Wednesday, November 30, 2011


this next track evokes fond memories of Flying Nun legends The Chills, et their unique blend of guitar pop. here's the wonderfully melodic, jingly-jangly, guitar pop reverie, Who Thought, from London-based indie pop duo/trio The Proper Ornaments off their new self-titled EP "The Proper Ornaments" (2011). 

MP3: Who Thought

et here's the ecstatically retrogressive, driving, surf pop-imbued debut track off the "Recalling/Are You Going Blind" 7" (2010).

MP3: Recalling

take a look at the moody, tripped-out 80s-styled music video for Who Thought, directed by Nyco Dyszel.

the "The Proper Ornaments" EP is out now of No Pain In Pop, it is available on 12" vinyl or as an mp3 download.

you can find The Proper Ornaments here: myspace | facebook

334. HE ...

He stood still in the darkness instead of groping
about in it, as if this was the end for which
body and soul had been so painfully prepared.

{E.M. Forster, Maurice}

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


next up is the gutsy, grunge-laced, Courtney Love-inflected, angst-laden confessional Serpents, from Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten off her forthcoming album "Trash" (2012).

"You enjoy sucking on dreams
so I'd fall asleep 
with someone other than you."

MP3: Serpents

the "Trash" album is set for release February 7th on Jagjaguwar, it will be available on cd or lp! you will also be able to acquire it digitally from itunes.

if you can't wait till next year then you can check out Van Etten's soundcloud, where you can hear her previous albums "Epic" et "Because I Was In Love"  {if you haven't already}.

you can find Sharon Van Etten here: myspace | facebook | sharonvanetten

333. ONE ...

 One day when I was a little girl at school the teacher
held up an orange in front of the class and said,
'The world is round, like this orange; in fact,
the world is like an orange.'

{Janet Frame, Scented Gardens For The Blind}

Monday, November 28, 2011


time for a dose of cerebral medicine, let your ears et mind ingest et absorb this next musical epiphany, the ecstatically idiosyncratic et schizophrenic, tape-wobbled et stretched, avant-leaning, nostalgia-steeped, sound collage masterpiece Marro, from London-based, Orkney Island-native electronic/tape bricoleur Kevin Cormack aka Harry Deerness {also Half Cousin mastermind} off his hauntingly sublime new solo project/album "Harry Deerness" (2011).

MP3: Marro

"Harry Deerness" really needs to be experienced in it's entirety, so i definitely recommend heading over to soundcloud where you can currently stream the entire work or art. enjoy!!!

if you like what you hear then i'd suggest getting your hands physically on a copy of the phenomenal "Harry Deerness" album, it is out now on London-based boutique label Spillage Fete Records, it is available on cd or lp! also available from Norman Records or Rough Trade, otherwise you can download it digitally via itunes or amazon.

you can find Harry Deerness here: marro

332. EVERYBODY ...

'Everybody' knows very well that in fact men think rarely,
and more often under the impulse of a shock than in the 
excitement of a taste for thinking.

{Gilles Deleuze, Différence et Répétition}

Sunday, November 27, 2011


here's a delightful dose of strummy, black-humored, bittersweet 60s-laced pop, Oh Lies from London-based pop revivalist Angela Penhaligon aka Piney Gir off her new album "Geronimo!" (2011).

"I never got the hang of speaking tongues
I didn't have the lungs
it was a hue and cry
maybe my mouth was dry."

MP3: Oh Lies

check out the great no-fi super 8mm horror/zombie themed visuals for Oh Lies, directed by Mike & Joe Smith.

the "Geronimo!" album is out now on Damaged Goods, it's available on cd or as an mp3 download, otherwise you can acquire it digitally via itunes.

you can find Piney Gir here: myspace | facebook | pineygir

331. A ...

A cloud, hitherto unseen, came upon the moon,
and hovered an instant like a dark hand
before a face.

{Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca}

Saturday, November 26, 2011


this next track/album left me in a state of utter stupefied bliss. i'm in two minds whether to even attempt to describe/express my admiration et excitement for this album for fear of tainting/influencing that all important first listen, or perhaps just failing to capture the unique et magical essence that radiates throughout. anyway, i shall simply say that discovering this album was a truly monumental occasion, one that will not easily be forgotten, it is a deeply affecting auditory journey that is best experienced in its entirety {et perhaps through airtight headphones}, as the tracks weave intricately into one another forming a wondrously epic tableaux of soul-searching/stirring music!

here is the rousing lead track, the existential-imbued, wistful, country-laced, sublime art pop meditation Auburn Epitaphs, from Boston-based 'folktronica' experimentalist Jordan Lee aka Mutual Benefits {featuring Marc Merza from Lizard Kisses!} off his devastating new EP "The Cowboy's Prayers" (2011).

"I press my pen, into the page
pretending that these words can change
feigning that they have some meaning,
that they have meaning."

i can't recommend this album enough, you really need to experience "The Cowboy's Prayers" EP in its entirety, it is set for release December 1st on Kassette Klub. it will be available as a "split cassette" with Philip Seymour Hoffman's "Your Loving Brother" EP, the cassette edition will come with a free digital download code, otherwise you can purchase it digitally from bandcamp.

if you like what you hear then id suggest checking out Mutual Benefits' impressive output available via bandcamp.

the entire "Split Cassette" is currently available for streaming via bandcamp, so i strongly urge you to head on over to hear more of this remarkable album!

you can find Mutual Benefits here: facebook | mutualbenefit

330. I'LL ...

I'll accept all your criticisms, your insults, 
but only as long as you're not one of those 
book-borrowing, cadging, and then re-lending types! 
plague of humankind!

{Céline, Normance}

Friday, November 25, 2011


i've been playing this next track ceaselessly, it's become a kind of murky, mesmerizing mantra. now it's time for you too, to embrace the intense et entrancing, gothic-tinged, scuzzed-out, punchy et angular, fuzz-addled, epic minimal wave-infused revelation White Night, from Toronto-based post punk outfit Little Girls {chiefly Josh McIntyre} off their phenomenal new "Cults" EP (2011). 

MP3: White Night

et here's another infectious, hook-laden, Joy Division-imbued single from the album

MP3: Delaware

check out the great new tripped-out, vhs-smeared, 360° panning performance video for White Night, directed by Henry Sansom & James Mejia for HDD films.

the "Cults" album is out now on Hand Drawn Dracula, it is available on limited edition red vinyl or as a digital download, otherwise you get score it digitally from itunes.

you can find Little Girls here: myspace | facebook | littlegrilsband

329. SIGHING ...

Sighing to herself she looked out over the deserted beach.

{Tove Jannson, Finn Family Moomintroll}

Thursday, November 24, 2011


next up is the infectiously throbbing, post-punk-inflected, wonderfully pithy et rousing, sexual politics-themed cut Modern Days, from London-based art-rock revelers Battant {chiefly Chloe Raunet} off their sophomore album "As I Ride With No Horse" (2011).

"No they don't want high heels on the moon."

MP3: Modern Days

take a look/listen to the fantastically stripped-back retake on the single Shutter now shhhut.

the "As I Ride With No Horse" album is out now on Kill The DJ, it is available on cd from Rough Trade, you can acquire it digitally from Boomkat or itunes.

you can find Battant here: myspace | facebook | battant

328. I ...

I embrace a cloud,
but when I soared
it rained.

{Frank O'Hara, Mayakovsky}

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


here's the perfect respite from a blustery et cheerless afternoon, a delightfully fuzzed-out, rhodes piano-laced, spangly, jazz-infused daydream, bathed in a warm, silken sunlight. let's all escape into the blissed-out, breezy interlude City Of Refuge, from Tokyo/NY-based bedroom pop producer Kido Yoji, off his irresistable "Call A Romance" EP (2011).

the gorgeous cover artwork is by Ryuto Miyake.
the stunning "Call A Romance" EP is out now, apparently it is going to be available on cd et lp, but at present i can't seem to find out who or where it is being released! so stayed tuned ... for now you can download it digitally from itunes.

want to hear some more? then head over to Kido's soundcloud for a plethora of great remixes et older tracks as well as streaming the entire "Call A Romance" EP.

you can find Kido Yoji here: myspace | facebook | kidoyuji | tumblr 

327. IF ...

If you think, from this prelude, that anything like
a romance is preparing for you, reader, you never 
were more mistaken.

