 
standing at that minute, seeing a light, or listening, 
or staring up into the sky: alone.

{Carson McCullers, The Member of the Wedding}

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


check out the stunning et disquieting, visual effects tour de force music video for Memory Tapes fantastic new single Yes I Know, off their eagerly anticipated new album "Player Piano" which drops July 5th from Carpark Records, directed by freelance visual effects artist Eric Epstein.


here's the sublime title track, En Garde from Isle of Wight-based chamber folk/pop lyricist Puzzle Muteson off his impressive debut album "En Garde" (2011).

En Garde is a wistful, nostalgia-tinged, delicate, finger-picked, acoustic lament, Muteson's quivering tenor voice is utterly captivating, possessing an endearingly vulnerable charm, he lays himself bare on this deeply intimate, sincere track, making us complicit in his soulful introspection. En Garde is a beginning, an opening up, a release, a revelation, it is an uplifting et unique song to treasure, it is also an incredibly well crafted et produced track, you're in very good hands, so just close your eyes, surrender your mind et enjoy!

Muteson's wonderfully intricate acoustic guitar playing, et songwriting filled with bittersweet, personal insight has definite shades of Nick Drake's timeless beauty.

MP3: En Garde

check out the wonderfully minimalist video for En Garde directed by Lauren Edward, reminiscent of Yvonne Rainer's stunning Hand Movie (1966).

i would highly recommend getting yourself a copy of the stunning "En Garde" album which is available from Icelandic record label Bedroom Community on cd+download or as a digital download, you can also purchase it from the Puzzle Muteson bandcamp, or on itunes.

the "En Garde" single is available as a 7" as well as a vinyl edition of the "En Garde" album from Norman Records.

Muteson is another artist who has made the initial decision to keep his 'true' identity anonymous, what he has given us however is some truly remarkable songs filled with heart et soul, this is more than enough.

if you are hungry for more you can find information regarding the artist known as Puzzle Muteson here: myspace | lastfm | facebook

159. MY ...

My understanding of it is fraught
with complexities and contradictions.

{Bruce Barber, A Conversation With Bruce Barber}

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


next up is an achingly beautiful, haunting, desolate et forlorn track Stranger To You from enigmatic Berlin-based dream pop artist{s} Silent Portraits.

"I'd like to remain a stranger / to your heart
I'd like to remain a stranger / to your mind
I'd like to remain a stranger / to your thoughts
I'd like to remain a stranger / to you ..."

Stranger To You is a devastatingly intimate, affecting, melancholy-stained, ephemeral track, Silent Portraits have described their music as being influenced by an empty dancehall, et it is quite easy to imagine these tormented, airy vocals floating, reverberating in some desolate, abandoned dancehall, the forlorn music awakening ghosts from dances past, reuniting once more to relive some unresolved moment, their transparent figures merging together as they move slowly to the music, caught up in this poignant moment, only to dissolve once the music fades out, into a vague, distant memory, like some old group photo on the wall that no one quite remembers anymore. light a candle, turn off the lights, lie back et soak up this sublime music!

MP3: Stranger To You

et here is the latest track to surface from Silent Portraits

MP3: Mirror

here is a great experimental music video for the track Mama, created by Maxi S.

you can find Stranger To You at Silent Portraits' bandcamp along with some remarkable earlier tracks, all available for free download.

there is little to no personal information about the musician{s} behind Silent Portraits, just "blank spots", but after all it is the music that really matters in the end, which can be found here: myspace | soundcloud | lastfm

you can now find Silent Portraits here:  silentportraits

158. THE ...

The words will fall onto your pillow
like the drool of a deep slumber –

{Airini Beautrais, Charm For Thinking Up A Song In Your Sleep}

Monday, June 6, 2011


need a bit of a wake up? a sonic jump start to the day? well here's a wonderfully energetic et rowdy garage rock-stained track, Reasons from Boise-based lo-fi garage/psych rock outfit TEENS off their self-titled album "Teens" (2011).

