Monday, January 31, 2011


here is another funky track from South Carolina electro-pop artist Toro Y Moi {Chaz Bundick} called Still Sound, it's the first single from his new album "Underneath the Pine" (2011).

Still Sound is a fantastic psychedelic nu-disco track, featuring a stunning funked out bassline hook, dreamy, fuzzed out vintage electric organ, 'live' drums et gentle rattle of a maraca all keep the track upbeat et groovy. there is a soulfulness to Bundick's voice, his lyrics are tinged with melancholy, which is contrasted with the upbeat disco-funk layered instrumentation. his stuttered, dizzying echo-effect vocal delivery on the choruses effectively add to his sense of longing et alienation.

"It's hard where you're living / 
Any way to make it balance / 
Saying it could be too much."

a watery, rippling jazzy electric organ solo leads us into the blissed out psychedelic bridge section, which acts as a kind of dream sequence, this is pure Toro Y Moi. Bundick's soulful, moaning harmonies echo around us, reminiscent of the Floyd, his vocals almost drowning in the oceanic reverb.

this is one catchy, funky, soulful track, with a keen sense of rhythm et repetition, Still Sound really captures the 70s disco-funk sound, but Bundick firmly stamps his unique ambient, psyched-out signature sound on it.

MP3: Still Sound

check out the brilliant new music video for Still Sound shot on super 8 et directed by Steven Daniels. this is an amazing clip with a tricksy, playful tone, cool vintage 70s styling, that is totally appropriate for the song! this is one of my favourite clips in a long time!

the "Underneath the Pine" is out now through Carpark Records et itunes.

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