Friday, January 21, 2011


here is a dark et broody track called Not The Only One from a darkwave/'witch house' band i've only recently stumbled upon, Modern Witch {Mario Zoots, Kristy Foom and Kamran Kahn}, the track is from their album "Disaro" (2010).

a drum machine pounds out a hissy snare beat metronomically, while 80s Italian horror film sounding synths pulse et drone away eerily, a murky bassline throbs et growls, vampiric, incantatory vocals {strongly evoking German chanteuse Nico} chant out oblique lyrics, drawing out syllables, creating an almost robotic delivery style. air traffic control chatter filters in et out randomly. intentional down-sampling creates some interesting watery digital ghosting et garbling effects on the ambient washes et synth riffs, further adding to the overall muddy, hazy et slightly nauseating atmosphere. there is a real numbness to Modern Witch's music, it induces a trance-like daze in the listener, you feel lethargic et groggy, as if you've been drugged.

“I was not the only one / to believe what you said to me / 
I was not the only one / that day.”

a lone car prowls around the deserted city streets aimlessly, cigarette smoke escapes out of the windows. Not The Only One is an aftermath pop song, something sinister et horrific has occurred, the cryptic, guilt laden lyrics are like twisted, hallucinatory memory fragments, scrambled, confused, filtering through a traumatised mind. trying to remember, but never getting to the core, always evading the critical event, distracted by the small, banal details ... the sun starts to rise, the car continues to haunt the city streets, we will never know what really happened ... that day ... some things are best left unsaid ...

MP3: Not The Only One

check out the great experimental music video for Not The Only One.

you can purchase the "Disaro" album online from the Modern Witch bandcamp.

you can find Modern Witch here: myspace | lastfm | modernwitchmusic

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