Tuesday, January 18, 2011


here's a great new track, Feels Like Heaven by Baltimore electro-pop artist Adventure {Benny Boeldt} from his forthcoming album "Lesser Known" (2011).

Feels Like Heaven is a fantastic anthemic new{chill}wave pop song, this totally sounds like the epic climax et closing credit music to an 80s teen film, guy gets the girl in the end, he walks off down the street, pumps his fist in the air, freeze frame, the lyrics kick in "This feels like heaven", the credits roll, everyone makes their way out of the cinema feeling invigorated et uplifted, the catchy pop song stuck in their heads as they drive home, it becomes their theme song, they begin to sing it unconsciously, repeating the words "This feels like heaven" ...

this is the perfect track for chasing the blues away, it's an incredibly catchy, pure escapist track, it washes over you like crisp ocean waves, leaving you feeling reinvigorated, ready to face the day!

MP3: Feels Like Heaven

the "Lesser Known" album comes out March 22nd on Carpark Records, it will be available on cd et lp/mp3!

you can find Adventure/Benny Boeldt here: myspace | lastfm | facebook

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