Monday, October 31, 2011


surrender your ears et body to this next irresistibly catchy track, the epic, pulsing et writhing, hook-laden, reverb-swooning, hazy, narcotized, tranced-out, shoegazy hallucination, Mercurial, from Italian darkwave duo Schonwald {Luca Bandini & Alessandra Gismondi}. at this stage Mercurial is just a single, from a yet to be announced EP/LP?! will keep you posted on any new developments ... in the meantime you can put this track on infinite loop ... enjoy!!!

"I'm trying to get inside your mind
finding out your secret place."


you can find Schonwald here: myspace | facebook | twitter

304. SHE ...

She turned her eyes towards the rising stars.

{Andre Gide, Fruits of the Earth}

Sunday, October 30, 2011


here's the perfect track to compliment a bout of mopey Sunday blues, the hypnotically woozy, pysch-laced, deliriously lo-fi, droney et vibrating, mantric, spaced-out, stream of consciousness trance, Fountains from Northampton-based lo-fi, noise pop poetess Elaine Kahn aka Horsebladder off her brilliant new album "Not I'll Not" (2011).

"At first you're growing
then you start to shrink
Hand on my heart but,
face in the sink"

MP3: Fountains

et here is the hauntingly sublime closing track from the stunning "Nicole" tape (2010);

MP3: Go Away

the "Not I'll Not" album is out on Ecstatic Peace, you can get it on LP from Forced Exposure or Experimedia {limited to 300 copies worldwide, so get in quick!}. otherwise you can acquire it digitally from bandcamp, where you can also stream the entire album!

i'd also recommend trying to hunt down the "Nicole" tape, released on Night People, but unfortunately it is currently discontinued.

you can find Horsebladder here: myspace | facebook | scrappaperplates


take a look at the gorgeously vibrant et evocative, flower/nature tour-de-force for Witch Gardens' latest wistful garage pop single Goodbye Ball, the b-side to their forthcoming "Rain Delay/Goodbye Ball" 7" out on Highfives and Handshakes, it is available on 7" vinyl {edition of 300} or digital download via bandcamp. video directed by Gerardo "Reggie" Guerrero {of Abe Vigoda}.

the Goodbye Ball video is reminiscent of Marie Menken's magnificent film "Glimpse of the Garden" (1957). enjoy!

303. (MY ...

(My voice too careless
& the light too bright)

{Joanna Margaret Paul, At Your Visit}

Saturday, October 29, 2011


next up is a deeply affecting, acoustically-driven, poignant et plaintive, cathartic lament, Digging which comes from Warsaw, Poland-based indie folk/pop artist Tobiasz Biliński aka Coldair off his stunning new album "Far South" (2011).

Coldair could best be described as a Polish Phil Elverum {Microphones/Mount Eerie}, he similarly challenges himself to explore the nightmarish inner world of his troubled soul, et then exposes it to the world through emotionally rousing, melancholy-fueled tales. Biliński has even made a wonderful cover of the Mount Eerie, Julie Doiron & Fred Squire track Lost Wisdom, which you can listen to on Tobiasz's souncloud. enjoy!

the mesmerizing abstract cover art is by Warsaw based artist Zuza Golińska.

MP3: Digging

the "Far South" album is out now, you can buy/stream it digitally from bandcamp.

like what you hear, then you can check out Coldair's debut album "Persephone", which is available digitally for streaming/downloading from his bandcamp, go et check it out!

you can find Coldair here: facebook


ever wondered what happens to you if you stare at tv static in a darkened room for too long? well it's time to find out! prepare yourself for the mesmerizing new tripped-out, analog-warped, solarized b&w visuals for The Soft Moon's incredible title track Total Decay, off the new "The Soft Moon" EP, out on Captured Tracks. video directed by Ron Robinson.

302. THAT ...

That thought is not mine, he said to himself quickly.

{James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man}

Friday, October 28, 2011


well it's friday night {in this part of the world anyways} so i thought i'd offer up the latest single from Mississippi-based lo-fi, garage rock revelers Bass Drum Of Death {John Barrett & Colin Sneed}, the bombastic, distortion-bleeding, woozy, scuzzed-out slacker anthem I Dunno, which at present is just a demo single ... so stay tuned for further developments, in the meantime you're gonna wanna turn this one up really LOUD et thrash the hell out of it! enjoy!


if you haven't already i'd recommend getting hold of the infectious, stomp heavy "GB City" album, it's available from Fat Possum on cd or lp! or you can score it digitally from itunes.

check out my post for the rowdy single Get Found, if you haven't already ...

you can find Bass Drum Of Death here: myspace | facebook | bassdrumofdeath


get a load of the wickedly begrunged, tripped-out, 70s occult-themed, grindhouse music video for The Suzan's latest super-catchy jam Devils, directed by Brooklyn-based outfit Pomp&Clout.

