Friday, September 30, 2011


wind down your day with this laid-back, dream-gazing, pysched-out, reverb-shimmering track Darklands, from Brisbane-based all-girl surf/garage pop outfit Feathers off their forthcoming debut album "Hunter's Moon" (2011).

MP3: Darklands

et here is their latest swoony, surf-guitar laced cut from the forthcoming album:

MP3: Heartbreakers

the "Hunter's Moon" album is set for release october 7th on Bon Voyage, it will be available as a limited edition 12" vinyl release, only 100 copies will be pressed, pre-orders are being take now, so you'll need to get in quick. it comes with a digital download. otherwise you can grab it digitally from bandcamp.

you can find Feathers here: facebook | fourfeathers


take a look at the cinematic treatment for Deerhoof's schized-out, gritty, blues-imbued infectious single Secret Mobilization, directed by Ewan MacLeod.

"This is not based, this is not based, this is not based, on a true story."

273. A ...

A serene sky and verdant fields 
filled me with ecstasy.

{Mary Shelley, Frankenstein}

Thursday, September 29, 2011


here's the infectious et uplifting, anthemic, disco-infused lead single Balance, from Baltimore-based new wave trio Future Islands off their forthcoming album "On The Water" (2011).

"And the sun will leave the room,
leave you to the night
And that's alright.
Because before the morning comes
there's a certain calm
and then there's light.
It just takes time."

the fantastic cover artwork is by Baltimore-based artist Elena Johnston.

MP3: Balance

check out the delightfully youthful, summer adventure visuals for Balance, directed by Jay Buim.

the "On The Water" album is set for release october 11th on Thrill Jockey, it is available for pre-order on cd et lp from Thrill Jockey or Insound, as well as digitally downloadable from itunes.

you can find Future Islands here: myspace | facebook | future-islands


check out the absurd et wildy entertaining, off-kilter take on the "love story" for Army Navy's latest twee single Ode To Janice Melt, directed by Jeremy Konner.


Inspiration gives no warnings, I said.

{Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Memories of My Melancholy Whores}

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


next up is a deliriously tranced-out, euphoria inducing, haunting, tribal-infused meditation entitled Golden Silence, from Brooklyn-based mystical/psych pop duo Prince Rama {sisters Taraka & Nimai Larson} off their latest album "Trust Now" (2011).

MP3: Golden Silence

check out the tripped-out, glitchy, kaleidoscopic visuals for Golden Silence, video by Julian Bozeman & VIDEO PROGRAM.

the "Trust Now" album is out now on Paw Tracks, it is available from Insound or Boomkat on cd or lp {including digital download! otherwise you can acquire it digitally from itunes.

you can find Prince Rama here: myspace | facebook | princerama/bandcamp

271. PAPER ...

"Paper has more patience than people." 
I thought of this saying on one of those days when I 
was feeling a little depressed and was sitting at home 
with my chin in my hands, bored and listless, wondering 
whether to stay in or go out.

{Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl}

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


here's an earnestly sparse, tape hiss-swimming, intimate et melancholy-laced lament, Crows from London-based freak-folk/bedroom pop crooner Alex Shields aka A Grave With No Name off his new "Crows" 7" (2011).

for admirers of Perfume Genius, Gem Club, Birdie Hilltop et Youth Lagoon ...

MP3: Crows

take a look at the nostalgic visuals for Crows.

the "Crows" 7" is out on No Pain In Pop, it's available on vinyl, as well as digital download, it can also be acquired digitally from itunes.

you can find A Grave With No Name here: myspace | facebook

270. BEHIND ...

Behind his untamed hair
The sea sleeps like a cat.

{Denis Glover, Olaf}

Monday, September 26, 2011


next up is a nostalgic whiff of jingly-jangly, languid, dozy, autumnal reminiscences, Green Aisles from New Jersey-based indie rock outfit Real Estate off their forthcoming sophomore album "Days" (2011).

the cover photograph for the "Days" album is taken from conceptual/performance artist Dan Graham early photographic series Homes For America, the image is entitled Row of New Tract Houses, Bayonne NJ 1966.


the "Days" album is set for release october 17th on Domino, you can pre-order it now, it is available on cd, lp et cassette {which both come with mp3 download codes}! it is also available from Insound on cd et lp, et will also be able to acquire it digitally from itunes.

there is also a limited edition "Green Aisles" 7" available from various vinyl outlets in London, as well as from Real Estate shows, so get in quick!

you can find Real Estate here: myspace | facebook


check out this wonderfully quirky et entertaining studio performance/vintage horror film mash-up video for Pomplamooses' great new cover of Ron Weiner's Monster Mask.

