Tuesday, May 31, 2011


i figured it was about time for another healthy dose of warm, carefree Spanish indie pop, Late Mornings is the great new track from London-based chamber pop/folk project Amor de Días {Alasdair MacLean from The Clientele & Lupe Núñez-Fernández of Pipas} off their amazing debut "Street Of The Love Of Days" (2011).

Late Mornings has such a beautifully intimate tone, there is a real sense closeness in the recording, it is as if we are overhearing Núñez-Fernández as she wanders about her sunny apartment, half awake, singing to herself absentmindedly as she tries to decide what to do with the day, her warm, whispered, day-dreamy vocals are as soft, bright et fluffy as a white cloud floating in an azure sky. you need to embrace this breezy, bossa-nova-tinged indie pop gem!

recommended for fans of Isobel Campbell et Belle and Sebastian.

MP3: Late Mornings

et here's a wonderfully wistful, chamber pop track from the album

MP3: Bunhill Fields

check out the stunning collage style, stop motion animation video for Late Mornings directed by Berlin-based experimental animator Xana Kudrjavcev-DeMilner.

the "Street Of The Love Of Days" album is available from Merge Records on cd, mp3/flac or vinyl! otherwise you can get it digitally online from itunes.

you can find Amor de Dias here: amordedias | facebook | lastfm


i was super excited to stumble upon the cool new music video for Bryant K's awesome track Daisies Grow today, so here it is, Directed by Justin Powell, enjoy!!!

you should check out my old post for Daises Grow here {if you haven't already}.

151. FOR ...

For as long as reading is for us the instigator
whose magic keys have opened the door to
those dwelling-places deep within us that we
would not have known how to enter, its role in
our lives is salutary.

{Marcel Proust, Days of Reading}

Monday, May 30, 2011


feeling incomplete? well here's a stunning, wistful, new wave-tinged track, After the Sun from Lyon-based glo-fi/electro-pop duo Princesse {Anthony & Maxime} off their impressive self-titled "Princesse (demo)" EP (2011).

"I feel like a tourist of my own life
I find it hard to believe in me here"

After the Sun is an infectious 80s-inspired, tropical flavoured, existential anthem, a mesmerizing, warm marimba loop et clean forlorn guitar riff hook you immediately, these two talented young guys demonstrate a keen sense of song structure/construction et an adept knowledge of pitch perfect, dynamic instrumental arrangements, the cool, detached monotone vocal delivery et deft dual layered vocals, along with the mandatory existential, melancholy-tinged lyrics really create an authentic new wave sound. After the Sun could easily be a rediscovered obscure, early 80s cold wave track from France or Belgium, but regardless of when it was made, After the Sun is a brilliant discovery, enjoy! 

MP3: After the Sun

i would definitely recommend heading over to the Princesse bandcamp where you can stream/download the "Princesse (demo)" EP for free.

you can find Princesse here: facebook | princessemusique | twitter

150. SO ...

So this silly conversation went on and on,
but it was only froth on the surface.

{Nancy Mitford, The Pursuit of Love}

Sunday, May 29, 2011


next up is a marvelously transporting, hazy, blissed-out track, Sofija from Tokyo-based enigmatic, electro dreamscape-weaver Jesse Ruins.

download track, place headphones on head/ears, set volume to a sufficiently loud level, press play, close eyes et let yourself dissolve into the music!

MP3: Sofija

as it stands Sofija is just a digital single, no album has be announced yet but you can listen to a couple of Jesse Ruins other tracks on his bandcamp or soundcloud.

you can find Jesse Ruins here: myspace | facebook


check out the stunningly mesmerizing dance/performance video for Erykah Badu's beautiful, epic track Out Of Mind, Just In Time, the video is directed by Erykah Badu herself! enjoy!

149. THE ...

The rest is readily understandable.

{Roman Mitch, A Brief History of Chess}

Saturday, May 28, 2011


here's a fantastic 80s-tinged, minimal wave track, Lonesome XOXO from Brooklyn-based minimal/synthwave trio Led Er Est off their new "May" EP (2011). 

MP3: Lonesome XOXO

the "May" EP is available from Captured Tracks on vinyl! you can also download it from itunes.

check out my old post for Led Er Est's awesome single Port Isabel.

you can find Led Er Est here: myspace | lastfm | lederest | facebook

148. WHEN ...

When the sun shoots in through the east window – 
I always watch for that first long, straight ray –
it changes so quickly that I never can quite believe it.

{Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Yellow Wallpaper}

Friday, May 27, 2011


it was about time for some more antipodean tunes, so here's a wonderfully idiosyncratic, spaced-out, synth-laden track, Blanket from Christchurch/Brooklyn-based synth/lap-pop eccentric tinker Bachelorette {Annabel Alpers} off her fantastic new {last?} self-titled album "Bachelorette" (2011).

"The only way to see you / is through the hole in my chest."