301. PRECISELY ...

Precisely because the melancholy character is
haunted by death, it is melancholics who best
know how to read the world.

{Susan Sontag, Under the Sign of Saturn}

Thursday, October 27, 2011


have a listen to the gorgeously undulating, fuzzed-out, plinky, tremolo-quivering et tribal-laced, somber, nautical-themed tale of woe, Belong from Brooklyn-based indie folk/pop artist Caithlin de Marrais {former vocalist/bassist for Rainer Maria!} off her forthcoming sophomore album "Red Coats" (2011).

"Foolish heart
Reckless heart
oh, lover the wind
fair mistress is she
but I was the last to see
you belong to her."

lie back, close your eyes et let de Marrais' subdued, melancholy-tinged vocals wash over you like a fine sea mist! enjoy!

MP3: Belong

the "Red Coats" album comes out November 8th on End Up Records, it is available for pre-order on cd from Polyvinyl {let's hope a vinyl edition is in the works!}.

check out the wonderful video for Birds, if you haven't already.

you can find Caithlin de Marrais here: myspace | facebook | caithlindemarrais 


well here it is, the wonderfully disquieting et cinematic, angst-laden humour noir video for Casiokids' brilliant lead single Det Haster! off their infectious new album "Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen", out on Polyvinyl.  

Det Haster! features a mysterious youth cult that happens to have a very strange et rather "unhealthy" fixation with stuffed toys. directed by the uber-talented Norwegian director Kristoffer Borgli {whom one can deduce from his videos, also has a strange et "unhealthy" fixation with stuffed toys!}

Borgli's masterful Det Haster! video falls somewhere between the satirical sadism of Michael Haneke et the off-kilter, sub-culture exposés of Harmony Korine. there is also an enticing fascination with eccentric et transgressive playfulness/behaviour, perhaps the result of youthful ennui, that is reminiscent of Greek filmmakers Athina Rachel Tsangari et Yorgos Lanthimos, which heightens the tone, creating an underlying uneasiness et tension to the video. enjoy!!!

300. BUT ...

But you didn't realise then that when you lost 
that voice inside you, you'd end up all alone 
in an empty universe.

{Orhan Pamuk, Snow}

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


next up is the stunningly anthemic, 80s-soaked, shimmery et disorienting, new {order} wave-infused, lovelorn title track Kill For Love, from Portland-based synth-wave/pop outfit Chromatics off their eagerly anticipated new album "Kill For Love" (2011).

"In my mind I was waiting for change
While the world just stayed the same
Everybody's got a secret to hide
Everyone is slipping backwards"

MP3: Kill For Love

check out the wonderfully authentic looking, hazy, 80s-styled concert video for Kill For Love. directed by Alberto Rossini for Italians Do It Better Films.

the "Kill For Love" album is set for release in January on Italians Do It Better, they will be releasing the Kill For Love single on 12" vinyl with bonus tracks soon, but in the meantime it is out digitally on itunes.

you can find Chromatics here: myspace | facebook | vivaitalians


take a look at the ambitious new, ultra vivid, stop-frame city symphony for I Break Horses latest entrancing single Wired from their impressive debut album "Hearts", video directed by Alexander Southam>oof video.

299. FOR ...

For myself, it is nothing; I never think of myself.

{Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey}

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


have a listen to the the latest dose of fuzzed-out, lovelorn angst, the infectiously imploring et pining, Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks-esque, bluesy, garage pop jam, Searching Through The Past from LA-based garage-punk sister-duo Bleached off their forthcoming "Searching Through The Past" 7"(2011).

"Boy don't tell me I'm crazy."
recommended for fans of The Babies, Witch Gardens et Feathers  ... 

MP3: Searching Through The Past

check out the playful, sun-baked, 70s-styled music video for Searching Through The Past. video by Molly Schiot.

the "Searching Through The Past" 7" comes out December 6th on Suicide Squeeze, only 750 vinyl copies will be pressed (250 opaque red, et 500 black), so if you like what you hear then get in quick!

check out my post for Bleached's last scuzzed-out single Think Of You, if you haven't already.

you can find Bleached here: myspace | facebook | hellobleached


check out the fantastic new retro, baseball themed music video for Wild Flag's latest single Electric Band off their debut self-titled album. co-directed Andrew Ellmaker + Lara Gallagher.


Dostoyevsky couldn't spell either, 
look where he is today.