269. WHEN ...

When she was not there, the smell of dust, the half-light, 
the forlorn solitude, all this did not exist for anyone; 
it did not exist at all.

{Simone de Beauvoir, She Came to Stay}

Sunday, September 25, 2011


take a listen to the rousing et sultry, melancholy-steeped, epic lead single Niagara, from Toronto-based indie/avant-pop ensemble Ohbijou off their forthcoming album "Metal Meets" (2011).

"I follow you down / I dreamt this love,
a memory still returning.
We packed our bags for Niagara falls,
to feel the water rushing."

MP3: Niagara

take a look at the visually evocative et heightened, elemental performance video for Niagara, directed by Jared Raab.

the "Metal Meets" album comes out september 27th on Last Gang Records, it is available for pre-order from Insound on cd et lp, otherwise you will be able to download it digitally from itunes.

you can find Ohbijou here: myspace | facebook | ohbijou

268. NO ...

No doubt about it, he did not look
the intellectual type.

{Ronald Hugh Morrieson, Predicament}

Saturday, September 24, 2011


next up is a deliriously dreamy, reverb-shimmering, wistful, 80s-imbued indie-pop reverie Your Tomb, from Seattle-based indie pop outfit Craft Spells off their excellent debut album "Idle Labor" (2011).

MP3: Your Tomb

take a look at the entertaining stake-out meets slasher film, music video for Craft Spells' latest single Your Tomb, directed by Aaron Beckum.

if you haven't got the must have "Idle Labor" album yet, then i must insist that you acquire it asap by any means, it is available from Captured Tracks or Insound on cd or lp! otherwise you can get it digitally from itunes. you won't regret it!!!

check out my other Craft Spells posts {if you haven't already} you can find the brilliant For the Ages track from the album et also Love Well Spent single along with Party Talk. enjoy!!!

you can find Craft Spells here: myspace | facebook | craftspells

267. WE ...

We "write" a running biography with life-language
rather than with word-language in order "to be."

{Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, In A Word}

Friday, September 23, 2011


here is something to wind down the week with, get comfortable, lie back, close your eyes, et become immersed in the rich, evocative textures et tranquil layers of intricately captured et embroidered, quotidian sounds that make up Eye Colorism, from Akron, Ohio-based ambient/sound collagist Keith Freund {off Trouble Books } off his absolutely sublime album "Constant Comments" (2011).

MP3: Eye Colorism

i'd highly recommend treating yourself to the gorgeous auditory experience "Constant Comments" album, it is available from Experimedia on cd or lp! an edition of only 300, the first 100 copies come on green vinyl! so get in quick, it also comes with a bonus digital version in either mp3 or flac. it is also available from Boomkat or ANOST, et you can download it digitally via itunes.

if you want to hear more you can stream an album sampler over on soundcloud.

you can find Keith Freund here: barkandhiss | lastfm


check out the brilliant new animated story installment for Young Galaxy's latest single Peripheral Visionaries, directed & created by Sinbad Richardson. this is the sequel to Richardson's previous animation video for Young Galaxy's We Have Everything (so for maximum enjoyment, check this clip out first if you haven't seen it before, or if you've somehow forgotten it).

266. HER ...

Her extended fingers, though trembling,
or because they were trembling, 
looked oddly graceful and pretty.

{J.D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey}

Thursday, September 22, 2011


next up is an achingly heartfelt et captivatingly intimate work of haunting beauty, awash with despair, the new single Love from North London-based singer-songwriter Elena Tonra aka Daughter off her new "The Wild Youth" EP (2011).

"I can't erase it / from my mind
I just replay love / think of it all of the time."