MP3: Blanket

check out the new tripped-out, effects-laden music video for Blanket by Steven Grisé.

et here is the 'quirky' new music video for the single Polarity Party also from the new album, directed by Mike Boulden for Souterrain Transmissions.

the "Bachelorette" album is available from Drag City on cd, mp3/flac et lp! you can also download it digitally from Particle Tracks or itunes.

you can find Bachelorette here: myspace | lastfm | facebook

147. THIS ...

This tone, these words, to make me think 
they come from me.

{Samuel Beckett, The Unnamable}

Thursday, May 26, 2011


next up is an awesomely begrimed, forlorn, lo-fi track, A Love That Kills from London/San Diego-based noise-pop duo Psychic Dancehall {Dorian Wartime & Sylvia Innocent} off the forthcoming debut "A Love That Kills/Long Lost Lover" 7" (2011).

A Love That Kills is a murky, reverb-smeared, off-kilter bittersweet pop song, Wartime's raw, distorted crooning, filled with sniffs, breathy sighs et exhales is incredibly endearing, you can't help but feel for this guy who has obviously gone through some serious shit. i love how the casiotone keyboard sounds like it was recorded in the toilet! reminiscent of Birdie Hilltop et Dirty Beaches, enjoy!

MP3: A Love That Kills

the "A Love That Kills/Long Lost Lover" 7" comes out on Art Fag Recordings May 31st, vinyl is limited to 500 copies worldwide et apparently will not be reissued, so get in quick, otherwise you can currently stream it digitally from the Psychic Dancehall bandcamp, et it will be available for digital download from most outlets on May 31st.

there is not much background info about Psychic Dancehall available, their name presumably comes from The Fall's Psykick Dancehall off the "Dragnet" album, you can find some info here: lastfm

146. BECAUSE ...

"Because you and I, we know something
Because we've been out there where nothing is."

{Joan Didion, Play It As It Lays}


in keeping with the wintry theme of the last post, check out the bleak, atmospheric, gothed-out music video for Crystal Ball directed by Tim Kelly. this is the latest single from Montreal-based bedroom/avant pop priestess Grimes, from her recent "Darkbloom" split EP.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


i thought we could all use a dose of wispy, blissed-out, atmospheric pop, so here is Delicate Position, the latest digital single from Melbourne-based dream pop/bedroom producer James Wallace aka Wintercoats.

Delicate Position is like a divine apparition, you long touch it, but fear that it will break apart or dissolve at your touch, this is transcendental dream pop at its finest, Wallace displays his flair for effortlessly, well-crafted, ethereal arrangements, the track is graced with the magnificently airy, seraphic vocals of Montreal-based singer/songwriter Charlotte Loseth {aka Sea Oleena}, this is a wonderfully inspired pairing indeed, they are two kindred spirits who have come together to produce something truly exquisite, enjoy!

MP3: Delicate Position

you should definitely head over to Wintercoats bandcamp page where he has a bunch of great dreamy, orchestral pop tracks, Spend This Day is a real standout.

if you missed it here is my post on Sea Oleena's stunning track Sister.

you can check out Wintercoats here: myspace | facebook | lastfm

145. WE ...

We can regard our life as a uselessly disturbing
episode in the blissful repose of nothingness.

{Arthur Schopenhauer, The World As Will and Representation}

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


here's a fantastic new psyched-out, 60s-worshiping track, I Am The Rain from Liverpool-based all-girl psych-folk/pop trio Stealing Sheep {Becky, Emily & Lucy} from their new "I Am The Rain" EP (2011). 

I Am The Rain is a fleeting, tripped-out, eclectic, percussion-laden, 60s nostalgia-tinged, psych folk track, with hypnotic chanting blending with swirling mellifluous three-part harmonies. I Am The Rain is reminiscent of the Velvet Underground {Venus in Furs} et The Beatles {Tomorrow Never Knows}, enjoy!

MP3: I Am The Rain

et here is a wonderfully wistful track from the brilliant "Mountain Dogs" EP (2011)
MP3: Your Saddest Song

et also this stunning acoustic track from the debut "What If The Lights Went Out" EP (2010), reminiscent of Mirah et The Microphones.

MP3: Love You Are A Record

check out the mysterious et mystical-steeped visuals for I Am The Rain. video directed by Jack Whiteley.

you should also take a look at the stunning live performance of Your Saddest Song filmed at Abbey Road, by Jack Whiteley.

et also have a look at this great behind-the-scenes recording session footage, filmed by OBSCENIC:

et here is a another nice short behind-the-scenes video of making the "Mountain Dogs" EP.

the "I Am The Rain" EP is available on vinyl from Idle Fret et Rough Trade or digitally from itunes, while the "Mountain Dogs" EP and their debut "What If The Lights Went Out" EP are available on 7" vinyl from Red Deer Club or digitally from itunes.

you can also currently stream/buy the album on the Stealing Sheep bandcamp.

you can find Stealing Sheep here: myspace | lastfm | stealingsheep | facebook

144. BUT ...

But to be a muse is a dangerous thing ...

{Sophie Dahl, The Man With The Dancing Eyes}

Monday, May 23, 2011


i'm excited to be posting the angsty, sprawling epic single Love Life, from infamous Chicago-based post-rock innovators Joan Of Arc {chiefly Tim Kinsella}, off their brilliant new album "Life Like" (2011).

