Thursday, March 31, 2011


here's another fantastic Spanish pop gem {sung in Catalan}, Cançó de l'Alba from Barcelona-based indie folk/pop minimalists Bedroom off their album "El Fum Blanc" (2011).

Cançó de l'Alba is a haunting et magical track tinged with melancholy, it's like being lost at sea, drifting aimlessly with the currents, floating on your back, gazing up at the changing sky, the gliding birds, letting the undulating waves gently move your body up et down, a strangely soothing, rocking sensation, long buried memories come flooding back, tears begin to run down your face ... Cançó de l'Alba is a deeply moving et resonant listening experience, one to be savored! enjoy!

MP3: Cançó de l'Alba

it is becoming very clear that Spanish surrealism is alive et well, perhaps not so much in cinema, but there are an increasing number of remarkable ultra-hip, surrealistic music videos coming out of Spain of late {La Bien Querida's Hoy, El Guincho's Bombay to name two exceptional clips, both by the awesome production company CANADA}. so do yourself a favour et check out the stunning music video for Cançó de l'Alba directed by Ramón Ayala {Compañía Volcánica}, the video is an interesting mix/influence of Magritte, Godard, Tarkovsky, Jarmusch, Arcimboldo, Bas Jan Ader et of course Bunuel! enjoy!

the "El Fum Blanc" album is available from Foehn Records on cd or lp! et it is available digitally online at itunes ...

you can find Bedroom here: myspace | bandcamp | lastfm

90. OUTSIDE ...

Outside my studio door, in my garden, 
is a tree that has always been a symbol of 
facing life, and in many ways is a dancer.

{Martha Graham, I Am A Dancer}

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


here's a blissed-out, indie pop track i discovered recently, So High from Austin-based noise-pop/shoegaze revelers Ringo Deathstarr off their new album "Colour Trip" (2011).

So High is a euphoric, MBV-tinged, indie pop anthem, fluttering, shimmery synths awaken us from early morning slumber, a jingly-jangly acoustic guitar strums away, swaying from side-to-side, while a fuzzy, reverb-laden electric guitar drones away, add to the mix psyched-out, fluffy, saccharine girl/boy vocals that float atop puffy white clouds the shape of butterflies, if you can resist singing along to the super catchy refrain then you are surely a robot et in danger of self-destructing!

this is one track that certainly begs the phrase short et sweet! So High will leave you on cloud nine with a stupid grin on your face!

MP3: So High

et here is the latest blazing, dreamy, shoegaze-laden single from the album:

MP3: Two Girls

et here is a hazy, blissed-out track from the album "Sparkler" (2009).

MP3: Summertime

check out the psyched-out, 80s effects-laden music video for So High directed by Cassandra Lee Hamilton.

et here is the gothed-out, trashy, sexploitation "home video" for Two Girls by Alex Gehring, Kathleen Carmichael, Maggie Martine, Emma Blauer, and Agadsa.

the "Colour Trip" album is available digitally from itunes or cd from Club AC30, who will also be releasing the album on vinyl on April 25th, pre-orders will be shipped April 18th!

you can find Ringo Deathstarr here: lastfm | facebook

89. I ...

"I don't know who's up there and I don't care."

{Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood}

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


next up is an uber-catchy, jangly, 80s-stained track I Told You So, from Miami-based noise-pop experimentalist Teepee {Eric Lopez-Zareno} off his brilliant self-released debut album "Morals" (2011).

"I told you so / I told you so / I told you so
Don't stand under that / Don't stand under that / Don't stand under that tree"

I Told You So is a delirious, minimal wave-tinged, guitar-pop anthem, i have to admit i was won over as soon as i heard the infectious, warm bassline et raw, jangly guitar riff, which instantly evoked fond memories of classic Flying Nun artists, like The Clean {Point That Thing Somewhere Else}, et when Lopez-Zareno's fuzzed-out, reverb-laden vocals kick-in, with his absurd, witty, mantric lyrics i was hooked. one can't help but think of David Kilgour, especially when Lopez-Zareno croons away on the bridge, leading up to his bitter resolve: "Don't lean on me when you need a / body to cry on / I told you so / I told you / many times."

there are times when i am truly thankful for digital music, this is one of them, if this was a 7" or cassette single it would be completely worn out et stretched to s#*t! I Told You So is a ridiculously catchy track that lingers in your head for days, i am constantly finding myself randomly repeating the lines: "Don't touch Mary / She's got a disease" in inappropriate places, a cheeky grin transforms on my face when i realise what i'm saying. it's lucky i don't know any one named Mary or it might prove rather awkward ... enjoy!

