Sunday, February 20, 2011


next up is the latest track from Athens, Greece electro/downtempo duo Keep Shelly In Athens, called Hauntin' Me, from the just released "Hauntin' Me/Song To Cheer You Up" 7" (2011).

Hauntin' Me is a smooth, dreamy, languorous, ambient 90s-tinged, downtempo track. a clean, solitary guitar riff opens the track, before a second riff eclipses the first, playing over the top, a soulful trumpet joins in, blowing away mournfully, before a deep bass rhythm kicks in, a snare roll awakens the hazy, languid, enigmatic vocals, like a burst of sun light, the sombre storm clouds part, giving way to a clear blue sky, the lyrics echo et swirl around us. a wonky, glitchy, electro soundscape haunts the bridge, giving us time to breathe et reflect, before the upbeat refrain kicks back in segueing into the dizzying, ghostly outro. Hauntin' Me is a super catchy track, very aptly titled as one feels compelled to hit repeat as soon as it ends.

MP3: Hauntin' Me

check out the new 'found-footage'/non-profit video for Hauntin' Me by French video artist Jamie Harley. the footage originates from the 1957 Russian film "The Cranes are Flying" by Mikhail Kalatozov.

et here's an older track from the blissed-out downtempo "In Love With Dusk" EP (2010).
MP3: Running Out Of You

"In Love With Dusk" is available online from itunes or amazon et the "Hauntin' Me/Song To Cheer You Up" 7" is available now from Transparent records, it's limited to 300 copies!

check out Keep Shelly in Athens here: myspace | keepshellyinathens | lastfm

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