"Common sense was once the robots superstition
but singing in the rain, his circuits spark and fire
Anything less than everything remains nothing
when all we require in common is desire."

Love Life is brimming with the quintessential Chicago-sound, a distinct warm blend of fidgety, playful, jazz-tinged, post-rock experimentation that we've come to expect from Joan Of Arc, Tim Kinsella's obsession with robots continues {I Am Not A Robot-Barbarian}, as does his awesome, idiosyncratic, declamatory bellowing. Kinsella's ecstatically artless crooning et penchant for absurd, pithy, stream-of-consciousness style lyrics, littered with wonderfully cryptic et contradictory references, either hooks you immediately, or has you firmly smothering your ears et lurching for the stop/skip button, i'm clearly in the former group et have been since i heard Cap'n Jazz. Love Life is more of what you love or hate about Joan of Arc/Tim Kinsella, it's time to take sides!

MP3: Love Life

check out the "live" performance of Love Life by Kyle Obriot for Giant Systems.

et here's another great live performance of Love Life from SXSW

the "Life Like" album is available from Polyvinyl Records on cd et lp, with limited edition cyan coloured vinyl! it is also available digitally online from itunes.

you can find Joan Of Arc here: myspace | lastfm | joanfrc

143. MEANWHILE ...

Meanwhile they talk of the alternatives to Revolution.

{John Berger, G}

Sunday, May 22, 2011


next up is the awesome new 80s-tinged, 'folktronic' track Fast Peter from Montreal-based uber-prolific singer/songwriter Spencer Krug aka Moonface {also of Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown ...} off his wonderfully titled forthcoming album "Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped" (2011).

"He told me all about it on the balcony / when we were high on drugs"

Fast Peter is a hypnotically slow building, organ drone-laden, epic electro pop symphony, Krug's distinct vocals spring forth energetically, emotionally invested in his wistful elergy, his voice at times strained et fragile giving the track warmth et sincerity. Fast Peter is a beautifullly considered, uniquely paced, meandering epic pop song, you'll want to turn this one up really loud! enjoy!

MP3: Fast Peter

the "Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped" album will be released August 2nd on Jagjaguwar et will be available on cd and lp! but in the meantime i'd highly recommend getting hold of the absolutely sublime "Dreamland" EP (2010), which is still available on 12" et mp3 from Jagjaguwar.

you can find Moonface/Spencer Krug here: moonface | jagjaguwar | lastfm


here's the great new entertaining "street" video for Oakland-based rapper Krearyshawn's latest infectious single Gucci Gucci, it's from her forthcoming debut album, the clip is directed by @FUCKZENTIL for Strange Customs. enjoy!

142. SLEEP ...

Sleep clung about her.

{Kirsty Gunn, Rain}

Saturday, May 21, 2011


check out the stunning new experimental, 80s video art inspired music video for Julian Lynch's track Ground off his remarkable new album "Terra", the video is created by Zahib Jiwa. enjoy the experience.


here's a delightfully carefree, jangly, lo-fi, nostalgia-tinged pop gem Heyday Past Heyday Due, from San Fransisco-based garage pop trio NODZZZ off their fantastic new album "Innings" (2011).

Heyday Past Heyday Due is super catchy, deliriously off-kilter, wonderfully pithy, lo-fi pop. for fans of The Fugs et Beat Happening, enjoy!

MP3: Heyday Past Heyday Due

et here is the awesome diy mantra for becoming a successful artist!

MP3: True To Life

trust me you really need to get hold of the brilliant new "Innings" album, it is available from Woodsist Records on cd or lp! as well as digitally online from itunes.

you can check out NODZZZ here: myspace | lastfm | nodzzz | facebook

141. I ...

I wait engulfed for my boredom to arise - Meanwhile 
the azure laughs over the hedge and the awakening 
of so many flowering birds twittering in the sun.

{Stéphane Mallarmé, Renewal}

Friday, May 20, 2011


next up is a mesmerizing, minimal wave-tinged, indie rock track Black Hills from Santa Barbara based indie/synth-pop outfit Gardens & Villas off their forthcoming self-titled debut album "Gardens & Villas" (2011).

Black Hills is an epic nostalgic-tinged track, deftly combining 80s minimal wave coolness et industrial beats, with the smooth, warmth et soulful harmonies of early 80s Californian "classic" pop/rock, the result is an infectious, well crafted track. the hypnotic synth melody is reminiscent of French minimal wave band Ruth's classic track Polaroid/Roman Photo. trust me, this track will stick in your head long after the fade out, enjoy!

MP3: Black Hills

check out the cool music video for Black Hills directed by Ulysses///Onasis. it is like a "B" grade kids movie, an amalgamation of "E.T" & "Stand By Me", with great use of rear projection.

Black Hills by Gardens & Villa

the "Gardens & Villa" album will be released July 5th from Secretly Canadian on cd or lp! however the Gardens & Villa "Black Hills/Orange Blossom" 7" is available from Cool Summer Records or you can download it digitally for free from bandcamp.

you can find Gardens & Villa here: myspace | lastfm | facebook | gardensandvilla

140. AND ...

And all at once it came to me,
and I wrote and hunched 'till four-thirty.

