Tuesday, January 25, 2011


here's a welcoming upbeat track, Meet Me In The City, from Brooklyn-based garage pop/rock revelers The Babies, it's from their just released self-titled album "The Babies" (2011). this is an old single dating back to 2009, but it's so damn good i wanted to share it with those who haven't had the pleasure yet!

Meet Me In The City is a rowdy, foot stomping, psychobilly, garage-pop romp, with a stripped back lo-fi 'roomy' sound, reminiscent of Beat Happening. lead singer/guitarist Kevin Morby {bassist from Woods} wastes no time, ripping right into it, his raspy voice bellowing out the lyrics with real gusto, drawing out his syllables to great effect on the choruses "Heeeeyyyy! / meet me in the citttyyyyy". Morby's gravelly cracked-notes are contrasted nicely by the warm sundazed backing harmonies from Cassie Ramone {from Vivian Girls}.

the song is filled with jangly guitar riffs et exuberant strumming, fat spacious thumping drums keeps things upbeat along with the jingling of a tambourine, there is even time for a great little twangy guitar solo, performed by Ramone, before the raucous, thumping refrain kicks back in to take us home in a drunken, hazy revelry.
Meet Me In The City is a ridiculously catchy, upbeat, rowdy song, you'll be left humming it all day long with a smile on your face!

MP3: Meet Me In The City

here is another great single off the album:

MP3: Run Me Over

this is a great lo-fi garage pop album with blissful, sundazed backing harmonies, recommend listening, "The Babies" is available from Midheaven Records on cd, mp3 or vinyl! or online at itunes.

check out The Babies here: myspace | lastfm | thebabiesband

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