{Morris Lurie, Seven Books For Grossman}

Monday, October 24, 2011


next up is a lush et entrancing, blipped-out, 90s-tinged electro pop track, which has a wonderfully pithy title; Dying Hipster, it is from Oslo-based avant-leaning, electro-pop artist Torgny K. Amdam aka Torgny off the forthcoming "Oslo, 31. August"  EP (2011).

Dying Hipster features the gorgeously mellifluous, avant-pop vocal stylings of Marie Due.  enjoy!

"Oslo, 31. August" is the new film from Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier, who made his debut with the stunning film "Reprise" (2006). you can check out official trailer for "Oslo, 31. August" here.


the "Oslo, 31. August" 3-track EP is set for release on October 31st, more details to come. 

you can find Torgny here: myspace | facebook | torgny


Deliberately eschewing human contact, 
he chose continence, withdrawal, an abstract mood,
rather as others chose drink or sex.

{Han Suyin, The Four Faces}

Sunday, October 23, 2011


time to slow things down ... to a crawl. next up is the hypnotically woozy, writhing et throbbing, narcotized, dystopian softcore anthem Synthetik, from London-based, Melbourne electro pop duo HTRK {Jonnine Standish & Nigel Yang} off their mesmerizing debut album "Work (Work, Work)" (2011).

"Your love is so successful, it’s perfect, it’s synthetik
... smother my skirt, smother my blouse
perfect, successful"

the icy et eerie, metallicized guitar riff that haunts Synthetik is evocative {possibly even a sample} of Howard Shore's chillingly detached soundtrack for David Cronenberg's film "Crash" (1996), which fits the track perfectly. enjoy!

MP3: Synthetik

the "Work (work, work)" album is available now from HTRK bandcamp on cd, red vinyl or as a digital download, otherwise it is available from Insound or The Ghostly Store.

you can find HTRK here: myspace | facebook | yourcomicbookfantasy

296. AT ...

At such times I felt the impulse to step close to her
and take her in my arms, as though only she and I
existed, the rest background, out of focus, expressing
without speech and through a sudden perfection of my
whole organism the nullity of everything else.

{Alexander Trocchi, Cain's Book}

Saturday, October 22, 2011


here's a deliciously languid et spangly, sun-drenched, wistful, afternoon reverie Sailing, from Seattle-based indie/dream pop weavers Seapony off their forthcoming "Sailing" 7" (2011).

"The dreams I've had,
I keep to myself."

the "Sailing" 7" is set for release November 22nd on Hardly Art, it will be available on vinyl et as a digital download.

you can check out my post for their lush single Blue Star off their debut album  "Go With Me" (2011) which is available via Hardly Art or Insound on cd, lp or mp3.

you can find Seapony here: myspace | facebook


take a look at Caithlin De Marrais' {of Rainer Maria!} delightfully warm et hazy "home movie" for her single Birds which is off her eagerly anticipated sophomore album "Red Coats" which comes out November 8th on Polyvinyl.

295. A ...

A smile fell in the grass.

{Sylvia Plath, The Night Dances}

Friday, October 21, 2011


grab your headphones, turn off the lights et let your ears et mind soak up the sublime jazz piano-driven, drone et sample-suffused, ambient title track, Replica from Brooklyn-based electro/ambient avant-gardiste Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never off his remarkable new album "Replica" (2011).`

MP3: Replica

i strongly recommend that you get hold of the mind-blowing great "Replica" album when it drops November 8th via Software et Mexican Summer, it is currently available for pre-order from Insound on cd et lp or Mexican Summer on cd, lp or cassette! the first 1000 lp's are pressed on white vinyl {so get in quick or you'll regret it}, otherwise it is available for pre-order on cd from Rough Trade or Boomkat.

you can find Oneohtrix Point Never here: facebook  | opnreplica

294. NOW ...

Now. Yes, you are in your room, calm;
you open the book to page one, no, 
to the last page, first you want to see
how long it is.

{Italo Calvino, If On A Winters Night A Traveler}

Thursday, October 20, 2011


time for a hazy nostalgic trip back in time, here's a gorgeously sultry et evocative, 70s-'AC'-imbued moral tale, Diamond Love from Montreal-based soft rock outfit TOPS off their yet to be confirmed debut album.

"Even the pretty boys fall."

MP3: Diamond Love

et here is another wonderfully hazy, 70s-laced single; 

MP3: Turn Your Love Around

TOPS are signed to Arbutus Records so stay tuned for news of their debut album!

it is proving to be a hard task finding any info on TOPS, other than the short bio over at the Arbutus site, so will keep you posted ...


check out the 80s-styled, murky, super 8 music video for Friends latest hook-laden single I'm His Girl, co-directed by Aurora Halal et lead singer Samantha Urbani.