{Joanna Newsom, Inflammatory Writ}


check out the great new hand-crafted, live stop-motion/pixilation animation music video for Little Scream's feisty track Red Hunting Jacket directed by Rachel Granofsky. enjoy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


here's a feisty, reverb-laden indie/guitar pop track Modern Love, from Brooklyn-based noise pop/rock duo City Center {Fred Thomas & Ryan Howard of Saturday Looks Good to Me} off their new album "Redeemer" (2011).

Modern Love is a super-catchy, Broken Social Scene-esque, upbeat, fuzzed-out, guitar heavy, psych-tinged track, with some clever production/mixing, the simple yet effective use of stereo panning et reverb, all heighten the track, making for a delightfully psyched-out listening experience! enjoy!

i'm really digging the surreal cover art/photo, it's reminiscent of Giuseppe Arcimboldo's paintings. there is a real trend in adorning album covers with flowers of late {Craft Spells, Sea Oleena, Widowspeak, Korallreven, Lia Ices ...}.

MP3: Modern Love

et here is another impressive fuzzed-out noise pop anthem from the album

MP3: Cookies

check out the stunning, retro, psyched-out music video for Cookies directed by Peter J Brant.

definitely recommend getting yourself a copy of the "Redeemer" album, it is available from the always awesome Krecs on cd, mp3 or vinyl! otherwise you can grab it digitally from itunes.

you can find City Center here: myspace | lastfm | krecs | citycenternyc

139. MY ...

My looks betrayed the commotion in my mind as I exclaimed,
"What is the matter with us? What is the meaning of this story?'

{St Augustine, Confessions of a Sinner}

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


next up is a beautiful, forlorn, indie folk ditty, I Hate You But I Love You, from Madrid-based indie folk/pop singer/songwriter Lourdes Hernandez aka Russian Red off her much anticipated new sophomore album "Fuerteventura" (2011).

"I hate you but I love you
my favourite sun becomes a healing sign
I have to tell you this
cause my heart goes wild."

I Hate You But I Love You is a wonderfully wistful, country-tinged, indie folk anthem to unrequited love, Hernandez's endearing et delicate voice really soars on this track, with delightfully quirky, melancholy, dead pan lyrics, this is a real folk pop gem, enjoy!

curiously Hernandez's nomenclature Russian Red, comes from her favourite MAC lipstick colour.

MP3: I Hate You But I Love You

et here is the latest single et title track from the album, it's a fantastic 50s honky-tonk-tinged, tender pop number.

MP3: Fuerteventura

check out the cool music video for I Hate You But I Love You directed by Darío Peña.

the delightful "Fuerteventura" album is available from Fnac on cd et vinyl! or you can get it on vinyl from Zona de Compras, otherwise you can grab it digitally from itunes. et if you haven't got it already then i'd recommend getting hold of Russian Red's impressive debut album "I Love Your Glasses" (2008).

you can find Russian Red here: myspace | facebook | russianred

138. HOW ...

How can I describe it well when all these interruptions
keep arriving and then tell me I don't describe it well.

{Hannah Weiner, Clairvoyant Journal}

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


i thought i'd post the poignant et unsettling new 'dramatic' music video for James Blake's track Lindesfarne I directed by Danish filmmaker Martin de Thurah {whom also directed the video for Blake's cover of Limit To Your Love}. enjoy!


here is an impressive new spacey, power synth track Psychic Driving, from Portland-based electro/synthpop duo Soft Metals {Ian Hicks & Patricia Hall} off their forthcoming self-titled debut album "Soft Metals"(2011).

Psychic Driving is a hazy, spaced-out, 80s minimal wave-tinged, dreamy, synthpop track, Hall's smooth, introspective vocals waft in et out like soft, gentle waves, dissolving as soon as they register, but leaving a faint trace behind, while Hicks busily crafts intricate layers of epic synth melodies et stripped-back electro percussion sequences that swirl, splash et pulse around us, constantly changing, evolving, building momentum. Psychic Driving conjures up a mental journey into an unknown environment, the passing objects, buildings et landmarks are barely visible, they come into focus momentarily before dissolving into the murky, grimey atmosphere that enshrouds the crumbling, dystopian landscape, all we can do is sit back et take in the ride. enjoy!

MP3: Psychic Driving

check out the enchanting aquatic-themed visuals for Psychic Driving, directed by video/performance artist Erica Schreiner.

the "Soft Metals" album will be released on July 19th from Captured Tracks, it will be available on vinyl et as a digital download. in the meantime you can head over to the Soft Metals Soundcloud page et hear some of their older tracks et remixes.

you can check out Soft Metals here: myspace | lastfm | facebook

137. THEY ...

They had come all this way – light, precious things
that witnessed cataclysmal horror, curdling temperatures,
terraqueous distortions, all the rest – and I stood and
watched them on a white-shelled shore on a cold afternoon. 