{Charlotte Brontë, Shirley}

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


you'll have to excuse me, i only recently intercepted the next track et have been attempting to decipher the crackly et garbled signal, it is rumored to have originated somewhere near Mars. so here it is, the wonderfully woozy et euphoria-inducing, spaced-out, immersive, transcendental pop reverie, Black and White Flight, from UK based Polish "emotive pop" experimentalist Ela Orleans off her new album "Mars Is Heaven" (2011).

it sounds like Orleans is singing/narrating Black and White Flight while afloat in an immense starry void, with only a comet or two for company. enjoy!!!


the album was inspired by et named after Ray Bradbury's short story "Mars is Heaven!".

the wonderful cover artwork is by Fleur Fd.

the "Mars Is Heaven" is out now on Atelier Ciseaux / Last Station Radar, it is presently only available on very limited edition vinyl, only 300 copies pressed! so you better order NOW!!!

you can find Ela Orleans here: facebook elaorleans


check out the wonderfully manic et frenetic, Jonas Mekas-esque, South Florida tour-de-force video for The Jameses awesome  b-side track 5th Dimension, off last years "Caribou/5th Dimension" 7". video directed by Drew Blatman {Sunset Television}.

326. PERHAPS ...

Perhaps she just sat there all day long
with an open book in front of her while 
her mind was elsewhere.

{Tonino Guerra, Equilibrium}

Monday, November 21, 2011


time for a fix of gorgeous Scandinavian folk! let your ears soak up the exquisitely delicate et mellifluous, plinky, ukulele-laced, spirited yet melancholy-addled chamber folk-inflected title track Alle Snakker Sant {They All Speak The Truth}, from Oslo-based indie-folk/pop songstress Siri Nilsen off her winsome sophomore album "Alle Snakker Sant" (2011).

How many times should you walk
the same road time after time
because it’s the only one you know?
and you ask in your clearest voice:
where should you go?

MP3: Alle Snakker Sant

an english translation of the lyrics can be found here, if you should need/want them.

if you like what you hear then i'd definitely recommend checking out the stunning "Alle Snakker Sant" album, it is out on Grappa, it is available from Platekompaniet on cd or lp! otherwise you can acquire it digitally from itunes.

you can find Siri Nilsen here: myspace | facebook | sirinilsen


soak of the stunning scenery et broody atmospheric visuals for Tashaki Miyaki's shoegaze epic Get It Right, directed by Juan Iglesias.

325. DESPITE ...

Despite the songs of the birds, silence persists.

{Luce Irigaray, To Be Two}

Sunday, November 20, 2011


here's a wonderful new track awash in a misty haze of shimmery, reverb-quivering, jangly guitars et warm vocals, they merge harmoniously creating an irresistibly catchy, wistful, indie pop reverie, Sometime from Brooklyn-based guitar-pop outfit Dive {chiefly Beach Fossils guitarist Zachary Cole Smith} off their debut "Sometime" 7" (2011).

the fuzzed-out, discordant synth intro totally reminds me of 80s Roxy Music. enjoy!

MP3: Sometime

the "Sometimes" 7" is out now on Captured Tracks, it is available on vinyl, or as a digital download from itunes.

you can find Dive here: facebook

324. AGAINST ...

Against our real world, which, by its very nature,
is fleeting and worthy of forgetting, works of art
stand as a different world, a world that is ideal,
solid, where every detail has its importance,
its meaning, where everything in it–every word,
every phrase–deserves to be unforgettable
and was conceived to be such.

{Milan Kundera, The Curtain}

Saturday, November 19, 2011


get ready for another dosage of deliriously entrancing, shimmery et pulsating, phased-out, reverb-swirling, austere et gothic-laced minimal/electropop moodiness Do No Right, from Adelaide-based "monotone doom pop" propagator Stacey Wilson aka Rites Wild. at present Do No Right is only a digital single.

recommended for fans of Modern Witch, Tropic of Cancer et Schonwald ...

MP3: Do No Right

soak up the mesmerizing, passing landscape journey video for the recent track Seasonal Shine, filmed by Stacey Wilson on her way from Melbourne to Adelaide. enjoy!

if you like what you hear then i'd highly recommend checking out the Rites Wild bandcamp, where you can stream/download for free the impressive self-titled "Rites Wild" EP, along with countless other singles. you can also acquire cassette copies from Faux Friends.

you can find Rites Wild here: myspace

323. A ...

A woman stood on her back doorstep,
arms folded, waiting for a kettle to boil.