293. HE ...

He could no more imagine his death than his life,
and this simply left him where he was,
breathing, existing, suffering.

{Françoise Sagan, Sunlight On Cold Water}

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


if you've been hanging out desperately for a new track from Grimes then your wait is finally over et life has meaning once more! take a listen to the wonderfully warped et dizzying, infectiously hypnotic et ethereal lead single Oblivion from Montreal-based bedroom/avant pop princess Claire Boucher aka Grimes off her highly anticipated third album "Visions" (2012).

"See you on a dark night."

Oblivion totally sounds like the opening credit music to a cult 80s teen horror film. the synths are evocative of the maestro John Carpenter! enjoy!

MP3: Oblivion

check out the wonderfully candid et effervescent, Cindi Lauper-esque music video for Oblivion. directed by Emily Kai Bock.

brace yourselves, the "Visions" album is set for release January 31st on Arbutus Records. so until then if you haven't already, i'd recommend getting yourself a copy of Grimes previous albums "Halfaxa" et "Geidi Primes" along with the "Darkbloom" split EP (2011), they are all available from Insound or Rough Trade on cd or lp!

check out my previous Grimes posts for My Sister Say The Saddest Things et Vanessa {if you haven't already}.

you can find Grimes here: myspace | facebook | grimesmusic


trust me, you need to stop what you're doing for five minutes and watch this absolutely stunning video for Miracle Fortress's latest bonus single Possession, it is beautifully observed et directed by Montreal-based filmmaker Tim Kelly {who made the atmospheric video for Grimes' Crystal Ball.}

it is quite rare for a music video to be sincere, et for this reason Possession transcends the genre completely {which is not to say that it negates Van Pelt's incredible music, on the contrary it is a symbiotic relationship}. Kelly not only manages to naturally render an intimate et endearing portrait of a relationship from impromptu pickup, courting et finally parenthood, but he also captures life itself, et being in the world through a series of wonderfully fleeting et poignant moments. the opening montage perfectly sets up a sense of the young protagonists somewhat aimless et lonely existence. Kelly's refreshingly inspired use of a "lo-fi" domestic video format {not just to be retro and cool} transforms the story into a sublime home video diary of sorts! enjoy!!!

292. LIVING ...

Living is a horizontal fall.

{Jean Cocteau, Opium}

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


next up is a fuzzed-out et shoegaze-laced, shimmery, wistful 80s twee pop-imbued track, Unessa from Helsinki-based indie pop/dreamgaze trio Regina off their wonderful album "Soita Mulle {Call Me}" (2011).

MP3: Unessa

et here's the earlier blissed-out single from the album in case you missed it;

MP3: Jos et Sä Soita

take a look at the gorgeously retro, sun-baked et idyllic twee visuals for Unessa, directed by Osma Harvilahti.

the "Soita Mulle" album is out now on Friendly Fire Recordings, it is available on cd et double lp from Record Shop X, you can also acquire it digitally from itnues.

you can find Regina here: myspace | facebook | reginaregina   


take a look at the shadowy, expressionistic b&w music video for Future Islands' single Give Us The Wind, directed by Mike Anderson.

291. SPRING ...

Spring had come after an unusually wet winter,
and the hills had turned that riotous, exuberant green
I forget and rediscover every year.

{Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking}

Monday, October 17, 2011


here's a delicious slice of sassy et bombastically infectious, r&b-laced goodness, Wilderness Tips is from NYC-based electro pop trio Cookies {chiefly Ben Sterling of Mobius Band} off their new "Wilderness Tips" 10" (2011).

"Ring the alarm and don't look back,
just circles on the map,
just circles on the map ...
Baby girl you're mean,
It took you six months to fit in those jeans."

MP3: Wilderness Tips

et if you happened to miss Cookies previous singles then here you go:

MP3: Boycrazy

MP3: Summer Jam

check out the truly inspired retro-styled, stop-motion video for Wilderness Tips, conceived, animated et edited by Wyeth Hansen with Emily Keegin.

the "Wilderness Tips" 10" is available from Cookies on vinyl or as an mp3 download, you can also purchase Cookies other singles on 10" vinyl, or download them digitally for free!

you can find Cookies here: cookiesltd


check out this great new offbeat, pseudo-documentary about Ohio-based, lo-fi, indie pop trio Times New Viking that CANADA has put together in their distinctly idiosyncratic way, enjoy!


if you have trouble playing video, the password is: canada

290. I ...

I like to read books, I like to listen to music,
I collect records and cats, I don't have any 
cats right now, but if I'm taking a walk and
I see a cat I'm happy.