{Steve Braunias, How To Watch A Bird}

Monday, May 16, 2011


next up is a fantastic reverb-laden remix of the awesome blown-out, lo-fi indie pop track, It Doesn't Take a Whole Week {remixed by Les Marquises} from Paris-based minimal/indie pop trio Karaocake {originally the solo project of Camille Chambon} off the new "The Resolution" split EP (2011).

"Tears / Fights / Tears / Fights / Already / Already done this time.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / and it's over."

It Doesn't Take a Whole Week {remixed} is an ecstatic, lo-fi, 90s trip hop-esque track, Chambon's distorted, candid, spoken delivery style evokes Beth Gibbons {Portishead} et Trish Keenan {Broadcast}, enjoy!

MP3: It Doesn't Take a Whole Week {remix Les Marquises}

et here's the original version from the highly entertaining candid, wistful, ennui-laden, anthemic debut album "Rows & Stitches" (2010).
MP3: It Doesn't Take a Whole Week

et here is another fantastic single from the album

MP3: Medication

check out the retro, glitched-out, chewed up, 8mm projection, music video for It Doesn't Take a Whole Week directed by S. Laporte &T. Gagnaire.

i highly recommend heading over to bandcamp where you can download the Les Marquises / Karaocake "The Resolution" split EP for free.

i'd also strongly recommend getting a copy of Karaocake's brilliant debut album "Rows & Stitches" {if you haven't already} which is now available on vinyl from Clapping Music, otherwise it is available on cd or as an mp3 download. you can stream the album on the Karaocake Clapping Music releases page.

you can find Karaocake here: myspace | lastfm | facebook

136. IT ...

It is always possible to resort to a snack
of almond butter and honey on crackers.

{Xin Cheng, Untitled}

Sunday, May 15, 2011


here's a wonderfully wistful, spaced-out, indie pop gem i stumbled upon recently, Poor Young Werther from Philadelphia-based indie/electro pop trio Eat Your Birthday Cake {EYBC} off their debut album "Enemies" (2011).

"Poor Young Werther / met a girl there / She could dance well"

Poor Young Werther is a catchy, disco-driven, shoegazey, melancholy-tinged indie pop anthem for unrequited love, Neibauer's vocals are wistful et fragile, his poignant refrain is punctuated with forlorn, day dreamy harmonies. Werther is musically reminiscent of the early spacey, ambient/electro pop of Air et lyrically of a melancholy, crooning Thom Yorke. enjoy!

the awesome cover artwork is by Matt Silverman, who was apparently inspired by a painting he 'rescued' from an art room trash can at his high school. it is evocative of some obscure 80s post punk/new wave cover.

MP3: Poor Young Werther

i totally recommend that you stream/download the "Enemies" album from the EYBC bandcamp page, it is currently free, which is an incredibly generous gesture.

you can find Eat Your Birthday Cake here: lastfm | eatyourbirthdaycake | facebook

135. WHAT ...

What the worm was to the corpse, his sins would be
to the painted image on the canvas.

{Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray}

Saturday, May 14, 2011


next up is a catchy, 80s-tinged synthpop track i stumbled upon recently, Planète Sauvage from Paris-based kitschy, synthpop trio The Konki Duet off their new album "Let's Bonappétons" (2011).

Planète Sauvage is a spacey, aerobicized, Ladytron-esque synthpop track, with ultra smooth, robotic vocals from Kumi Okamoto et some great 80s new wave, chanting vocals on the bridge, enjoy!

MP3: Planète Sauvage

the "Let's Bonappétons" album is out on Tsunami-Addiction on special edition cd or you can stream/buy the album digitally from the French label Clapping Music / bandcamp page.

you can find The Konki Duet here: myspace | lastfm | facebook | thekonkiduet


i thought i'd post the new music video by the uber-cool Spanish production company CANADA, it is for NYC-based experimental rock trio Battles new single Ice Cream {featuring Matias Aguayo}, taken from their forthcoming album "Gloss Drop". as usual CANADA show their brilliant use of montage et penchant for attractive young women, loaded full of entertaining juxtapositions of seemingly disparate images et psyched-out lo-fi digital effects! enjoy!

134. LOVE ...

Love, birth, and death were all swaddled
in a variety of fine phrases.

{Virginia Woolf, Orlando}

Friday, May 13, 2011


well, it's friday night, so i thought i might thrash the awesomely rowdy, blazing, grunge-laden track, Get Found from Mississippi-based garage rock duo Bass Drum Of Death {John Barrett & Colin Sneed} off their impressive debut album "GB City" (2011).

Get Found is a no nonsense, ecstatic, swaggering, Stooges-esque garage-rock assault, trust me these two guys really know how to jam, so do yourself a favour et embrace this infectious, scuzzed-out, foot stomping, clanging cacophony of blown-out, bluesy garage rock! the night is young et these guys aren't going to be satisfied until they've made your ears bleed or head explode! enjoy!

MP3: Get Found

et here is another awesome hi-octane, fuzzy, blown-out track for you to thrash!

MP3: Heart Attack Kid

check out the entertainingly raucous et creeped-out house party music video for Get Found directed by Alex Warren.

the "GB City" album is available from Fat Possum Records on either cd, mp3 or vinyl! otherwise you can grab it from itunes.

you can find Bass Drum Of Death here: myspace | lastfm | facebook | bassdrumofdeath

133. WHEN ...

When he enters the room, he has the pinkest cheeks
and the bluest, most candid eyes that ever there were.

