Saturday, January 29, 2011


i'll continue my rainbow theme with the great new lead single Without You from LA synth-pop duo Rainbow Arabia {Danny et Tiffany Preston} off their upcoming debut album "Boys and Diamonds" (2011).

Without You deftly mixes up voguish tribal percussion with pounding drum machine beats et euphoric waves of polyphonic synth sounds. starting things off with a barrage of congo drumbeats while a low pulsing drone surges underneath, a saccharine melody blissfully chimes away on a bell synth which segues into an epically euphoric 80s new wave club anthem. Tiffany's forlorn vocals are filled with torment et passion, she has an almost sneering punk delivery, like a kid trying to act brave, evoking the raw spunk of Siousxie Siousx as she belts out lines like: "They'll be what they are / and I'll be / so lonely / without you".

filled to the brim with cascading layers of constantly evolving rich synth melodies et hooks, fat pounding snare drum hits ricochet, echoing around us, keeping things upbeat, dropping out et kicking back in to epic effect, the dancing congo drums return in a ripply processed form, drenched in reverb. meanwhile Tiffany maintains her unrequited devotion, declaring "I'll wait for you", repeating it over et over, wanting desperately to believe s/he will return, a residual melancholy lingers as her voice dies out et the music fades.

Without You is a tantalizing insight of what's to come from Rainbow Arabia's forthcoming debut album, the release date is set for around March, the 7" for Without You is coming out Feb 22nd.

MP3: Without You

you should watch the awesome music video for Without You, this is an absolutely stunning clip, Tiffany Preston gives such an incredible performance here, mesmerising stuff! directed by Milica Jovchic and Aleksandra Milenkovic.

check out Rainbow Arabia here: myspace | bandcamp | wordpress

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