{Doris Lessing, The Summer Before}

Friday, November 18, 2011


prepare yourselves for an intensely visceral auditory experience, surrender your ears et mind to the hypnotically surging et throbbing, blippy et scuffed, nausea-inducing, psyched-out b-side track, Red Song, from Montreal-based post-punk/"art rock" outfit Suuns off their new 12" single "Bambi" (2011).

take a look at the stunning new disquietingly woozy, time-shifting, vhs-smeared, to-camera, confrontational performance video for Suuns' latest single Red Song, video directed by Topher Manilla. Ben Shemie's remarkable, unsettling et visceral performance is evocative of Vito Acconci's corporeal to-camera video works. enjoy!

the "Bambi" 12" is out now on Secretly Canadian, it is available on vinyl or mp3 from SC Distribution , as well as digitally from itunes.

if you haven't yet got a hold of the brilliant "Zeroes QC" album, then i suggest you do, it is available from Secretly Canadian on cd et lp! otherwise you can acquire it digitally from itunes.

check out my previous Suuns post for their phenomenal track Pie IX, {if you haven't already}.

you can find Suuns here: myspace | twitter | facebook

322. OUT ...

Out of my wounds they have made stars: 

Each is an eye that looks on you.

{James K. Baxter, Howrah Bridge}

Thursday, November 17, 2011


next up is a delightfully idiosyncratic et carnivalesque-imbued, avant-leaning, wistful, pop rumination, Tip Tapping, from Berlin-based avant/lap-pop songstress Dominique Dillon de Byington aka Dillon off her forthcoming debut album "This Silence Kills" (2011).

"The sound of the leaves
when my feet hit the ground
The sound of the leaves
when my feet bounce around."

recommended for fans of Lia Ices, Glasser, Bell, Camille ...

MP3: Tip Tapping

et here's another stunningly poignant, melancholy-tinged single form the album;

MP3: Thirteen Thirtyfive

take a look at the mesmerizing, glitchy et fractured experimental performance work for Tip Tapping. directed by Dillon herself.

"This Silence Kills" album comes out November 18th from BPitch Control, it will be available on cd et lp! you will  be able to acquire it digitally from itunes.

you can find Dillon here: facebook | twitter | dillon-music

321. ACTUALLY ...

Actually, she doubted whether she could ever
have been an actress, acknowledging that she
found it more amusing and more gratifying 
to play herself than to interpret any character
conceived by a dramatist.

{Mary McCarthy, The Company She Keeps}

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


time to unleash an infectiously gritty et feisty track i've been thrashing lately; get ready for an angst-laden cacophony of exhilarating et delirious, kraut-tinged, punk snarling noise! Narcisse is from Montreal-based post punk/wave outfit Duchess Says off their wonderful sophomore album "In A Fung Day T!" (2011).

Narcisse is filled to the brim with ridiculously catchy, spaced-out, moog-squigglings et a seismic, throbbing bassline hook along with crash-laden, motorik drumming, woozy, scuzzed-out, screeching, razor-sharp guitar riffs, et then there's Deschêne's feisty et entrancing vocals that leave you completely stunned. enjoy!!!

MP3: Narcisse

et here's the hook-laden, Gary Numan-infused, hazy, dance-punk single;

"I refurbish my mind
with objects of all kinds."

MP3: Time To Reiterate

"In A Fung Day T!" is out now on Alien8 Recordings, you can get in on cd or deluxe full-colour gatefold lp! both come with free downloads! otherwise you can score it digitally from amazon et itunes.

you can find Duchess Says here: myspace | facebook | duchesssays


check out the highly entertaining, corrupt/bent cop themed music video for Black Lips' latest catchy, Ramones-inflected single Raw Meat. video directed by Phil Pinto for Urban Outfitters. with a cameo from the infamous Leo Fitzpatrick {Larry Clark's "Kids"}.

320. THE ...

The author will not answer for any problems 
his writings may raise
It may be hard on the reader
But he'll have to accept this from here on in.

{Nicanor Parra, Poems and Antipoems}

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


let your ears et mind soak up this remarkable next track, the devastatingly sublime, blippy, crackly, scuffed et glitched-out, r&b tinged, afro-spiritual-laced, yearning, lament Don't Break My Love, from NY-based 'downtempo minimalist' Nicolas Jaar off his new "Don't Break My Love" EP (2011).