{Sébastien Japrisot, A Very Long Engagement}

Thursday, May 12, 2011

132. MY ...

My mouth tasted of cleanness and peppermint.

{Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar}

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


here's a fantastic track i've been meaning to post, Dinner from Brooklyn/L.A-based synth pop/r&b crooner Blood Orange {Devonté "Dev" Hynes} off his new self-titled "Blood Orange" 7" (2011).

Dinner is an ecstatic, 80s-adoring, Prince-esque, super smooth, soulful synth-pop track, infectious minimal, groovy beats/percussion et a funked-out throbbing bassline hook in deep before Hynes' smooth, sensuous, soulful voice arrives, crooning away nostalgically, flourishes of shimmery, hypnotic, blissed-out synth hooks et melodies keep things dreamy, but with a melancholy-tinge. a real highlight on the track is the echoing, plinky guitar riff during the outro, absolutely stunning, a stroke of genius, gets me every time! enjoy!

MP3: Dinner

check out the great early 90s inspired b&w music video for Dinner directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz.

the "Blood Orange" 7" is available from Terrible Records or you can stream the tracks on his facebook page.

you can find Blood Orange here: myspace | facebook | bloodorangeforever

131. AWAY ...

Away the lovers go, in pairs.

{Paul Verlaine, Brussels}

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


i just stumbled upon the delightful new performance video for Sea Oleena's sublime track Sister, so i thought i'd give those interested a heads up that i've added it to my original post, it can be viewed here. enjoy!


now for something a little different, here's the great new single, Keep Dancing from Portuguese post-punk outfit X-Wife off their new album "Infectious Affectional" (2011). 

Keep Dancing is an uber-catchy, jangly, throbbing, stomp-heavy, post-punk riff-riddled track, evocative of such post-punk luminaries as Gang of Four. beware, this is a highly infectious, head bobbing/foot stomping/thumb tapping single, enjoy!

MP3: Keep Dancing

et here is a great single from the "Side Effects" album (2006).
MP3: Ping Pong

check out the cool music video for Keep Dancing directed by André Tentugal.

et here is the awesome t-shirt graphics music video for Ping Pong directed by Kalle Kotila & Malakias for  Las Palmas Films.

the "Infectious Affectional" is available on cd from fnac or digitally online from itunes.

you can find X-Wife here: myspace | lastfm | facebook | x-wife

130. THE ...

The ocean was milky pale and placid beneath the clouds.

{Carson McCullers, The Ballad of the Sad Cafe}


i've just posted the stunning new music video for Lia Ices' amazing title track Grown Unknown. you can check it out under my original post for the track here.


Monday, May 9, 2011


i thought it was about time for some hip hop, so here's an awesome track i stumbled upon recently {yeah i know this came out last year but whatevers}, Sunshine is from feisty Baltimore-based hip hop artist/dancer Rye Rye {Ryeisha Berrain} off her "Sunshine" EP (2010).

Sunshine is a ridiculously infectious, schoolyard chanting, electro, hip-pop single, Rye Rye's zesty, bragging, old-school lyrical flow shreds up the track, while M.I.A.'s masterful et experimental vocal stylings keep you totally hooked, you'll want to turn this one up real LOUD! enjoy!

MP3: Sunshine

here is another great blipped-out electro hip-pop jam by The Count & Sinden featuring Rye Rye's unique lyrical assault, from the "Hardcore Girls" EP (2008).
MP3: Hardcore Girls

et here is the awesome breakthrough track that Rye Rye performed on for Baltimore-based dj/rapper/producer Blaqstarr off his "Supastarr" EP (2007).

MP3: Shake It To The Ground

check out the sun-baked, 80s-worshiping music video for Sunshine directed by Jess Holzworth.

et here's the new music video for Hardcore Girls directed by Liza Minou Morberg for Moonbase Media.

also check out the uber-awesome music video for Shake It To The Ground directed by Lilka Hara.

Rye Rye's highly anticipated debut album "Go! Pop! Bang!" is meant to be released on M.I.A.'s label N.E.E.T. Recordings, but as yet no official release date has been set.

you can find Rye Rye here: myspace | lastfm | facebook | ryeryemusic

129. THEN ...

Then I looked round the room and felt a strange sensation, 
chilling in its exactness: the separation had already taken
place and my loneliness had already begun.

{Alberto Moravia,  Contempt}

Sunday, May 8, 2011


next up is the evocative title track, Old Anchors from Seattle-based bedroom pop, multi-instrumentalist Nick Fioretti off his forthcoming album "Old Anchors" (2011).