Reasons is a musical slap in the face, a rapturous, scuzzed-out, scrappy angst-laden, 60s-tinged garage/psych rock track, these guys are doing what most of us only ever sit around thinking or talking about, getting up there et expressing ourselves, saying something that desperately needs getting off our chest, it just so happens that thrashing away on an instrument et screaming into a microphone is one of the best forms for unleashing pent up frustrations, et that's why music is one of the greatest cathartic expressions we have, et Teens manage to brilliantly capture that raw, unfettered, euphoric act of noise-making that sometimes needs to happen in order to move on. Reasons certainly makes for one hell of an album opener too, yet it's not all these guys have to offer, trust me, you're gonna want to crank this one up real LOUD!

MP3: Reasons

the "Teens" album is available for purchaing/streaming digitally from the TEENS bandcamp, so if you like what you hear then head on over now.

you can find TEENS here: facebook | uvumi

157. EXISTENCE ...

Existence must speak for itself.

{Marshall McLuhan, Hot & Cool}

Sunday, June 5, 2011


i'm an unabashed fiend for French pop, so i was delighted when i stumbled upon this next track, Rien de Commun from Paris-based electro pop chanteuse Loane {Loane Rathier} off her sophomore album "Le Lendemain" (2011).

Rien de Commun is a smooth, wistful, 80s synth-driven pop song, Ratheir's sultry voice et cool recitative delivery style evokes iconic 70s et 80s French pop stars like Jane Birkin et Vanessa Paradis. it's time for a little frivolity! enjoy!

MP3: Rien de Commun

check out the 80s-styled music video for Rien de Commun.

the "Le Lendemain" album is available on cd from fnac or digitally from itunes.

you can find Loane here: myspace | loane-lesite | facebook

156. THIS ...

this strawberry is
what separates her tongue
from just repetition

{Kathleen Fraser, re:searches}

Saturday, June 4, 2011


find yourself itching for some high quality, 'authentic' 80s-tinged new wave? well look no further than this next 80s-worshiping, synth-laden track, Can't Make Up My Mind from Brooklyn-based synthpop/new wave trio Selebrities off their impressive debut album "Delusions" (2011).

"Just be quiet / I can't make up my mind."

Can't Make Up My Mind is a the perfect commingling of whimsical, jangly indie pop et infectious, melancholy-tinged synth-driven new wave, vocalist Maria Usbeck’s ultra-cool, pouty, detached vocals have a flirtatious, push-pull effect, which leaves you hooked et wanting more, that et the awesomely woozy, reverb-drowned guitar riff, splashing, dull snare hits et deliriously cheesy synth melody. who needs a time-machine, just press play, close your eyes et you'll be transported instantly back to Britain in the early 80s! enjoy!

MP3: Can't Make Up My Mind

check out the moody, 80s styled performance music video for Can't Make Up My Mind, directed by Justin Liberman. there's a definite nod to Human League's awesome self-reflexive video for Don't You Want Me.

the "Delusions" album is available from Cascine on cd et Darla Records on vinyl limited to 500 copies worldwide {apparently there are some random pink coloured vinyl out there}, otherwise you can grab it digitally from itunes. it is worth noting that you can currently still download the Selebrities fantastic "Ladies Man Effect" EP (2010) for free from the Cascine site.

you can find Selebrities here: myspace | lastfm | facebook | selebritiesmusic


if you need a quick audiovisual fix of Cat's Eyes then you've come to the right place...

here is a great new mini-doco/concert "4Play" that just screened on C4 in the UK:

et here is the psyched-out music video for Face In The Crowd.

check out my old post for Cat's Eyes' Not A Friend {if you haven't already}.

155. HERE ...

Here, as no doubt elsewhere, 
there was a wonderful silence.