MP3: Don't Break My Love

the "Don't Break My Love" EP is out via Clown and Sunset, at present it is only available as a free digital download, so go check it out!

if you haven't checked out Jarr's phenomenal debut album "Space Is Only Noise", then i suggest you do so! it is available on cd from Insound or Boomkat, you can also acquire it digitally from itunes.
you can find Nicolas Jaar here: myspace | facebook | nicolasjarr


Intermittent wheeping flutes from oystercatchers.

{Keri Hulme, The Bone People}

Monday, November 14, 2011


now for a dose of entrancingly gloomy et eerie, murk-crusted, intoxicating, incantatory atmospherics: The Dull Age, from LA-based darkwave/shoegaze duo Tropic Of Cancer {Juan Mendez & Camella Lobo} off the compilation/anthology album of sorts "The End Of All Things" (2011).

MP3: The Dull Age

et here is the mesmerizing lead single off the recently released "The Sorrow Of Two Blooms" EP (2011).

MP3: A Color

take a look at the stunning split screen/performance video for Be Brave directed by Juan Mendez. it incorporates projected footage from Dutch performance artist Bas Jan Ader's video work "Primary Time" (1974).

the "The End Of All Things" album is out now on UK label Downwards Records, you can acquire it on cd from Boomkat or Norman Records.

"The Sorrow Of Two Blooms" EP is sadly unavailable/sold out on 12" from Boomkat, however you can still acquire it from them digitally as well as from itunes.

you can find Tropic Of Cancer here: myspace | facebook


check out the great new playfully angst-laden, existential treatment for Russia's premier post-punk outfit Motorama's latest infectious single Empty Bed. the single is available for free download along with all the bands other singles over at wearemotorama!!!

318. STRANGE ...

Strange what a little thing a man's life
hangs on sometimes – a single word!

{Joseph Conrad, Victory}

Sunday, November 13, 2011


thought you might appreciate a slice of wonderfully blissed-out, shimmery et blippy, rousing dream pop, I Want To Forget is from Illinois electro/dream pop duo Psychic Twin {Erin Fein & Brett Sanderson} off their self-titled "Psychic Twin" EP (2011).

"I just want to runaway
and never look behind me
I just want to go somewhere
that they will never find me."

MP3: I Want To Forget

the "Psychic Twin" EP is currently only available from streaming via bandcamp. keep posted for news of any "official" releases ...

you can keep tabs on Psychic Twin here: facebook

317. THEY ...

They stole books from the second-hand boxes
outside bookshops.

{Marguerite Duras, Summer Rain}

Saturday, November 12, 2011


the return of Phil Elverum to K Recs is a very welcome sight indeed {even if it is only a brief collaboration}! et i have to admit i nearly wet myself when i heard the new track he's cooked up with Calvin Johnson. so here it is, the sublime, funked-out, euphoria-inducing, monolithic wall of ecstatic guitar noise, thunderous, splashing percussion et wounded, preoccupied et plaintive crooning, the epic ode to hard rock that is Distorted Cymbals, from noise pop/folk innovator Phil Elverum aka Mount Eerie {formerly The Microphones!} off the forthcoming "Distorted Cymbals b/w Anglepoise Cymbols" split 7" (2012).

open all the windows in your house/apartment/car, now turn/push/press the volume dial/fader/button as far as it can go, Distorted Cymbals demands to be played at full volume, et your neighbors should share this glorious occasion!!! enjoy this enraptured musical experience!

"Lying on the ground
with your wind knocked out
the sky is vast and growing
and there is no sound
and no music."

MP3: Distorted Cymbals

the "Distorted Cymbals b/w Anglepoise Cymbols" 7" is set for release next year, February 7th on K Recs! it will also be available as a digital download.

you can find Phil Eleverum/Mount Eerie here: pwelverumandsun

316. AT ...

At once, with his very first words, he wanted to
make it perfectly clear that he had no intention
of beginning anything in the nature of a 
serious flirtation.

{Italo Svevo, As a Man Grows Older}

Friday, November 11, 2011


next up is the gorgeously velvety et jazzy, wistful et mellifluous, 70s r&b-inflected b-side Sister, from LA-based avant pop chanteuse Ramona Gonzalez aka Nite Jewel off her forthcoming "She's Always Watching You" 7" (2011).