Old Anchors is an effervescent, melancholy-tinged, epic, Eno-esque, noirish synth pop track, the wonderfully experimental et intricate arrangements/sequencing make Anchors an enriching listening experience, one that keeps growing with each listen. Fioretti's vocals are urgent, fragile, poetic et confessional, he continues to rue over the same painful memories, searching desperately for an answer, for a resolution, layers of tormented, ghostly harmonies cry out, echoing into the hazy atmospherics, culminating in a haunting et devastatingly mournful refrain. Anchors shows Fioretti at his most vulnerable et tellingly this is his most creative et poignant track to date. enjoy!

the delicious, quietly surreal cover art is by Tacoma-based freelance illustrator & designer Anita Landree, which aptly signals the return of the boat shoe!

MP3: Old Anchors

you can check out Nick Fioretti's earlier track Hibernation here {if you missed it}

you can find Nick Fioretti here: soundcloud | facebook

128. ALL ...

All was hazy and resembled human nausea.

{Kathy Acker, Empire of the Senseless: A Novel}

Saturday, May 7, 2011


here's the stunningly exquisite opening track, Envelop from brooklyn-based ambient/a'cappella seraph Julianna Barwick off her sublime album "The Magic Place" (2011).

Envelop is a breathtaking spiritual journey into the unknown, a profound leap of faith, engulfed by waves of swirling, shimmering, quivering synths et seraphic vocals, we slowly give in to the soothing rhythms et repetitions, Barwick's airy vocals echo, like a deeply heartfelt prayer or incantation projected into the ether for eternity. Envelop is one of those rare, pure musical experiences, it one to truly savor! enjoy!

MP3: Envelop

et here is the sublime title track from the album

MP3: The Magic Place

check out the devastatingly beautiful et entrancing experimental/video-art, tracking-glitched "vhs" music video for Envelop directed by Cam Archer.

et here is the music video for The Magic Place directed by Jacob Corbin

i strongly recommend getting this mesmerizingly beautiful album, "The Magic Place" is available on cd, mp3 or vinyl from Asthmatic Kitty Records et is also available form itunes.

you can find Julianna Barwick here: myspace | lastfm | juliannabarwick

127. APRIL ...

April was the cruellest month.

{Sion Sono, Heya}

Friday, May 6, 2011


here's a feisty, angst-laden track Hurricane from Atlanta-based all-grrrl post-punk outfit The Coathangers off their forthcoming album "Larceny & Old Lace" (2011).

 "You're like thunder / you're like rain / you're my little hurricane!"

Hurricane is a frenetic, punked-out, incantation, lead singer Kugel ejaculates abrasive, declamatory lyrics while the rest of the girls join in with screechy, witch-like, chanting et whispering, a killer fuzzed-out, throbbing bassline runs through the track, while a scuzzed-out, saw-toothed guitar riff grinds away, loud enough to wake the dead! enjoy!

MP3: Hurricane

et here is a fantastically entertaining single from their debut album "Scramble" (2009).

MP3: Stop Stomp Stompin'

check out the awesome new glitched-out angst-laden music video for Hurricane directed by Mike Moore for Studio8 in Atlanta.

et here is the super cool Power Rangers meets Michel Gondry music video for Stop Stomp Stompin' directed by David Y. Hahn.

the "Larceny & Old Lace" album is set for release June 7th on Suicide Squeeze Records, it will be available on cd & vinyl! et you can also still get the fantastic debut album "Scramble" on cd or vinyl too if you haven't got it already!

you can find The Coathangers here: myspace | lastfm | thecoathangers

126. ONE ...

One of my shallowest inclinations is that I always look
at a gentleman's footwear, and that's often a deciding
factor towards, or away from, thoughts of romance.

{Sriwhana Spong, Camille}

Thursday, May 5, 2011


this next track is from an artist i only discovered recently, et have been ritualistically thrashing ever since, it's an entrancing, darkwave-tinged, electro pop jam, Burnout Eyess from San Francisco-based 'witch house'/electro-pop producer oOoOO {Christopher Dexter Greenspan} off his self-titled "oOoOO" EP (2010).

if you are racking your brain trying to think how oOoOO is pronounced, it is just simply "oh", but with cover art like the one that adorns this hauntingly sublime EP i thought it would be pronounced more like a spooked-out ghostly "...ooOOHH!!!"

Burnout Eyess is a woozy, stripped back lo-fi, hip-hop beat-laden, melancholy-tinged, dream pop trip, it's is also one incredibly addictive track, so put it on repeat, turn out all the lights, lie back et enjoy!

the awesome cover photograph is by Alison Scarpulla

MP3: Burnout Eyess

i'd highly recommend getting your hand on a copy of the "oOoOO" EP, it is available on 12" vinyl from Brooklyn-based label Tri Angle Records, or you can also get it digitally online from itunes.

you can find oOoOO here: myspace | lastfm

125. WHAT ...

'What are you inventing? A novel?' she asks, in anguish.

{Milan Kundera, Slowness}

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


here's a healthy dose of jangly, fuzzed-out sunshine pop, Blue Star is from Seattle-based indie pop trio Seapony off their forthcoming debut album "Go With Me" (2011).

Blue Star is a catchy, simple, carefree, wistful, jangly pop song, nothing more nothing less, nothing wrong with that either! sometimes it's nice to just zone out to an easy going track, et Seapony are becoming very adept at crafting infectious little indie pop gems, evoking the golden age of UK indie/twee pop. enjoy!