{J.M.G. Le Clézio, The Interrogation}

Friday, June 3, 2011


here's an absolutely stunning track, Bi-Focal from uber-talented Portland-based vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Katy Davidson aka Key Losers {ex-Dear Nora} off her stunning debut album "California Lite" (2011).

Bi-Focal is a smooth, sultry, woozy, 70s-tinged track, Davidson's gorgeous voice lilts over the songs surface like a thick, creeping fog, slowly obscuring our surroundings, making it hard to orient oneself, we quickly fall under her spell, a pulse-like drum beat throbs away steadily, while a funked out bassline lends a jazzy nocturnal air to the track. Bi-Focal's warm lethargic tone lulls us into a sense of familiarity that becomes uncanny, by the end one is abruptly brought back to reality by a disquieting, siren-like sound. you'll want to get comfortable for this one, turn the lights off, lie back and listen carefully!

MP3: Bi-Focal

et here is another stunning track from the album with some exquisite 70s echoing harmonies.

MP3: Limited Time

the "California Lite" album is out on Phil Elverum's (of Microphones/Mt Eerie fame) awesome label P.W. Elverum & Sun, ltd, check it out!

you can find Key Losers here: lastfm | facebook | katydavidsonandfriends


check out the stylish, playful et melancholy-tinged music video for Newcastle-based singer-songwriter Beth Jeans Houghton's latest haunting single Dodecahedron off her forthcoming debut album.

154. MY ...

My body remains the enduring reality.

{Yvonne Rainer, Statement}

Thursday, June 2, 2011


watch out Kanye et Jay-Z, this next souled-out, autotune-laden track is truly 'off the hook', It Never Was You, from Vancoouver-based bedroom pop crooner Nicholas Krgovich {from P:ano & No Kids} off his "It Never Was You" 7" (2011).

"Champagne corks popping in my mind."

It Never Was You is a woeful, hook-laden, 90s-tinged r&b song that will resonate for all those who have felt the bittersweet sting of infatuation, Krgovich is one of the most unlikely of r&b crooners, you're never entirely sure if he is genuine or taking the piss out of the genre, which makes the track all the more endearing et interesting, Krgovich's autotune hooks certainly give Nate Dogg a run for his money. It Never Was You is a uber-catchy,  poignant et playful pop track, enjoy!

MP3: It Never Was You

the "It Never Was You" 7" is out on Phil Elverum's (of Microphones/Mt Eerie fame) awesome label P.W. Elverum & Sun, ltd, check it out!

you can find Nicholas Krgovich here: myspace | lastfm | nicholaskrgovich


check out the awesome new experimental, lo-fi music video for HEARTSREVOLUTION's highly entertaining, acerbic sociopolitical commentary I.D {Investigation Discovery}.

153. I ...

I wanted to say I saw her dream.

{John Puhiatau Pule, The Shark That Ate The Sun}

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


next up is a fantastic experimental electro pop track Dialtone from Brooklyn-based avant/lap-pop outfit Bell {chiefly Olga Bell} off their just released debut album "Diamonite" (2011).

Dialtone is an ecstatically blippy, glitched-out, drum 'n' bass-tinged, avant pop track, there is a distinct hint of Suzanne Vega {Tom's Diner} here with an avant-folk influence, Bell's multi-layered playful repetitive/percussive et syncopated vocal styling comes together to create a wonderfully rich listening experience. Dialtone is a highly infectious et innovative track, enjoy!

MP3: Dialtone

et here is the latest single from the album

MP3: River

the "Diamonite" album is available to purchase/stream digitally on Bell's bandcamp.

you can find Bell here: myspace | facebook | bellinspace


check out the awesome dead pan music video for Architecture in Helsinki's new track Escapee, from their new album "Moment Bends" (2011), directed by Swedish filmmaker Marcus Soderlund.

152. TO ...

To be alone, alone and lying on a beach,
letting time go by as she felt it passing now,
here in the empty room where the dawn
hesitated to intrude.

{Françoise Sagan, Wonderful Clouds}