MP3: Love

"The Wild Youth" EP will be released on november 21st via Communion Records, et i assume you will be able to acquire it digitally from bandcamp et itunes.

if you like what you hear then i would strongly recommend getting yourself a copy of the brilliant "His Young Heart" EP (2011), it is available to stream et purchase via bandcamp, et if you haven't already you can check out my post for the stunning single Landfill.

you can find Daughter here: myspace | facebook | twitter

265. WE ...

We were so close there was no room
We bled inside each other's wounds
We all had caught the same disease
And we all sang the songs of peace.

{Melanie, Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)}

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


here's something to get you out of your chairs et bopping foolishly about the room, the intoxicating & enraptured, throbbing, blipped-out, aptly wistful et melancholy-laced, 80s new romanticism-infused title track Sets & Lights, from Brooklyn-based minimal/synthwave duo Xeno & Oaklander {Liz Wendelbo & Sean McBride} off their much anticipated sophomore album "Sets & Lights" (2011).

MP3: Sets & Lights

et if you happened to miss the lead single off the new album here it is:
MP3: The Staircase

the "Sets & Lights" album is set for release october 11th on Weird Records, available on cd et lp! et you'll be able to get it as a digital download from itunes.

the "Sets & Lights" single is currently available as a 7" release from Weird Records, et as a digital download from itunes.

you can find Xeno & Oaklander here: myspace | facebook | xenoandoaklander


check out the awesomely psyched-out, effect-laden visuals for Pretty Bird's infectious, lo-fi, incantatory 'motivational' track Beeeeallllyourrrrpotenchall, directed by Lindsey Klonoski.

264. HE ...

He was seized with the idea of indulging in 
the pleasure of writing down his thoughts,
a thing so dangerous for him to do elsewhere.

{Stendhal, Scarlet And Black}

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


check out the delightfully off-kilter, rambling, strummy, beatnik-imbued, sardonic lead single Doing As I Do, from Queens, NY-based lo-fi/garage pop trio The Beets off their forthcoming album "Let The Poison Out" (2011).

"Don't be afraid, you will not die
and if you die, whatever!"

MP3: Doing As I Do

the  "Let The Poison Out" album is set for release october 24th on Hardly Art, it will be available on cd or lp! be advised that the first 300 lp pre-orders will receive special opaque purple vinyl, this is only available through Hardly Art or at The Beets shows. otherwise you can pre-order from Insound. i assume you will also be able to grab the album via digital download from itunes.

you can find The Beets here: myspace | facebook

263. TO ...

To be alive means to live in a world
that preceded one's own arrival
and will survive one's own departure.

{Hannah Arendt, The Life Of The Mind}

Monday, September 19, 2011


if you've been pining away for a new track from Austra, good news, your wait is finally over, feast your ears on the stunning mesmerizing new b-side revelation Identityoff their latest single release "Spellwork" (2011).

MP3: Identity

"Spellwork" is currently available as a digital single release from Domino, it is also available from itunes. let's hope a 7" version is in the pipeline!

if you haven't already, i would strongly recommend getting yourself a copy of Austra's brilliant debut album "Feel It Break" (2011), it is available from Domino or Insound on cd, double lp or as a digitally download, it is also from itunes.

take a look et listen to the stunning lead single Beat & The Pulse, if you haven't already.

you can find Austra here: myspace | facebook | austra | austramusic

262. THE ...

The fingerprints
Inside empty gloves, these, here
From which the hands have vanished.

{Ted Hughes, The Hands}

Sunday, September 18, 2011


next up is the feisty, scuzzy, fuzzed-out, throbbing, lo-fi, distortion reveling lead single Rabid Love, from Oakland-based noise/stoner pop artist Colleen Green of her forthcoming "Cujo" EP (2011).

MP3: Rabid Love

the "Cujo" EP is set for release October 4th on Art Fag, it will be available on vinyl, otherwise you'll be able to grab it digitally from itunes.

if you like what you hear then check out my post for the deliriously anthemic single Dance The Night Away off Green's debut "Green One" EP (2011).

you can find Colleen Green here: myspace | hardlyart | happybirfdayjeff

261. IT ...

It was as if a curtain had fallen, 
hiding everything I had ever known.