MP3: Blue Star

here's another catchy single from the forthcoming album, which was originally released on the brilliant "Dreaming" digital 7" {available from itunes}:
MP3: Dreaming

the "Go With Me" album is set for release May 31st via Hardly Art, it will be available on cd et lp!

you can check out Seapony here: myspace | lastfm | facebook


revolutions are creeping out
from under my bed!

{Jessica Hagdorn, Latin Music in New York}

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


next up is the awesome new dreamy, 90s-tinged downtempo, electro pop track, Eyes Be Closed from Atlanta-based bedroom pop/chillwave crooner Washed Out {Ernest Greene} off his hotly anticipated, forthcoming debut long player "Within and Without" (2011).

Eyes Be Closed is more of Greene's own unique blend of hazy, blissed-out, shimmery synth pop that we have come to adore! put on your headphones, lie back, close your eyes et let the music take you on a euphoric journey through the clouds!

MP3: Eyes Be Closed

et here is a fantastic, blissed-out, downtempo single off the awesome "Life Of Leisure" EP (2010)
MP3: New Theory

also this great single remixed by Small Black off the "Small Black/Washed Out" split EP (2010).
MP3: You'll See It (Small Black remix)

the "Within and Without" album is set for release July 12th on Sub Pop Records

you can find Washed Out here: myspace | lastfm | facebook | subpop

123. ROOM ...

Room after room,
I hunt the house through
We inhabit together.

{Robert Browning, Love in Life}

Monday, May 2, 2011


this next track was a magnificent discovery, a complete revelation actually, July is a devastating, soulful pop reverie from Boise-based bedroom pop crooner Trevor Powers aka Youth Lagoon, off his forthcoming et eagerly anticipated debut album "The Year Of Hibernation" (2011).

July is a remarkably endearing, life affirming, anthemic pop song, a mournful organ drones away quietly before Powers softly spoken, airy vocals float in, mesmerizing in their simple, artless et heartfelt delivery, along with his charmingly raw et childish, fervent, choir-like harmonies, Powers' voice is totally captivating et refreshingly sincere, the track slowly builds to an epic, euphoria-inducing middle eight, a joyous cacophony of reverb-laden vocals, pounding drums, chiming keys et fuzzed-out guitar.

July is the kind of track that gives you goose bumps when you first hear it, you know right away this is the real deal, Powers' isn't f@#king around here, he has genuinely got something to get off his chest et thankfully for us, music is his medium of catharsis, this is utterly compelling et beautifully considered/realized music, Powers' youthful fervor reminds me a lot of Archy Marshall aka Zoo Kid on Out Getting Ribs. i've nothing more to add other than, lie back et enjoy this sublime musical experience!!!

MP3: July

et here is the other fine single from the forthcoming album that has been made generously available on the Youth Lagoon Bandcamp.

MP3: Cannons 
also, great news, hot from the Youth Lagoon Soundcloud page is Powers' latest spaced-out, reverb-laden, soulful, epic offering:

MP3: Montana 

take a look at the epic new, nostalgia-bathed, Terrence Malick-imbued visuals for Montana, directed by Tyler T Williams.

"The Year Of Hibernation" album will be available July 5th on Juno Beach Records et will be followed with a vinyl release on October 11th, pre-orders are available from Insound, Lefse Records or Fat Possum records, where you can also grab it on cassette!

you can check out Youth Lagoon here: lastfm | facebook | soundcloud

122. A ...

A strange quietude, a sort of desperate satisfaction
emanated from them.

{Nathalie Sarraute, Tropisms}

Sunday, May 1, 2011


well great news, here's an awesome new jangly, fuzzed-out track from the antipodes, The World Pages is from Wellington-based indie/guitar pop artist Lowlands {Tobias Brockie, formerly Rhinoceros Brave} off his new "The World Pages" digital 7" (2011).

Lowlands totally reaffirms/bolsters my faith in the New Zealand indie music scene, a romantic belief that there are still in fact some great new musicians lurking out there in dingy flats, working away diligently, meticulously honing their skills et experimenting in their bedrooms et creating/producing some amazing et unique music that is not "radio friendly" or funded {or faux-funded} by nzoa! there seems to be some really great music coming out of the windy city {Glass Vaults}, it's making me jealous {although winter is almost upon us so not that jealous}.

The World Pages is cast from the same mold of catchy well crafted, jangly, guitar pop that came to define the "Dunedin sound", yet Brockie manages to successfully add his own influences et unique voice into the mix to produce a beautifully considered et paced, melancholy-tinged, power pop jam! enjoy!!!

MP3: The World Pages

et here's another fantastic Flying Nun-tinged track:

MP3: Church Bells

the fantastic three track digital 7" is available for free download from the uber-cool French label Beko dsl {digital singles lable}, or from Lowlands bandcamp page, you can also head over the Lowlands/ex Rhinoceros Brave soundcloud page et hear a bunch more tracks from Brockie's impressive "Dark Star Athena" EP (2010) which is well worth getting your hands on!

you can check out Lowlands/Tobias Brockie here: tobiasrhinoceros