MP3: I Told You So

i would strongly recommend heading over to the Teepee bandcamp et checking out his remarkable debut album, "Morals" it is available digitally, et currently free, the deluxe edition no less! there is also a limited edition 12" ebony black vinyl version available from Senzei Records, very tempting!

you can check out Teepee here: myspace | teepeesounds | lastfm | bandcamp

88. UNDER ...

Under this mask, another mask.

{Claude Cahun}

Monday, March 28, 2011


here's a brilliant, infectious et playful lo-fi track, 1 2 3 Just Kiss Me from bedroom/dream pop duo Joy and Revolution {Jonathan & Sierra} off their latest "Forgotten Youth" album (2011).

1 2 3 Just Kiss Me is an ultra lo-fi, dreamy, mantra for young love, the cheeky lyrics are like a children's playground rhyme, to be chanted while skipping rope or during elaborate hand-clapping games, it can also be recited while alone in your bedroom, 1 2 3 Just Kiss Me acts as an incantation to make any cute boy/girl fall in love with you, just repeat the following:

"1 2 3 just kiss me / 1 2 3 just text me / 1 2 3 just sex me / 
1 2 3 / 1 2 3 / 1 2 3 just love me / 1 2 3 just kiss me ..."

that should do the trick!

MP3: 1 2 3 Just Kiss Me

here is another awesome track off the album

MP3: Why Won't You Sing

et here is a stunning noise-pop track from the "Hymn Her Her Hymn" EP (2010):

MP3: The Morning Lights (Let Me Know)

the "Forgotten Youth" album is available digitally online from bandcamp or lastfm

check out Joy and Revolution here: myspace | lastfm | joyjoyjoyrevolution

87. WE ...

We said nothing; sunk in reverie, we let ourselves
be carried away, flying off on this furious course.

{Lautréamont, Les Chants de Maldoror}

Sunday, March 27, 2011


next up is an awesomely euphoric, tropical-tinged, psyched-out track Spirit or Something? from Brooklyn based indie/psych rock trio Monogold off their impressive debut album "The Softest Glow" (2011).

MP3: Spirit or Something?

i can't resist including this incredible, blissed-out track

MP3: Feel Animal

et here's an amazing track from Monogold's stunning self-released/produced "We Animals" EP (2009).

MP3: Foxgloves

i'd highly recommend getting hold of "The Softest Glow" album, it's available digitally online from Bandcamp et itunes.

check out Monogold here: myspace | lastfm

86. THE ...

The trees have kept some lingering sun in their branches

{Renée Vivien, The Touch}

Saturday, March 26, 2011


here's a stunningly beautiful, hazy dream pop track i've been meaning to post for some time, Into Black from Portland based, gloomy, indie pop trio Blouse off their forthcoming "Into Black/Firestarter" 7" (2011).

"I wanna watch you fade into ..."

Blouse singer Charlie Hilton's soft dreamy vocals et swirling, blissed-out harmonies guide us through the hazy, broody atmosphere that haunts Into Black, an infectious, jangly guitar riff noodles away while a throbbing bassline et reverb-laden stomping/splashing drums pump a steady rhythmic stream into the track. i'm hanging out for Blouse's debut album which has been set for release on Captured Tracks around July. until then enjoy these tracks!

MP3: Into Black

et here is an older more upbeat indie pop track:

MP3: Shadow

the "Into Black/Firestarter" 7" gets released on Captured Tracks march 29th, the first 400 copies will be on white/black marble vinyl, so be in quick! et stay tuned for more news on the full length cd/lp to be released on Captured Tracks!

you can check out Blouse here: lastfm | bandcamp | facebook

85. AGAIN ...

Again I was seized with that bizarre intoxication.

{Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Venus In Furs}

Friday, March 25, 2011


here is the brilliant new track from legendary lo-fi folksmith Bill Callahan {formerly Smog}, Baby's Breath is from his much anticipated forthcoming album "Apocalypse" (2011).

"oh, young girl / at the wedding / baby's breath / in her hair ..."

Callahan's trademark idiosyncratic, warm, raspy baritone voice is back with the slow building, nostalgic, americana epic, Baby's Breath. this is one captivating, lyrical et tragic ballad, there is some truly stunning bluesy guitar work here, heightened with sparse percussion et atmospheric distorted/wailing electric guitar drone.

Baby's Breath is an incredibly cinematic track, it conjures up sublime cinemascope images from an epic, existential, revisionist western made by Michael Mann or Terrence Malick, with Vilmos Zsigmond {McCabe & Mrs. Miller} as the cinematographer.