{Jean Rhys, Voyage In The Dark}

Saturday, September 17, 2011


here's the latest mesmerizing, sultry & breathy, reverb-swirling, fuzzed-out, pounding, timpani-laden single Into The Trees, from London-based dream-gaze outfit Still Corners off their much anticipated debut full-length album "Creatures of an Hour" (2011).

MP3: Into The Trees

take a look at the vintage nature/travelogue-styled music video for Into The Trees.

the "Creatures Of An Hour" album is due out October 11th on Sub Pop, it is available for pre-order on cd or lp! there is a bonus flexi-disc {one-sided 7” vinyl single} featuring an unreleased track Cabot Cove, it is definitely recommended you get in quick if you want this bonus collectors item!

you can find Still Corners here: myspace | facebook | stillcorners


take a look at the soft, contemplative, post-clubbing, dawn, home-bound visuals that accompany Mount Kimble's luscious, reverb-soaked, glitchy track Carbonated, directed by Tyrone Lebon for London-based DoBeDo Productions.

260. PERHAPS ...

Perhaps she is imagining herself once more leaning
over the balcony in her street, waving to me ...
above the bright, noisy city, above me waving back; 
or once more, up here in this room, getting ready
to leave, putting on her shoes, slipping into her coat, 
adjusting the white silk scarf that she is now putting
around her neck to protect herself from the cold.

{Philippe Sollers, The Park}

Friday, September 16, 2011


next up is the intensely feverish, hallucination-inducing, woozy et disorienting, darkwave-fueled title track Total Decay, from San Francisco-based industrial/darkwave outfit The Soft Moon {chiefly Louis Vasquez} off their forthcoming "Total Decay" EP (2011).

MP3: Total Decay

check out the stunning new video for Total Decay, directed by Ron Robinson.

the "Total Decay" EP comes out October 31st {Halloween!} on Captured Tracks, available on vinyl! it will also be available for digital download from itunes.

if you haven't already, you can check out my post for Breathe The Fire, from the brilliant debut self-titled album "The Soft Moon" (2010).

you can find The Soft Moon here: myspace | lastfm | facebook


take a look at the stunning new cinematic treatment for Salem's latest track King Night, directed by Theo Wenner. the gritty, disquieting, nocturnal visuals are reminiscent of a Philippe Grandrieux film, this is really refreshing stuff, enjoy!

259. DO ...

Do not assume, seeing as I prepare to 
speak about myself, that I am proud of 
my past, of the choices I made, and my 
actions; far from it.

{Maria Rosa Cutrufelli, The Woman Outlaw}

Thursday, September 15, 2011


time for a sonic wake-up call, here's the infectious, blipped-out, feisty, angst-laden, anthemic single Care Bear, from London-based electro/thrash pop trio TEETH off their much anticipated debut album "Whatever" (2011).

"Try on all my clothes!
Put my life on hold."

MP3: Care Bear

et here is the latest hypntoic, electro-pop cut from the album. one has to appreciate the playfulness of the photoshop referencing cover art for this single, a nice touch having the "homeless" guy holding the magic wand tool, while lying passed out in the transparency void!
MP3: Flowers

check out the entertaining "performance" video for Care Bear.

the infectious "Whatever" album is set for release september 19th on Moshi Moshi, you can pre-order it from Rough Trade on cd with bonus disc, et i assume it will also available as a digital download from itunes.

currently you can stream the entire album over at Mad Decent.

you can find TEETH here: myspace | facebook


check out the sun-bleached, hazy, day-dreamy visuals for Erika Spring's wonderful debut single 6 More Weeks, directed by Paola Suhonen.

258. I ...

I can hear you making
small holes in the silence

{Hone Tuwhare, Rain}

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


take a listen to the achingly beautiful et intimate, hazy, meandering, pedal steel-glimmering, 60s-steeped, melancholy folk lament The Finder, from Philadelphia-based folk revivalist Meg Baird {of Espers} off her much anticipated sophomore album "Seasons On Earth" (2011).