{Haruki Murakami, Guardian Interview}

Sunday, October 16, 2011


time for a wake-up call, here's the spunky et glitchy, blipped-out, rousing, angst-laden anthemic single, Leap Of Desire I, from Brighton-based electro-punk revelers YLHCSD {Elle Dead & Jay 'Rocky' Dead} off their infectious debut self-titled album "You Love Her Coz She's Dead" (2011).

"We speak the language of a lost empire"

for fans of Crystal Castles, Sleigh Bells et Teeth ... enjoy!

MP3: Leap Of Desire I

check out the impressive new acrobatic & action-packed, parkour tour de force music video for Leap Of Desire I.

the "You Love Her Coz She's Dead" album is set for release October 31st from Glasstone Records, it will be available on cd, it is available now for digital download from itunes.

you can find YLHCSD here: myspace | facebook | youlovehercozshesdead


check out the inky et flickery, atmospheric visuals for Sin Fang's stunning single Slowlights {non-album version}, directed by Máni M. Sigfússon.

289. SOMETIMES ...

Sometimes we spend the whole afternoon alone
in our room, lost in thought, wondering, with a 
slight sense of giddiness, if other people really exist 
or if we ourselves are inventing them.

{Natalia Ginzburg, Human Relations}

Saturday, October 15, 2011


you're gonna want to crank this track up as loud as possible! here's the awesome new infectiously feisty et thumping, hook-laden, scuzzed-out, lo-fi garage jam Portland, from Brooklyn-based garage-punk power duo Coasting {Fiona Campbell & Madison Farmer} off their much anticipated debut album "You're Never Going Back" (2011).

you've gotta appreciate the stunningly embroidered rendering of a lounging leopard that adorns the cover of the forthcoming "You're Never Going Back". this is a must have on vinyl! enjoy!

check out the great new retro puppet animation music video for Portland. animated & directed by Sarah Manuwal.

the "You're Never Going Back" album is set for release November 15th on M'lady's, it will be available on cd et lp! you will also be able to grab it digitally as an mp3 or flac! pre-orders are available now, the first 200 lp copies will be on awesome leopard skin vinyl, orange with black flecks! so get in quick!

you can find Coasting here: myspace | facebook


take a look at the stunning new nostalgia-bathed, layered, meditative journey that accompanies Lady Lazarus' gorgeous single What It's Like, from her exquisite, must have album "Mantic" (2011), video directed by Kansas City-based artist/photographer Matthew Naquin.

288. MURMURING ...

Murmuring tender words, she kissed his soul away.

{Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary}

Friday, October 14, 2011


take a listen to the delightful organ-bouncing, reverb-overdosed take on the wonderfully whimsical song He Needs Me, by London-based darkwave/trip-hop chanteuse Anika off the "No One's There" digital EP (2011).

He Needs Me was originally from the Robert Altman film Popeye (1980), it was written by Harry Nilsson with arrangements by Van Dyke Parks! the song was used ingeniously in Paul Thomas Anderson's marvelously offbeat film Punch-Drunk Love (2002). enjoy!

MP3: He Needs Me
the No One's There" digital EP  is available for digital download from Anika's bandcamp.

if you haven't checked out my post for I Go To Sleep, then i'd recommend taking a listen!

et you can find the moody b&w music video for "No One's There" here.

you can find Anika here: myspace | facebook


take a look at the mesmerizingly tripped-out, vhs-smeared, new-age aerobics workout visuals for LA Vampires latest track Tons of Love, created by fellow Not Not Fun artist Victoria Cheong {from The Deeep}.

287. THE ...

The rose is shaken in the wind,
Round the sun
The petals fall
And round the sun and round. 

{Ruth Dallas, from Letter to a Chinese Poet}

Thursday, October 13, 2011


finally a worthy track from the antipodes! here's the extended version of the deliciously wonky et languorous, reverb-swooning, off-kilter psych pop reverie Faking Jazz Together, from London-based, kiwi psych pop shaman Connan Mockasin off his new "Faking Jazz Together" EP (2011).

the awesome cover artwork is by Connan Mockasin/Hosford himself. for anyone interested there is a great t-shirt with the artwork on it available from EROL.