"Yes, now i know / you must reap what you sow / ... or sing"

the cover art is from a painting by Paul Ryan called Apocalypse at Mule Ears Peak, Big Bend National Park in West Texas.

MP3: Baby's Breath

"Apocalypse" gets released by Drag City on April 19th, available on cd/lp!

you can find Bill Callahan here: lastfm | dragcity | permanentsmile

84. IF ...

If we continue to speak the same language to 
each other, we will reproduce the same story.

{Luce Irigaray, When Our Lips Speak Together}

Thursday, March 24, 2011


this is very much after the fact but anyways this next track is from a band i've only just discovered, UK three-piece, lo-fi grrrl group Pens, who unfortunately called it quits last year, so here is the awesome single High in the Cinema off their debut album "Hey Friend, What You Doing?" (2009).

"Three girls and a £1 microphone" 

High in the Cinema is a delightfully infectious, energetic et euphoric, scuzzed-out diy anthem, this is a great song to thrash when you're home alone et feel like a spazzed-out, cardiovascular workout! enjoy!

MP3: High in the Cinema

et here is the fantastically titled single off their last 7" release from 2010.

MP3: You Only Love Me When I Tell You I'm Wrong

check out the awesome psyched-out music video for  High in the Cinema directed by Daniel Swan.

you can still get the "Hey Friend, What You Doing?" album et "Love Rules/You Only Love Me When I Tell You I'm Wrong" split 7", they are available from De Stijl Records on vinyl et digitally online at itunes.

et you can find the remnants of Pens here: myspace | lastfm

83. KNOWING ...

Knowing almost all there was to know about poverty
and how purulent it is, I now saw it silhouetted beneath
the moon, projected like a shadow-play in the shadow
of the leaves.

{Jean Genet, The Thief's Journal}

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


here's a brilliant new 80s-laced, romantic-tinged, shimmering synth pop gem For the Ages, this is the latest offering from Seattle-based indie-pop outfit Craft Spells {primarily Justin Paul Vallesteros}, from their eagerly anticipated debut album "Idle Labor" (2011).

For the Ages is a perfect blend of forlorn, melancholy crooning et uplifting, bright, glassy synths et minimal drum machine beats, there is also a stunning use of a jangly, reverb-laden banjo during the blissed-out, rousing instrumental bridge. at times Vallesteros' choked up vocals sound like Bowie, as he mournfully declares: "Even though our love has died / you're still mine / you're still mine ...". enjoy!

one can't help but read into the cover art for "Idle Labor" as a reference or homage of sorts to New Orders iconic "Power, Corruption & Lies" cover, curiously that album starts with the sublime, bittersweet track Age of Consent, which is very similar to For the Ages which starts "Idle Labor", another nod perhaps.

MP3: For the Ages

the "Idle Labor" album is tantalizingly close to release, it will be available from Captured Tracks March 29th on cd or ltd lp! et will drop April 11th from Piccadilly Records, you will also be able to grab it digitally online from itunes.

check out my other Craft Spells post here

you can find Craft Spells here: myspace | facebook | craftspells

82. THERE ...

There are mosquitos in the grass
and wasps in the lemon tree.

{emily dobson, a box of bees}

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


next up is a languid, hazy track Harsh Realm from Brooklyn based dreamy, garage pop three-piece Widowspeak off their new "Harsh Realm/Burnout" 7" (2011).

"I always think about you ..."

MP3: Harsh Realm

the "Harsh Realm/Burnout" 7"is available from Captured Tracks or digitally online from itunes.

check out Widowspeak here: myspace | lastfm | bandcamp 

81. FOR ...

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
it's always ourselves we find in the sea

{e.e. cummings, selected poems 1923-58}

Monday, March 21, 2011


here's an awesome, frenetic et angular track i stumbled upon today, Fishing With Lolita from Lambeth based all-grrrl experimental punk outfit Woolf, it's off the "Trash Kit/Woolf" split 7" (2011).

besides having a very cool song title, Fishing With Lolita is an ultra short, totally infectious track that packs a real wallop, it plays out as a kind of cathartic mantra, this is music fueled by joy et rage in equal parts. Woolf's experimental blend of punk rock is reminiscent of frenetic no-wave artists like Teenage Jesus & The Jerks et post-punk legends The Slits. i'm definitely looking forward to hearing more euphoric, angst-laden, "riot grrrl" noise from these ladies!