MP3: The Finder

the "Seasons On Earth" album is set for release on september 20th via Drag City, it will be available on cd, lp or digital download, you will also be able to purchase it digitally via itunes.

if you like what you hear et haven't heard Meg Baird's remarkable debut solo album "Dear Companion" (2007), then i'd highly recommend getting yourself a copy! it is available from Drag City, on cd, lp or as a digital download, also available from itunes.

you can find Meg Baird here: myspace | lastfm | megbaird

257. BUT ...

BUT HE COULDN'T empty his mind.

{Susan Minot, Rapture}

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


here comes the catchy new 50s-laced, jangly, nostalgia-swooning single Here Comes Trouble, from Brooklyn-based garage pop outfit The Babies off their "Here Comes Trouble" 7" (2011).

MP3: Here Comes Trouble

the "Here Comes Trouble" 7" is available from LA label Teenage Teardrops, limited to only 300 copies with great hand-made covers, otherwise you can grab it digitally online from itunes.

et you should definitely take a listen to the fantastic debut single Meet Me In The City, if you haven't already.

you can find The Babies here: myspace | thebabiesband

256. EUPHORIA ...

Euphoria is present, followed by a sharpening
of the sense of hearing, a numbness in the
extremities and a gradual sense of unreality.

{William T. Vollmann, You Bright and Risen Angels}

Monday, September 12, 2011


next up is the devastatingly fragile, multi-lingual, spoken-word, stream-of-consciousness lament, Shooting Stars from Brooklyn via Jerusalem/Paris-based avant-folk duo Winter Family {Ruth Rosenthal & Xavier Klaine} off their remarkable sophomore album "Red Sugar" (2011).

"Eating an imaginary apple, 
that glows in your hand."

MP3: Shooting Stars

take a look at the absolutely stunning hand-drawn/cut-out, collage-style animation video for the exquisite track Shooting Stars, created by the awesome French art/design outfit versolt.

if you like what you hear then i'd highly recommend getting the "Red Sugar" album, it is available from Alt. Vinyl on limited release double LP {only 300 copies}! otherwise you can grab it on cd from Sub Rosa, or digitally from itunes.

you can find Winter Family here: winterfamily

255. IN ...

In the pine-tree, tenderly tenderly,
finely finely: something hissed.

{Marina Tsvetayeva, Insomnia}

Sunday, September 11, 2011


check out this infectiously throbbing, tribal-laced, ecstatic, post-punk-snarling, disco-infused single, Paris Burns from London-based dance-punk outfit CoverGirl off their new "Paris Burns" 7" (2011).

"and there's nothing wrong with us anyway."

MP3: Paris Burns

if you like what you hear i'd highly recommend getting the fantastic "Paris Burns" 7", it is available now from Captured Tracks on vinyl, or you can grab it digitally from Boomkat or itunes.

you can find CoverGirl here: myspace | facebook

254. EVERY ...

"Every kind of stillness."

{Jean Anouilh, Antigone}

Saturday, September 10, 2011


here's the brilliant new pithy, effervescent, tropical-laced single An Argument With Myself, from Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie pop crooner Jens Lekman off his much anticipated "An Argument with Myself" EP (2011).

"When was the last time you smoked a cigarette
and more importantly who did you smoke it with."

MP3: An Argument with Myself

the "An Argument with Myself" EP will be released September 20th on Secretly Canadian on cd et vinyl!

you can find Jens Lekman here: facebook | jenslekman

253. TWO ...

Two forces rule the universe: Light and Gravity.

{Simone Weil, Gravity and Grace}

Friday, September 9, 2011


take a listen to the mesmerizing new wonky, murk-smeared, forlorn, 80s minimal wave-infused single, Videotapes from Portland-based, minimal wave/gloom pop trio Blouse off their forthcoming self-titled debut "Blouse" album.

"You wanted to make videotapes
and put everything into a screen."

MP3: Videotapes

the "Blouse" album is due out November 1st from the always great Captured Tracks.

et you can take a listen to the stunning debut single Into Black, if you haven't already.

you can check out Blouse here: bandcamp | facebook | twitter


not much needs to be said about this brilliantly pithy title, it is as relevant now, {if not more} than when it was first released, recommended to be used as an hourly mantra. from Le Tigre off their awesome "From the Desk of Mr. Lady" (2000).