"So young, she lives inside
Way deep down,  where I used to hide."

the "She's Always Watching You" is set for release December 13th on Yours Truly/Love Letters Ink on limited edition 7" on red vinyl, only 500 pressed so get your pre-orders in now, otherwise you will be able to purchase it digitally from bandcamp.

check out my previous post for Nite Jewel's infectious single It Goes Through Your Head.

you can find you can find Nite Jewel here: nitejewel | myspace | facebook


take a look at the delightfully playful et psyched-out, day-dreamy, twee-laced visuals for His Clanyness' latest single Carve A Peach, which is off the "His Clancyness/Shimmering Stars" 7" split, available from Splendour. video directed by Giulia Mazza. enjoy!

315. WHEN ...

When she put on her dress she wondered
where she would see him that day.

{Carson McCullers, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter}

Thursday, November 10, 2011


time to treat your ears to the entrancing, palpitating et crackly, jittery, wonked-out, pitch-shifting, dubstep-infused, melancholy-laced synth lament Frozen Flower, from Glasgow-based minimalist, "tech house" producer Andy Graham aka Sei A off his impressive forthcoming "Frozen Flower" EP (2011).

you're gonna need a pair of airtight headphones for this track to attain the full immersive aural experience it deserves. enjoy!

the sublime "Frozen Flower" EP is set for release November 14th on Turbo Recordings, it will be available on cd et lp as well as digital download.

you can find Sei A here: myspace | facebook | seinanmusic


here's some more stylishly off-kilter et evocative, youthful angst from Scandinavia, there is definitely something peculiar in the Artic waters that keeps producing distinctive, surreal-tinged cinematic content, et the visual treatment for Specalure's latest track Pencil Pimp is just further evidence! video directed by Norwegian filmmaker Thor Erling Brenne. enjoy!

314. HENCE ...

Hence the strangely circular nature of
their moods and intimacy ...

{John Berger, G.}

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


been searching aimlessly for some refreshingly unpolished/un-produced, 'authentic' post punk experimentation? well your search is over, i'm glad to announce i've found just that {thanks to Altered Zones!}, et trust me these guys are the real deal, don't believe me? then take a listen to the ecstatically glitched-out, distortion-fuzzed, bassline-thundering, Ian Curtis-intoning, mantric track No Dreams Tonight, from Beijing-based post-punk/minimal wave duo Hot & Cold {brothers Simon & Josh Frank} off their brilliant "Conclusion / Introduction" EP (2010-11).

it totally makes sense that this album was recorded live, to tape no less, as it captures/translates the suitably murky, dampened et scuzzed-out quality that one hopes for when listening to raw, minimal, post punk music! enjoy!

MP3: No Dreams Tonight

et here's another enraptured, drum machine-laden, reverb-bleeding track from the album: 

MP3: Uighur Pop

the "Conclusion / Introduction" album was released on cassette by Beijing analog label Rose Mansion Analog {who are out of stock now}, fortunately you can get it on cassette from Night People, who have kindly re-released it for those of us whom missed out the first time round! you can also acquire it digitally from bandcamp.

also, great news, a new EP is being recorded now, et should be ready for release early next year on vinyl via Rose Mansion Analog!

you can find Hot & Cold here: myspace

313. THE ...

The connection between this and what follows
is not immediately clear in the text.

{Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, In Other Worlds}

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


i'm uber late getting this next track up, but better late than never, so here it is, the epic, hook-laden, effervescent, tranced-out, euphoria inducing, New Order-imbued, rousing disco-infused anthem Warm In The Winter, from Portland-based nu-disco/synth-pop outfit Glass Candy off their mesmerizing "Warm In The Winter" EP (2011).

"Warm in the Winter / Sunny on the inside"

for those of us in the sun-drenched southern hemisphere, this track will become a Summer anthem, et for those in the north, well it will become your Winter mantra, to rouse et revive the faded memories of Summer past!

so jump in your car, wind down the windows {take the top down/off if you can}, drive towards the nearest beach et crank your stereo up as loud as it permits! enjoy!

MP3: Warm In The Winter

check out the wonderfully blissed-out Summer tour video that accompanies the epic single Warm In The Winter, directed by Alberto Rossini {Chromatics Kill For Love, video} for Italians Do It Better Films.

the "Warm In The Winter" EP is out now on Italians Do It Better,  available on delicious raspberry 12" vinyl! or you can score it digitally via itunes.