MP3: Fishing With Lolita

et here is Woolf's latest offering:

MP3: Witch

check out the great chewed-up, vhs music video for Fishing With Lolita directed by Andrew Collings.

the "Trash Kit/Woolf" split 7" is available from from Milk Records or Rough Trade.

check out Woolf here: myspace | lastfm | bandcamp | facebook

80. SHE ...

She rushed to get her polaroid camera from the wardrobe.

{Emmanuele Bernheim, Sa Femme}

Sunday, March 20, 2011


here's a stunning track that casts a warm nostalgic glow, The Heron and the Fox from Montreal-based indie folk/pop artist Little Scream {Laurel Sprengelmeyer} off her forthcoming debut album "The Golden Record" (2011). 

MP3: The Heron and the Fox

et here is a "live" performance of The Heron and the Fox

"The Golden Record" gets released on cd and lp april 4th on Secretly Canadian

you can find Little Scream here: myspace | littlescream | lastfm

79. IT ...

It was no dream.

{Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis}

Saturday, March 19, 2011


next up is a startlingly beautiful et beguiling track, City Bird from Manchester based Californian indie-folk songstress Jesca Hoop off her forthcoming "Snowglobe" EP (2011).

Hoop's voice is utterly enchanting, City Bird is a languorous, dreamy, sultry tale, at times sounding like an old sea shanty. there are echoes of Joanna Newsom et Chan Marshall {Cat Power} lingering in these sparse, haunting, soulful tracks. enjoy!

MP3: City Bird

here are a few tracks from Jesca Hoop's outstanding album "Hunting My Dress" (2009).

MP3: Whispering Light 

MP3: Feast of the Heart

the "Snowglobe" EP is released April 4th . if you haven't already i would strongly urge you to check out Hoop's "Hunting My Dress" album, available online from itunes

you can find Jesca Hoop here: myspace | lastfm | jescahoop

78. THIS ...

This girl's face is brown shadowed
impassive as a jug; it is under
her hands over her shoulder
that the song takes place

{Joanna Paul, Music at Marama}

Friday, March 18, 2011


here is a stunning, broody electro pop track that i stumbled upon recently, He Didn't Want A Love Song from an artist/duo/group that is shrouded in anonymity at this stage, rumored to originate from the Isle of Man, et going by the curious moniker: just a number 05272011, i'm sure you can read all kinds of conspiracy theories into this number/date, but one thing is for sure, these musical numerologists are very adept at crafting mesmerizingly epic electro-pop!

putting aside obvious similarities to a certain legendary et highly distinctive sounding Swedish electro-pop group(s), Just A Number 05272011 have certainly got our attention, it will be very interesting to see/hear what surfaces next, for now i guess we can but keep close tabs on a certain numbered twitter account et thrash the hell out of these two awesome tracks!

MP3: He Didn't Want A Love Song

et here is the latest track to surface

MP3: Pain

check out the stark, atmospheric music video for He Didn't Want A Love Song

et here is the stroboscopic, mash-up, pixelated music video for the latest track Pain

you can find Just A Number 05272011 here: twitter | vimeo

77. FOR ...

For the delectation of his mind and the delight of his eyes
he had decided to seek out evocative works which would
transport him to some unfamiliar world, point the way to 
new possibilities, and shake up his nervous system by means
of erudite fancies, complicated nightmares, suave and sinister

{J. K. Huysmans, Against Nature}

Thursday, March 17, 2011


next up is a beautiful, poignant, 60s-tinged Spanish pop song, the stunning single Hoy, from Madrid based indie-pop artist La Bien Querida {singer/songwriter Ana Fernandez-Villaverde} off her new album "Fiesta" (2011).

"There are things I wish I didn’t know / 
and all the things you know I don’t want to understand / 
but today I’m going to see you again / 
I decided to start to love you again."

Hoy features some wonderful instrumental arrangements, a maudlin, folksy violin sets the tone, while a resilient, pounding drum beat pumps blood through the track, but it is Fernandez-Villarde's smooth, wistful vocals/harmonies that are the heart et soul of the song, they resonate deeply, capturing our attention. one gets the impression she is putting on a brave face, which brings me to the point, it is not essential you understand Spanish to appreciate what Fernandez-Villarde is feeling, her emotional state-of-mind is expressed through her achingly beautiful voice et music cues, however it is a shame to miss out on her poignant lyrics.

MP3: Hoy

et here is a stand-out track from La Bien Querida's debut album "Romancero" (2009).

MP3: De Momento Abril

you should check out the brilliant video for Hoy directed by Luis Cervero.

the "Fiesta" album is available online from itunes or Elephant Records on cd or lp!

if you like what you hear and you happened to miss La Bien Querida's stunning debut "Romancero" (2009), then i strongly recommend getting hold of it, you can find it online at itunes or Elephant Records.

you can find La Bien Querida here: myspace | lastfm

76. YET ...

Yet we continue to live despite all our suffering.