MP3: Faking Jazz Together

the "Faking Jazz Together" EP is out on Phantasy, it is available from Word And Sound on vinyl, or you can download it digitally from itunes.

if you didn't catch my post on Conan Mockasin's sublime single It's Choade My Dear, then i'd suggest you check it out along with the must have "Forever Dolphin Love" album, it is available from Insoud or Rough Trade on cd or vinyl!

you can find Connan Mockasin here: myspace | facebook | lastfm


check out this wonderful, milky ode to summer et youthful tomfoolery, the debut music video for We All Have Hooks For Hands catchy new single 27.


Spiritually a year of profound gloom and indigence
until that memorable night in March, at the end of 
the jetty, in the howling wind, never to be forgotten,
when suddenly I saw the whole thing.

{Samuel Beckett, Krapp's Last Tape}

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


i'm actually pretty excited to be posting the new single from Brooklyn-based {enter preferred hip genre label here} outfit Small Black, because if my memory serves me correctly this is actually their first single release since Photojournalist off last years impressive "New Chain" album! so here is Two Rivers, which emphatically announces their return in monumental style with an intense clanging, cavernous guitar chord that cuts right through you, neck hairs prick-up, shimmering synths simmer away, while a swaggering, hip-hop beat drops et pounds away hypnotically, damn this is really epic stuff! but wait, added to the mix is a truly inspired collaboration with Heems {from Das Racist} whose unorthodox, stoner drawl lends a fresh new texture et off-kilter humor to the quintessential Small Black "chillwave" sound that we all know et love. Two Rivers is going to feature on the forthcoming "Moon Killer" mixtape. i'm sure you're going to be hearing this track everywhere! it's incredibly infectious, enjoy!!!

"9am you can't sleep,
be bug'n
mean mug'n
cause Indian kids be thug'n
Indian uncles staring
Indian aunties bug'n
Indian songs-as blaring, outta windows
I be chamomile sip'n,
still tip'n, I still tip'n..."

MP3: Two Rivers

the "Moon Killer" mixtape is going to be a self-released free download, it will be available November 11th {11-11-11} from the bands website.

you can find Small Black here: myspace | facebook | smallblackblog


check out this resourceful, DIY, no-fi, 80s-styled, angular et assertive performance video for the debut track Immaculate Deception from Vancouver-based, Danish-Canadian minimal/dark wave artist Sally Dige {of Petroleum By Products}. one could be forgiven for thinking this is a rediscovered music video from an obscure German or Belgian artist from the early 80s. enjoy!

285. HOW ...

"How can I describe that marvelous time,
when I was still so young and I bubbled 
with enthusiasm about nothing at all.

{Melena Milani, The Story of Anna Drei}

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


this next track is a work of exquisite beauty et quiescent introspection, Swell is a gauzy et sedated, rueful, melancholy-laced elegy from Brooklyn-based dream pop/folk duo Lizard Kisses {Marc Merza & Cory Siegler} off their stunning new EP "Tiny Island Teeth" (2011).

Swell features the sublime, airy, nostalgia-tinged vocals of Charlotte Loseth aka Sea Oleena, oh et it also has a wonderfully wistful 'singing saw' solo at the end, an inspired touch indeed! enjoy!

"I've lost track of my mind,
it happens all the time
when you're falling out ...
of love."

MP3: Swell

this is my favorite tape cover!!! i hope to own it one day!

i'd strongly advise you to check out the "Tiny Island Teeth" EP, it is available from Cake & Tapes, there is a limited edition cassette {50 only, 10 copies in 5 different artwork/color covers, it also comes with free download} so get in quick, otherwise you can head over to bandcamp where you can listen/download the EP digitally.

you can find Lizard Kisses here: myspace facebook lizardkisses

284. NEVER ...

Never did they dream that they had contributed to it.

{F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Crack-Up}

Monday, October 10, 2011


it's time for some hypnotic, spoken-word, blipped-out, electro pop, Sanpo {Walk}, from Virginia-based electro/avant pop experimentalist Anni T aka KID A off her brilliant new album "PPPONEY OST" (2011).

"I woke up
I took a shower
I ate, I drank orange juice
I went for a walk with the dog
My feet became sore
When we arrived to the park it rained
the flowers were beautiful
there were many flowers"

MP3: Sanpo

also, here is a stunning earlier single form 2009:

MP3: Lonely (ft, Cozy Lab)

et here's another amazing, bombastic, distortion-laden, electro pop single from 2009:

MP3: Starpilots & Captains

take a look at the awesome 70s-style video-effect visuals for Sanpo, created by Dispatchboxe.

the "PPPONEY OST" album is currently available for free listen/download from KID A's bandcamp, i'd highly recommend you head over there et check it out!

et if you haven't heard Anni's awesome "In A Dream House" EP (2010), then i'd advise you to check out on her bandcamp!

you can find KID A here: myspace | facebook | kidaiskool | soundcloud

283. THANK YOU ...

Thank you for thinking of the rain.