Warm In The Winter will feature on the forthcoming "Body Work" album, which has yet to have an official release date, stay tuned ...

you can find Glass Candy here: facebook | vivaitalians


check out the stunning Chris Doyle-lensed {who else!} ode to the female posterior et hotel room ennui, for Alex Zhang Hungtai aka Dirty Beaches' mesmerizing track White Sand, off his now discontinued "Dirty Beaches" cassette from Night People. video directed by et starring Chinese filmmaker/actress Tsien-Tsien Zhang. reminiscent of Doyle's inspired camerawork in "Motel Cactus" (1997).

312. I ...

I must wait in stillness for the sounding.

{Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters To A Young Poet}

Monday, November 7, 2011


these guys may be from 'over–the–ditch', but their hook-laden sound is deeply rooted in the Flying Nun minimalist, guitar pop tradition. Hate Me is the hazy et intoxicated, reverb-swathed, jangle-laden, acidic et inured follow up single from Melbourne-based guitar-pop/post punk trio Cat Cat off their much anticipated debut album "Uralba" (2011).

"Take me to town
show me the sounds
show me the lights
show me the bodies, now!"

MP3: Hate Me

take a look at the delightfully artless et lo-fi, bookstore practice space performance video for Cat Cat's latest single Hate Me, filmed by L.A Howard.

the "Uralba" album is set for release November 27th on Dream Damage Records, it will be out on limited edition 12" vinyl, there are only 50 online copies available {which includes a copy of the fantastic "Waking Space" EP}! so get your pre-orders in now via bandcamp if you want to get your hands on one! otherwise you will be able to aquire it digitally via bandcamp.

if you missed my previous post for the ridiculously infectious, guitar pop reverie Keys And Locks Don't Work, then you should definitely check it out!

you can find Cat Cat here: facebook | twitter


well, i totally missed this amazing clip when it was first released, so here it is now for those who haven't seen it yet, the stunningly poignant cinematic treatment for When Saints Go Machine's latest single Parix, directed by L.A. based, Danish filmmaker Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen.


Everything is made, formed, given, to be broken;
nothing can be kept, and yet, right now, it seems
you could hold the wide earth and sky in your arms.

{Kirsty Gunn, Featherstone}

Sunday, November 6, 2011


you saw the video for Dirty Rotten Kids, now expose your ears to the entrancingly wanton et murky, psyched-out, reverb-swooning, grunge-imbued mantra for youthful ennui, Only When (I'm Lonely) from Ashville, North Carolina-based psych/grunge-gaze outfit Sin Kitty off their melancholy-addled "Wonder When" EP (2011).

MP3: Only When (I'm Lonely)

check out the wonderfully woozy et psyched-out visuals for Only When (I'm Lonely). directed by Jack Thornton. this is a perfect commingling of 60s psychedelia, 80s shoegaze et 90s grunge! the video is reminiscent of the tripped-out, narcotized 60s Zanzibar Group films of Frédéric Pardo et Pierre Clémenti. enjoy the audiovisual experience!

the outstanding "Wonder When" EP is currently available for free digital download/streaming from bandcamp, so head over there now for listen!

you can find Sin Kitty here: facebook | sinkittyband


ever found yourself wondering what Popeye would be like if he were a woman? well rest assured you're not alone, take a look at the stunning new sun-baked, offbeat, gender-bending, Popeye via Cohen brothers cinematic treatment for High Places' latest infectious single Sonora, off the "Original Colors" album, out now on Thrill Jockey. video directed by Keith Musil.

310. IT ...

It wasn't much to write a book about.

{Kurt Vonnegut Jr, Slaughterhouse 5}

Saturday, November 5, 2011


next up is the latest mesmerizing et idiosyncratic, tranced-out, Talking Heads-esque, manic et lashing, off-kilter single The Island Song, from Toronto-based lo-fi, art pop agitator Meg Remy aka U.S. Girls off her ecstatically schizophrenic new album "U.S. Girls On Kraak" (2011).

"Cause I can't even get out of my bed."