{Lady Sarashina, As I Crossed A Bridge Of Dreams}

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


here's a great up-tempo indie-pop track, I Want The Lights On After Dark from Vancouver based dream-pop/shoegaze duo Memphis {Torquil Campbell from Stars & Chris Dumont} off their new album "Here Comes A City" (2011). 

I Want The Lights On After Dark has a blissed-out, warm, nostalgic sound, it's dripping in what has become instantly recognisable as that, oh so distinctly smooth et upbeat A&C sound. the stomping rhythm brings to mind Chin Up Chin Up's classic track Collide.

MP3: I Want The Lights On After Dark 

the "Here Comes A City" album is available online from Arts & Crafts on cd, mp3/flac or lp!

you can find Memphis here: myspace | arts&crafts | lastfm

75. GOOD ...

Good morning sadness. 

{Paul Eluard, A peine défigureée}

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


next up is the wonderfully wistful track I Wrote A Song from Reykjavík indie-folk girl group Pascal Pinon {primarily twin-sisters Jófrídur & Ásthildur} from their self-titled album "Pascal Pinon" (2010).

MP3: I Wrote A Song

et here are a couple other great singles from the album:

MP3: Árstíðir

MP3: New Beginning

i strongly recommend getting your hands on this sublime album, "Pascal Pinon" is available online from itunes or you can get it from ANOST on vinyl or cd.

you can find Pascal Pinon here: myspace | lastfm | pascalpinon | moormusic

74. WHEN ...

When the words come, they are merely 
empty shells without the music.

{Hildegard von Bingen}

Monday, March 14, 2011


here's a wonderful twee-pop track, No Fun from Vancouver based indie-pop girl group Brave Irene {featuring the awesome talents of Rose Melberg, from The Softies}, off their forthcoming self-titled debut "Brave Irene" EP (2011).

Longest Day is fuzzed-out, saccharine, twee-pop at its dreamiest, filled with blissed-out vocals et laid back instrumentation, including a catchy, whimsical, whirring organ melody.

MP3: No Fun

et here is another great indie pop gem from the album:

MP3: Longest Day

the "Brave Irene" album drops on March 15th on Slumberland Records, it will be available on 12" vinyl, cd et as digital download.

you can check out Brave Irene here: myspace | lastfm | slumberlandrecords

73. THE ...

The girl stands with her arms stretched 
like wings over the necks of two horses.

{J.M. Coetzee, Waiting for the Barbarians}

Sunday, March 13, 2011


next up is a track i've been meaning to post for sometime, here is Ghosting from Boston bedroom pop artist Young Minds {Jim Hewitt} from his "Imago Demos" (2010). 

Ghosting is a catchy, 80s-tinged, dreamy, teen-angst anthem. ambient synth wash, murky, jangly twee-pop guitar hooks, minimal, kick/splat drum machine beat, hazy, angst-ridden, reverb-laden vocals. definitely brings to mind the haunting et personal, bedroom pop of Her Space Holiday. 

MP3: Ghosting

et here is Young Minds' latest offering: 

MP3: Change of Pace

check out the new video for Ghosting, which utilises footage from Chris Marker's Sans Soleil (1983), created by Sebastian Rozenberg, released by the Swedish outfit Look.

you can currently download the "Imago Demos" EP for free from Young Minds' bandcamp site.

you can find Young Minds here: lastfm | bandcamp | youngmindsband | facebook

72. I ...

I sing because the moment exists
and my life is complete.

{Cecília Meireles, Motivo}

Saturday, March 12, 2011


here is an absolutely stunning track i discovered recently, Fly Away from LA based indie-folk singer/songwriter Steffaloo {Stephanie Thompson}.

"one day i'll write a song that isn't filled with lovelorn angst.. 
until then, here's this."

on that note, sit back, let the soft breeze of tape hiss wash over you, et enjoy Steffalloo's warm, soothing et enchanting voice.

MP3: Fly Away (2011).

here is a brand new breathtaking track from Steffallo that i found on the Mexican site Matinée as Hell

MP3: Just Strangers (2011).

et here is a blissful track with an endearing et carefree ukulele for your listening pleasure:

MP3: Next Time I See You (2010).

at this stage there is no official EP or album available, but there are just a handful of wonderful singles available for download from Steffaloo's bandcamp page.

you can find Steffaloo here: bandcamp | steffaloo | lastfm 

71. MY ...

My brain felt like a crazy cloud of grasshoppers
jumping over one another across a field.