{Gertrude Stein, How To Write}

Sunday, October 9, 2011


it was actually really hard selecting a single track from this next EP, it works so well as a whole, so extracting one piece from it felt wrong, et could negate the overall experience. however i do believe the track i ended up selecting best represents the unique sound et energy that pervades this remarkable album. Nom Nom is a rollicking et ecstatic, rhythmically rousing, fuzzed-out, distortion-laden, lo-fi pop epiphany, from Akron, Ohio-based bedroom electro/noise pop artist Corey Farrow {of Low in the Sky} aka Baloo off his new "Avid Equestrian" EP (2011).

"So I give my name to you."

Farrow's ephemeral creation "Avid Equestrian" is an utterly mesmerizing auditory experience, it leaves one rather flabbergasted et in a state of bewilderment after it finishes. this is actually a good thing, as once you come out of your stupor you immediately want to hit the repeat button et take the journey again, trying as you do, to relive that incredible first listening experience one has with a new album that astonishes you.

"Avid Equestrian" could be described as a euphoric, spaced-out symphony of distortion, laced with an immense tableaux of noodly, fuzzed-out, spidery guitars, whirring organs, blippy electro squiggles, throbbing basslines et of course Farrow's warm, bubblegum-punk-style vocals. it is obvious that "Avid Equestrian" is a true labor of love for Farrow, one that i'm glad i was given the opportunity to share! enjoy!

MP3: Nom Nom

well, i couldn't resist adding another track after all, it will give you a feel for what else is in store for you!

MP3: Octophile

the "Avid Equestrian" EP is available digitally from Farrow's bandcamp, so if you like what you hear then i'd strongly urge you to head over et take a further listen et download it, or if you can then give him some $$$! he certainly deserves it!

you can find Baloo here: myspace | facebook

282. PEOPLE'S ...

People's faces are in naked repose down in the subway.

{Walker Evans, Many Are Called}

Saturday, October 8, 2011


here's a fix of upbeat, rousing pop! the bombastic, angst-laden, chimey, childish chant-styled title track June, from Berlin-based, Polish avant-pop songstress Julia Górniewicz aka Julia Marcell off her infectious new album "June" (2011).

MP3: June

et here is the epic, hook-laden, 80s-infused lead single from the album;

MP3: Matrioszka

take a look at the stylishly "surreal" music video for Matrioszka, directed by Iwona Bielecka.

the "June" album comes out October 10th on cd et will be available from Amazon, otherwise you can also download it digitally now from itunes.

you can find Julia Marcell here: myspace | facebook | juliamarcell

281. BOOKS ...

Books are open to selected pages, annotated
in the margins, wedged in every cranny of
available space in the room.

{Karen Tei Yamashita, I Hotel}

Friday, October 7, 2011


in case you were wondering what happened to the young East London-based bedroom pop crooner Archy Marshal aka Zoo Kid, well he's undergone a name change, his new moniker is King Krule, the good news is that Marshall's music still possesses the endearingly stripped back, idiosyncratic rawness et soulful, plaintive quality that made Out Getting Ribs a real ear-opener, here's the swoony, wistful lead single The Noose of Jah City, which is off his forthcoming self-titled debut "King Krule" EP (2011).

King Krule- The Noose of Jah City

check out the new moody broody, bleary-eyed dawn performance video for The Noose of Jah City, directed by Jamie-James Medina.

the "King Krule" EP will be out November 8th on True Panther, it is available for pre-order on cd or 12" vinyl! 

head over to bandcamp to check out a few early King Krule tracks.

you can find King Krule here: facebook | kingkrule

280. IN ...

"In sooth, I know not why I am so sad."

{William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice}

Thursday, October 6, 2011

279. CAVE "W U J"

here's an infectiously throbbing et propulsive, loping, motorik-laced, krautrock flashback W U J, from Chicago-based psych/post rock outfit CAVE off their latest album "Neverendless" (2011).

for maximum immersion, i'd advise either (a) lying back in a darkened room et turning up really LOUD, or (b) playing really LOUD while doing the dishes ... enjoy!

MP3: W U J

check out the great tripped-out, experimental video for W U J, directed by Miss Pussycat.

i definitely recommend grabbing the "Neverendless" album, it is out on Drag City, available on almost every conceivable format/media; cd, lp et cassette! or digitally in either mp3 or flac!

you can find CAVE here: myspace | facebook


take a look at the mesmerizing b&w experimental performance video for Bruce Peninsula's infectious single Salesman, directed by Winston Hacking and Andrew Zukerman for Toronto based Exploding Motor Car.