MP3: The Island Song

take a look at the rhythmically hypnotic, time-manipulating, idyll-rupturing experimental video for The Island Song, directed by Ross Turnbull. the video for Island Song evokes a schitzed-out episode of "Survivor", set on an island using female psychiatric patients.

if you like what you hear then i'd definitely recommend getting your hands et ears on the "U.S. Girls On Kraak" album, which is out now on Kraak, available on cd or lp!

also you can get "The Island Song" single on limited edition 7" from the new artist run publisher Remy has set up, Cailco Corp, limited to 300 copies only, it is also available digitally via bandcamp.

you can find U.S. Girls here: myspace | yousgirls


have a look at the warm et cutesy, canine loving, sweater sporting, nostalgic et offbeat "family" sitcom-styled music video for Real Estate's jingly-jangly single It's Real off their brilliant new album "Days", which is out now on Domino Records, available on all your favorite formats! directed by Weird Days.

309. FOR ...

For some reason he found himself
remembering it all now.

{Joan Lindsay, Picnic At Hanging Rock}

Friday, November 4, 2011


{note to self; it is time for something a little "different"} ... right, just found the perfect solution, check out the ridiculously infectious, dubbed-out, hip-hop-infused, fuzz-laden, electro freakout Fridge Note, from Swiss electronic/psych-hop visionary aka Dimlite off his forthcoming album "Grimm Reality" (2011).

MP3: Fridge Note

you definitely need to watch the delightfully kooky, glitched-out, domestic visuals for Fridge Note, directed by Crouced Tif {'crooked teeth'!} for Ehstrawlogy productions.

the "Grimm Reality" is set for release November 22nd on Now Again Records, it will be available from Stones Throw on cd et a winsome deluxe 3x 10" vinyl box set! et also as an mp3 download. 

you can find Dimlite here: facebook | dimgrimm


check out the awesomely tripped-out, angst-laden, college lifestyle promo video for Sin Kitty's deliriously lo-fi, grunge-smeared, MBV-laced single Dirty Rotten Kids, which is off their brilliant debut EP "Wonder When", which you can score for free from bandcamp. channeling Kurt Cobain et Syd Barrett on this one. enjoy!!!

308. WHILE ...

'While I think: here I lie under a haystack... 
The tiny bit of space I occupy is so minute in comparison
with the rest of the universe, where I am not and which is
not concerned with me; and the period of time in which it is
my lot to live is so infinitesimal compared with the eternity in
which I have not and shall not be ... And yet here, in this 
atom which is myself, in this mathematical point, blood 
circulates, the brain operates and aspires to something too ...
What a monstrous business! What futility!'

{Ivan Turgenev, Fathers and Sons}

Thursday, November 3, 2011


i've been meaning to post this next track for some time now,  wellanyways, here's the deliriously muzzy et trilly, phased-out, disorienting et drawly, shimmering hallucination White City, from San Diego-based psych-gaze duo Psychic Dancehall {Dorian Wartime & Sylvia Innocent} off their hypnotic debut album "Dreamers" (2011)

i'm digging the pre-raphaelite meets burlesque styled cover art for "Dreamers"!

MP3: White City

the "Dreamers" album is out on Art Fag, you can score it on vinyl from Midheaven, Insound or Boomkat, where you can also pick it up digitally as either an mp3 or flac, also available from itunes.

take a look/listen to my post for the brilliant bittersweet lead single A Love That Kills, {if you haven't already} ...


check out the wonderfully conceived et realized new knitted, psychedelic thrift store caper music video for Seventeen Evergreen's single Polarity Song, directed by Terri Timely {St. Vincent Cruel video}  in collaboration with Sarah Applebaum. abduction seems to be a leitmotif in Timely's videos, enjoy!!!

307. DESPITE ...

Despite the gaiety in his voice, the last word 
fell heavily on the room and silence closed over it.

{Simone de Beauvoir, She Came To Stay}

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


next up is an ultra languorous et deliciously woozy, jangly, reverb-smothered, tarnished 80s-laced teen fantasy, R U Real?, from Oakland-based no wave/dream-gaze artist Nick Ray aka Cool Angels off his latest album "Demure" (2011) 

R U Real? features the wispy, listless et fragile vocals of Stefanie Hodapp from Young Prisms. enjoy!

the "Demure" album is out on Gnar Tapes et will be available on cassette, but in the meantime you can acquire it digitally from bandcamp.