{Woody Guthrie, Bound for Glory}

Friday, March 11, 2011


here's a fantastic new artist i discovered while strolling the net in search of something fresh et delicious to listen to, well i came upon something that certainly got my attention, this catchy-as-hell, sombre et broody synth-pop track, Found Out from uber-talented Brooklyn based bedroom indie/electro-pop artist Computer Magic {Danielle ‘Danz’ Johnson} off her forthcoming "Electronic Fences" 12" (2011).

"I never listen to a thing / cause i found out ..."

Found Out has an enchanting scandinavian indie pop feel to it, simple, well-crafted, elegant melodies, artful, 80s-tinged instrumentation et endearingly dreamy et wistful female vocals. Johnson manages to be both gloomy et doleful as well as bright et uplifting, with her deliriously catchy refrain. in a short time she has managed to successfully develop her own unique blend of well-crafted, catchy indie/electro pop music, which at present, seems to be pouring out of her freely, you'll be glad you found out about Computer Magic after one listen!

there are echoes of Broadcast on this track ... enjoy!

MP3: Found Out

here is a great foot pounding dance-wave track from Computer Magic's latest offering "Spectronic" EP (2011), available for free download on her website here.

MP3: The End of Time

et here is another awesome track from the "Hiding From Our Time" EP (2010), also available for free download on Danz's website here. there is an earlier spacey, lo-fi version of Found Out on this EP, which is interesting to compare.

MP3: Teenage Ballad (High School)

Computer Magic’s "Electronic Fences" 12" comes out March 15th on LA's White Iris Records.

in the meantime i would strongly recommend heading over to the Computer Magic website et grabbing these brilliant et infectious EPs, you will not be sorry!

you can also stream many of these tracks on the Computer Magic soundcloud page.

check out Computer Magic here: myspace | facebook | thecomputermagic

70. AND ...

And there I was, surrounded by the darkness, 
being carried farther and farther from my home.

{Banana Yoshimoto, Lizard}

Thursday, March 10, 2011


next up is a great laid back, pysched-out, bossa nova-tinged pop track Under Crooked Trees, from Virginia-based psych-pop duo Birdlips {Lindsay Pitts & Cliff Usher} off their debut album "One Tongue" (2011).

dreamy female/male vocals/harmonies merge together with wonderfully quirky instrumentation, Under Crooked Trees is like a sublime daydream you don't want to wake up from.

MP3: Under Crooked Trees

check out the cute video for Under Crooked Trees, directed by Billy Hunt.

you can find Birdlips here: myspace | bandcamp | birdlips | birdlipsbloglips

69. NOTHING ...

Nothing in this existence but that existence. 

{Rumi, Selected Poems}

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


here's a fantastically epic, synth-laden glam rock-tinged track Waiting For Nothing from Vancouver's minimal wave/gloom-pop trio Terror Bird off the just released limited four track "Waiting For Nothing" 7" (2011). 

Waiting For Nothing is broody glam-pop at its best, dark, gritty, pulsing synths surge away dramatically while an epic staccato guitar riff chugs away, punching drums kick in, adding urgency, the high priestess of gloom-pop, Nikki Never materializes from a cloud of smoke, her electrifying vocals springing forth from the murky, darkness, like a banshee risen from the glam-rock graveyard, she bellows out the epic refrain with soulful fervor, her hypnotic voice acting simultaneously as beacon et warning signal, who among us is strong enough to resist her mesmerizing charm.

the 7" cover art is by Terror Bird singer Nikki Never.

MP3: Waiting For Nothing

the "Waiting For Nothing" 7" is now available from London boutique label Verculamium Records, it is limited to 500 copies on brown vinyl et also includes a digital download version, grab it while you still can!

you can check out Terror Bird here: myspace | lastfm

68. SHE ...

She wanted to know what thoughts she would have after 
a few months, after a few years without speaking a word.

{Celine Curiol, Voice Over}

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


here's an insanely infectious pop track, Friend Crush from hot new Brooklyn indie pop outfit Friends, off their debut "Friend Crush" 7" (2011).

Friend Crush delivers super catchy, sassy et magnetic vocals from lead singer Samantha Urbani, fat, thumping, reverb-laden drums, an awesome spaced-out, synthy guitar riff et a great funked-out, throbbing bassline hook, what more could you possibly want, enjoy!