279. MY ...

My where has become something else.

{Ippolita Avalli, Simena}

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


next up is the wonderfully hook-laden, zoned-out, jingly-jangly, Flying Nun-imbued guitar pop reverie Keys And Locks Don't Work, from Melbourne-based post punk trio Cat Cat off their forthcoming debut album "Uralba" (2011). 

MP3: Keys And Locks Don't Work

the "Uralba" album is set for release November 1st from Dream Damage Records, it will be available on 12" vinyl et for digital download via bandcamp. if you like what you hear i'd definitely recommend checking out their earlier albums that are available via bandcamp also, the "Waking Space" EP (2010) is stunning!

you can find Cat Cat here: facebook | twitter

278. ABOUT ...

About this same time, through a concatenation of events,
"haphazard" encounters, the reading of certain books–
books that were thrown into my lap, as it were–
things began to jell.

{Henry Miller, Big Sur}

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


take a pleasant trip back to the 60s with this nostalgia-laced track– the lush, jangly, harmonious, psyched-out, wistful lead single, Penobska Oakwalk from Boston-based indie/psych folk outfit Quilt off their forthcoming self-titled debut album "Quilt" (2011). 

MP3: Penobska Oakwalk

the "Quilt" album comes out november 7th on Mexican Summer, it will be available on cd or lp! you can listen to some earlier track on the Quilt bandcamp.

you can find Quilt here: myspace | facebook


not sure how this video slipped past me too, but here it is for those among you who also missed this incredibly stunning et very trippy/creepy music video for The Dø's brilliant single Too Insistent off their wonderful album "Both Ways Open Jaws" (2011), directed by Noel Paul.

277. IN ...

In the name of the Bee –
And of the Butterfly –
And of the Breeze – Amen!

{Emily Dickinson, The Gentian Weaves Her Fringes}

Monday, October 3, 2011


here's a deliriously throbbing et blippy, tripped-out, disco-pulsing, western-themed hallucination, Say Something from Brooklyn-based avant/dream pop weaver Rebecca Huston aka Bermuda Bonnie off her forthcoming album "Drama" (2011).

"Rustic and debonair,
then she ripped her dress on your spur,
I wish my dream was as good as her's."

MP3: Say Something

the "Drama" album is due out October 25th on cassette via Chill Mega Chill, until then you can head over to Bermuda Bonnie's soundcloud et check out her vast collection of songs/remixes, standout singles are Evil et Kohl. enjoy!

you can find Bermuda Bonnie here: myspace | facebook | bermudabonnie


here's a video that i completely missed out on, but i feel compelled to post now for those of you out there who were in another universe when it first dropped, so here's the gritty et atmospheric, hallucinogenic, b&w experimental/psycho-drama for The Soft Moon's track Into The Depths, directed by William Jones for 10lb Pictures.

276. I ...

I want to make it known that I love a ball of paper, 
the igloo, shoes, fine thread, fern, the chirping of the cricket;
I love reality, the function of a paper ball, of an igloo,
of shoes, of fine thread, of a fern, or the chirping of 
the cricket.

{Pier Paolo Calzolari, Art Povera}

Sunday, October 2, 2011


it is about time for a fix of uber-catchy Scandinavian pop, here's the latest 80s-infused, synth-laden, The Knife-esque, anthemic single Horizon from Oslo, Norway-based synth pop trio Philco Fiction off their forthcoming debut full-length album "Take It Personal" (2011).

"You wear music, like you wear your skin."

MP3: Horizon

the "Take It Personal" album is set for release October 14th on Brilliance Records.

you can find Philco Fiction here: myspace | facebook | philcofiction

275. HOW ...

How do people go to sleep? 
I'm afraid I've lost the knack.

{Dorothy Parker, The Little Hours}

Saturday, October 1, 2011


next up is the ultra-catchy et endearing, casiotone-pulsing, Francophile-laced track Charming Scarf, from Hong Kong-based twee pop duo My Little Airport off their new album "Hong Kong Is One Big Shopping Mall" (2011). 

MP3: Charming Scarf

the "Hong Kong Is One Big Shopping Mall" album is available on cd from Singapore-based indie/girly pop label Happy Teardrop Music.

et if you haven't already, have a listen to the catchy et entertaining track Japan Real Melon from the "We Can't Stop Smoking in the Vicious and Blue Summer" (2007) album.

you can find My Little Airport here: facebook | mylittleairport


take a look at the deliriously twee reality tv/sit-com-styled music video for Ducktails' catchy track Hamiton Road, directed by Richard Law.