Saturday, January 22, 2011


here is a brilliant new lo-fi/soul track called Daisies Grow from New York artist Bryant K {aka Bryant Steward} from his "Daisies Grow/Stars" 7" (2011).

"It goes from the mind / to the spine / enters the heart / 
ooh yeah / I love you ..."

Daisies Grow is a declaration of love, a tormented et cracked confession of unrequited devotion, recollections et imaginings stumble out with raw, awkward, heartfelt emotion. Bryant K certainly fits into the current wave of bedroom pop artists with a strong penchant for soul et r&b, characterised by pained, lovesick crooning, reverberating, distorting over minimal beats, esoteric samples et washed out hazy atmospheres, artists like How To Dress Well, James Blake et Autre Ne Veut. but it's Bryant's unique, spontaneous delivery style that makes his music so interesting et fresh.

this is a stripped back lo-fi track, a simple percussion clap loops while a droning synth buzzes away, Bryant's raw et soulful, stream-of-conscious vocals sound like they were recorded on a dictaphone when he was tripping out on hallucinogens. his hesitations et repetitions add to the rambling, spontaneous, improvised quality of the song, the lyrics feel like they are flowing out of his mind as he lies on his bed thinking about the girl he met that night, inspired by her, he commits his feelings to tape.

love does crazy things to people, Bryant K's Daisies Grow is proof!

MP3: Daisies Grow 

check out great new music video for Daisies Grow directed by Justin Powell.

you can get a hold of the "Daisies Grow / Stars" 7" online from the Stones Throw site.

check out Bryant K here: myspace | facebook | lastfm 

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