MP3: Friend Crush

the "Friend Crush" 7" is currently available digitally online from bandcamp, the 7" vinyl will be released 21st March on London label Lucky Number Music, limited to 500!

you can check out Friends here: myspace | luckynumbermusic | facebook

67. HE ...

He composed a twelve-page letter full of lyrical outbursts
and appeals; but he tore it up, and did nothing, 
attempted nothing, paralysed by the fear of failure.

{Gustave Flaubert, Sentimental Education}

Monday, March 7, 2011


next up is a great dreamy, synthed-out, glitchy nu-gaze track which just got a new lease of life, The Bouncing Wall from LA based noise-pop/nu-gaze trio Autolux, which has been re-released digitally as the "The Bouncing Wall/Census" EP (2011).

recommended for fans of Sonic Youth, Blonde Redhead et Asobi Seksu ...

MP3: The Bouncing Wall

the "The Bouncing Wall/Cencus" EP is available online via tbd records or on itunes.

check out Autolux here: myspace | lastfm | autolux | tbdrecords

66. THE ...

The leaves lay in a bright gold blanket beneath the trees
and the sky was filled with white changing clouds.

{Carson McCullers, Reflections in a Golden Eye}

Sunday, March 6, 2011


this is a bit after the fact, but i've only just recently gotten round to listening to the mesmerising output of noise-pop/psych folk outfit Pocahaunted, so here is one of their wonderfully blissed-out, jangly swan-songs, Threshold from their 'final' release "Threshold" 7" (2010).

"Pocahaunted were the self-proclaimed 'Olsen twins of blissed out drone'"

Pocahaunted were primarily the awesome talents of Amanda Brown aka LA Vampires et Bethany Cosentino aka Best Coast, who is not featured on Threshold , but you can check out her wailing et chanting on the stunningly epic Ashes in White, an early Pocahaunted "hypnogagic pop" track i'm also posting.

MP3: Threshold 

et here are a few classic tracks for those not familiar with Pocahaunted to get you hooked!

MP3: Ashes in White {from "Island Diamonds" (2008)}

MP3: Make it Real {from "Make It Real" (2010)}

if you like what you hear, you can find most of the Pocahaunted albums, EPs et singles online from itunes or at NotNotFun.

check out Pocahaunted here: myspace | notnotfun | lastfm

65. THEN ...

Then, afterwards ... but what sadness in it all.

{Robert Pinget, Baga}

Saturday, March 5, 2011


this remarkable next track is one i thankfully stumbled upon recently over at No Fear of Pop, The Ready Dance from mysterious et brilliantly eccentric Swiss-born, Brooklyn bedroom pop/folk artist Birdie Hilltop {Pascal Troemel}.

just who/what is Birdie Hilltop? well, a bit of searching brought up the following facts about the entity known as Birdie Hilltop, his real name is Pascal Troemel, he describes himself as a one-man band, who has been making music since 2000, he has his own record label Eighth Nerve Records {8NR}, that is currently just a black pastel-rendered silhouette profile of a young man, he had a dog called Minnie, who lived to be 20 years old, whom is featured in his music video for the track Rosalia, et that 2009 was an incredibly prolific year for him, as he released several albums including his stunning The Sorrow album.

what we know first-hand from listening/experiencing Troemel's music is that he is an incredibly gifted songwriter et musician, The Ready Dance is a simple, bittersweet ballad ... dreamy, hazy, gentle whimsical with an endearingly wonky organ solo. i for one can't wait to see/hear what will come next from the enigmatic artist know as Birdie Hilltop.

MP3: The Ready Dance

you should definitely watch the awesome performance video for The Ready Dance, Birdie is crooning away in a rather plush looking bathtub, with fairy lights wrapped around him, it's a no-fi Peter Gabriel video.

also check out the stunning video for The Sorrow from Birdie Hilltop's album "The Sorrow" (2009).

you can find Birdie Hilltop here: myspace | lastfm | birdiehilltop

64. EVEN ...

Even then, in those early days when I first sensed the whys and 
wherefores of human life, even then a strange disbelief crept 
into me, a sense that everything was useless, that even love, 
maybe, might be in vain and empty.

{Milena Milani, The Story of Anna Drei}

Friday, March 4, 2011


next up is a super infectious, 80s tinged, synth-pop track, We Were Monsters from Vancouver/LA based minimal wave/'gloom-pop' trio Terror Bird {Nikki Never, Jeremiah Haywood & Bianca Karre} off their much anticipated debut full-length album "Human Culture" (2011).

MP3: We Were Monsters

here is another fantastic synth-pop track from the recent "Outside/When I Wake Up" 7" (2011), which is available from UK label Night School.