Get Off The Internet

252. THERE ...

There was a quality of profound and complete 
surrender to it.

{William Faulkner, Light in August}

Thursday, September 8, 2011


next up is the feisty, scuzzed-out, swaggering, angst-laden, lovelorn anthem, Think Of You from LA-based garage punk duo Bleached {sisters Jennifer & Jessie Clavin} off their infectious "Carter" 7" (2011).

MP3: Think Of You

check out the great new carefree, cruising music video for Think Of You, directed by Lana Kim & Jennifer Clavin.

the "Carter" 7" is available from Art Fag, or you can grab it digitally from itunes.

you can find Bleached here: myspace | facebook | hellobleached


check out the fantastic Yvonne Rainer meets Jane Fonda-style dance/performance video with great use of karaoke text for Chairlift's infectious single Amanaemonesia, directed by Caroline Polachek and Tom Hines.

251. IT ...

It had been raining - the first real spring rain 
of the year had fallen - a bright spangle hung
on everything, and the air smelled of buds and
moist earth.

{Katherine Mansfield, Feuille d'Album}

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


let your ears soak up this stunning, atmospheric, incantatory, The Knife-esque, epic synth pop divination, Morfeo from Mexico City-based electro pop/rock outfit Disco Ruido off their new "Morfeo" EP (2011).

Morfeo has a delicious blend of fuzzed-out rhodes piano et warm, pulsing, blipped-out 'analog' synths, enjoy!

MP3: Morfeo

et here's a wonderful reinterpretation of The Beatles' You Know My Name (Look Up The Number):

Mrs.Love by discoruido
check out the stunning desolate, cinematic visuals for Morfeo, with subtle, yet disquieting visual effects, directed by Beto Hinojosa for Tigre Pictures.

the "Morfeo" EP is currently available for free from Disco Ruido's site here, the track originally featured on the fantastic "Sistema Solar" (2010) album, which is available digitally from itunes.

there are also tonnes of tracks/remixes on their soundcloud page too!

you can find Disco Ruido here: myspace | facebook | discoruido


check out the playfully anarchistic music video for Wild Flag's latest single Romance, directed by Tom Scharpling.

250. LAST ...

Last night I burned all my plays and poetry.

{Woody Allen, Selections From The Allen Notebooks}

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


it's time to wind down et mellow out with some sublimely textured, achingly delicate et ephemeral fragments of introspective et idiosyncratic, cosmos-gazing ruminations. [I] Softly, We Go.. is from Charlottesville, Virginia-based ambient/electro experimentalist Nathan Broaddus aka Evenings off his exquisite new album "Lately" (2011).

MP3: [I] Softly, We Go..

also check out these two stunning tracks that Broaddus has just re-released on his soundcloud, both tracks featured on his outstanding debut "North Dorm" EP (2010):

Evenings-Friend by Evenings

et also:

Evenings-Babe by Evenings
if you like what you hear, then i'd urge you to get a hold of the brilliant self-released "Lately" album, it's available for digital download from bandcamp!

et for those who haven't heard Evenings mesmerizing debut "North Dorm" EP, i'd also strongly recommend getting hold of it here!

hopefully someone nice label/individual will come along with a pot of money et give these incredible recordings a much deserved vinyl release!

you can find Evenings here: myspace | facebook 

249. I ...

I love living, moving.

{Anaïs Nin, Diary Vol One 1931-34}

Monday, September 5, 2011


next up is the maundering, hypnotically murky, jangly, tribal-laced lament Love, from LA-based folkgaze outfit The Noctures off their new album "Aokigahara" (2011).

for fans of Warpaint et Bobby ... enjoy!

MP3: Love

the wonderfully dreamy "Aokigahara" album is available digitally for free from bandcamp, so you can take a listen before you grab it.

you can find The Nocturnes here: myspace | facebook 

248. NIGHT ...

Night has entered, smooth, hesitant.

{Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea}

Sunday, September 4, 2011


here's a healthy dose of deliciously, fuzzed-out, hazy, hook-laden, sun-baked, bumble-gum pop goodness. Telephone is from Worcester, Massachusetts-based indie-pop misfits Dom off their infectious new "Family Of Love" EP (2011).

you've gotta adore the manic, skitzed-out, off-kilter keyboard riff on Telephone, it's reminiscent of The Clean's early, wonderfully quirky, organ-laced tunes, like on their debut single Tally Ho. enjoy!

MP3: Telephone

i'd recommend getting your hands on the delightful "Family Of Love" EP from Insound on cd or lp! otherwise it is available digitally from Amazon or itunes.

if you want to hear more then you can listen to the entire EP on Dom's soundcloud page!

you can find Dom here: myspace | facebook | wearedom


check out the awesome new playful, angst-ridden, white-thrash parody video for The Coathangers latest single Trailer Park Boneyard, directed by Mike Moore for Studio 8.

247. POSSIBLY ...

Possibly something might be done to
further the project after all.

{Anne Brontë, Agnes Grey}

Saturday, September 3, 2011


feeling numb? need some inspiration? well here's the invigorating & gorgeously lilting, plinky-plucky, rousing new single This Is The Beginning from Hamburg/Zürich-based folk-pop duo Boy {Valeska Steiner & Sonja Glass} off their delightful debut album "Mutual Friends" (2011).

"Get on the buses,
learn numbers and names
Your eyes are the camera,
your heart is the frame
Hum a new song
as you walk down the streets,
Soon they'll be full with friends
and memories."

MP3: This Is The Beginning

et here is the fantastically feisty lead single off the album; 

MP3: Little Numbers

take a look at the deliciously summery et dizzily euphoric performance video for Little Numbers, directed by Meeto Grevsen.

the "Mutual Friends" album is out now on Groenland Records on cd.

you can find Boy here: myspace | facebook | listentoboy


check out the tripped-out, vhs-smeared, mystical-imbibed experimental music video for Sleep ∞ Over's latest single Casual Diamonds, directed by Christine Aprile.

246. LITTLE ...

Little by little, hearing became my favourite sense;
for just as it is the voice that reveals the inwardness
which is incommensurable with the outer, so the ear
is the instrument whereby that inwardness is grasped,
hearing the sense by which it is appropriated.

{Søren Kiergegaard, Either/Or: A Fragment of Life}

Friday, September 2, 2011


here's the latest ultra-infectious, peppy, jangle-laden, twee-tinged, rueful pop epiphany Book Of Revelation, from Brooklyn-based indie/surf pop/rock revelers The Drums off their hotly anticipated sophomore album "Portamento" (2011).

MP3: Book Of Revelation

et here is the brilliant lead single from the new album:

MP3: Money

check out the curiously off-kilter music video for Money, directed by M. Blash.

the stunning "Portamento" album is set for release september 13th, it is available for pre-order from Insound or Rough Trade on cd & lp! otherwise you can get it digitally from itunes.

the entire album is currently streaming on 3voor12, so take a listen!

you can find The Drums here: myspace | facebook | thedrums


take a look at the new unabashedly retrogressive, forest-dwelling, nostalgia-tripping video for Veronica Falls latest single Bad Feeling, directed by Philippa Bloomfield.

245. SHE ...

She had never known it to be so silent before. 

{Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden}

Thursday, September 1, 2011


if you're down in the dumps et need a sonic pick me up then here is the perfect remedy, the gorgeously effervescent, euphoria-swirling, spirit-rousing, mellifluous title track Yr Not Alone, from Brooklyn-based indie folk/pop artist Cat Martino off her eagerly anticipated sophomore album "Yr Not Alone" (2011).

Yr Not Alone features the vocal accompaniment/harmonies of Sufjan Stevens, with whom Martino has collaborated/performed live with. enjoy!

MP3: Yr Not Alone

the "Yr Not Alone" album is scheduled for release in the fall, i will give more specific details when they surface.

you can find Cat Martino here: facebook | catmartino

244. THE ...

The reader is the space on which all the quotations
that make up a writing are inscribed without any of
them being lost; a text's unity lies not in its origin
but in its destination.

{Roland Barthes, The Death of the Author}