Sunday, January 30, 2011


next up is a great new track Lazy Hunter, from Austin dream pop duo Boy Friend {Christa Palazzolo & Sarah Brown former Sleep∞Over members}, from their new self-titled "Boy Friend" EP (2011).

Boy Friend are cloud-mongers, they create pure unadulterated ambient dream pop akin to the Cocteau Twins. Lazy Hunter is a blissed out, weightless journey through the clouds. a warm Eno-esque ambient synth-scape envelopes us like a thick fog, while a drum machine gently pounds out a muted kick drum, snare beat, Palazzolo’s ethereal vocals drift out of the clouds, caressing our ears.

halfway into our flight a bell synth drenched in reverb rings out a hallucinatory melody which spirals around us dizzily, the kick drum/snare beat crescendos, breaking free into an epic fist pumping breakdown, Palazzolo’s vocals grow stronger, more impassioned et urgent, the dream is coming to an end, the song quickly fades out et we fall rapidly back to earth, we have just experienced a fleeting glimpse of a blissful existence amid the clouds. alone in a darkened room, surrounded by deathly silence, all we long for is to be floating amongst the clouds again. 

Lazy Hunter is the perfect soundtrack for the cinematic climax/montage sequence of an epic Miami Vice double episode.

MP3: Lazy Hunter

the "Boy Friend" EP is available online from bandcamp here.

you can find the Boy Friend band camp page here / et their rather random tumblr site is here.

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