MP3: Outside

et have a listen to this deliriously gloomy early Terror Bird track from the "Shadows in the Halls" 7" (2010), currently still available from the French label Atelier Ciseaux, or Norman Records.

MP3: Shadows in the Halls

the "Human Culture" album is currently available on vinyl from Night-People/Adagio 830, i would definitely recommend getting your hands on this prize possession, with awesome cover art by Shawn Reed!

check out Terror Bird here: myspace | lastfm

63. AFTER ...

After a few days, having grown accustomed to her lips,
I did not think of any further delights.

{Raymond Radiguet, Devil in the Flesh}

Thursday, March 3, 2011


i totally missed the boat on this one, but better late than never, here's a piquant track to get the juices flowing, Ladder from Brighton/London noise pop duo Peepholes {Nick Carlisle & Katia Barrett} off their "Lair" EP (2010).

MP3: Ladder

here is a moody performance music video for Ladder, directed by Dan Nixon. check out Nixon's site to read his entertaining behind-the-scenes account of the video.

also check out this great experimental video for the track Airforce Trainer, from the split album "Kingdom/Paul the Record" {2010}. video directed by Katia Barrett et Ellen Feiss.

the "Lair" EP is available online from itunes, et you can grab the 12" version from hungryforpower

check out Peepholes here: myspace | lastfm | wearepeepholes

62. I ...

I dream of the day I am lying on the couch and
I simply dream.

{Paula Green, Map of the Places Where I Lie and Stand on Sunday Afternoon}

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


here is an absolutely stunning new track i happened upon yesterday et i can't stop playing it, Blood Fight from Norwegian avant-pop experimentalist Jenny Hval off her new solo album "Viscera" (2011).

Hval's mesmerising voice might sound familiar to some, she previously released albums as Rockettothesky, her spoken-word delivery style is reminiscent of Laurie Anderson. enjoy!

MP3: Blood Fight

et here is another sublime track from the album.

MP3: Silver Fox

check out the atmospheric b&w music video for Blood Fight, directed by Håvard Volden et Jenny Hval. it was filmed on the Hume Highway, traveling between Sydney et Melbourne.

et here is the video for How Gentle from the "Viscera" album, directed by Håvard Volden et Jenny Hval, filmed in Berlin et Victoria, Australia.

i can't recommend this album enough, you really need to get yourself a copy of "Viscera", out now from Rune Grammofon on cd or 2LP!/mp3, or available online from itunes. you can also find Hval's earlier albums as Rockettothesky on itunes, i would strongly advise listening to "Medea" (2008).

you can find Jenny Hval here: myspace | jennyhval | lastfm

61.MY ...

"My vocation is loving you - I'm not a painter, I'm a lover."

{Honoré de Balzac, The Unknown Masterpiece}

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


when it rains it pours, here is some more great music from Seattle, it's a track that's been around a while but has just been given another lease of life with the release of a new EP, Silver Screen, from talented Seattle electro-pop/chillwave duo Beat Connection {Jordan Koplowitz & Reed Juenger} from the "Silver Screen" EP (2011).

Silver Screen is a carefree, euphoric, sundazed electro-pop track, it's like a blissful day at the beach, not a cloud in the perfect azure sky, the sun glistening on the glassy, gently undulating ocean, you run full-speed down the beach to the water et do an improvised somersault, crashing into a breaking wave, what could be better than this, perhaps it's all a fanciful, fleeting daydream, but who cares, just enjoy it while it lasts!

faux pan pipes tottle away cheerfully, as a driving, thumping, house-y, bass slowly builds, continuing to pump blood into the track, while a myriad of savvy, pitch-shifted synths play delightfully vibrant melodies, plinky, bell riffs et electro blips all commingle ecstatically et swim around us, the tracks highlight is the super catchy, carefree, soulful Peter Gabriel-esque vocals et warm Beach Boys harmonies, which wash over us like a refreshing ocean spray.

MP3: Silver Screen

here are a couple more gloriously sundazed electro-pop tracks, with a splash of tropicana from the "Surf Noir" EP:

MP3: Sunburn

MP3: In the Water

et here is the new fuzzed-out, kaleidoscopic, retro music video for Silver Screen created/mashed up by Dumb Eyes.

also check out this great backyard, live performance video of Silver Screen by Alex Kummerow for Camp Revival:

you should definitely get your hands on the Beat Connection debut "Surf Noir" EP (2010), it will be re-released officially on Tender Age, april 11th, while the "Silver Screen" EP is out now on itunes.

check out Beat Connection here: myspace | lastfm | bandcamp | tenderage