Saturday, February 26, 2011


next up is the gorgeous, fuzzed-out, spacey title-track, Young Silence from London-based shoegazey "swoon-pop" outfit Echo Lake off their recently released debut "Young Silence" EP (2011).

Young Silence exists in a weightless, timeless, murky vacuum. fluid, glowing sounds cascade into the space, ethereal, ghostly voices, jangly, wailing guitars, splashing drums all blend et smear together, the music swirls dizzily around us, this is nostalgic, hypnotic, fuzzy, dream-pop, drowning in a roily, foggy ocean of reverb, echoing into the endless abyss ... there is no shore to return to ... lie back et embrace the unfathomable ...

after hearing Young Silence you are left slightly bewildered, wondering whether it was all just a dream, a fanciful imagining, or hallucinogenic apparition. Echo Lakes' music has a fleeting, cloudy, vaporish quality, evoking My Bloody Valentine, coming into being with an explosion of light, flooding over us with a swirling, hazy wall-of-noise, affording us a dim glimpse into another time et place, but it quickly evaporates before it is ever fully formed, leaving you wanting another glance, maybe next time it will become clearer.

MP3: Young Silence

here is the brilliant new music video for Young Silence directed by Dan Nixon. this hi/lo-tech performance clip completely captures/renders the fuzzy, dream-like quality of the song perfectly.

if you like what you hear then i would recommend getting a hold of the spaced-out, dreamy "Young Silence" EP, it is available online from No Pain In Pop or itunes.

you can check Echo Lake here: myspace | lastfm | echolakeband

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