Saturday, February 19, 2011


this is not an apple ...

it's the stunning new track, How Come? from California-based indie folk troubadour Little Wings {Kyle Field} off his long awaited album "Black Grass" (2011).

i've been a Little Wings fan since stumbling upon the mp3 for Look at What the Light Did Now while surfing the krecs site back in 2002, et i've avidly devoured everything that Kyle Field has released since. well, it's been nearly four years since the release of "Soft Pow’r" (2007), so i am chomping at the bit to experience the new "Black Grass" album, i've just heard the first single, How Come? which promises a truly remarkable album.

"What would it take to make it right / we painted all the grass blades black /
When you're a dark and empty night / how come I always take you back"

How Come? is an incredibly intimate et emotionally powerful track, comprising of a mournful piano, ponderous acoustic guitar strumming et gentle, steady percussion flourishes, Field's distinct voice is raw et vulnerable as ever, at times evoking Nina Simone in his emotional intensity et wavering delivery, Field's poignant lyrics are heightened by the choir-like backing-vocals that echo et surge on the refrain, rising et falling like a tempestuous sea.

MP3: How Come?

this is a great time to post a couple of my favourite Little Wings tracks of old, for those not familiar with Kyle Field's unique sound, these songs will come as a breath of fresh air! enjoy!

MP3: Look at What the Light Did Now {from "Little Green Leaves" (2002)} 

this track was recently covered by Feist, she even named her new live album after it, a sign of her appreciation et respect for Kyle Field's music.

MP3: I Saw Reflections {from "Wonderue" (2002)}

et you can listen to the Little Wings Daytrotter session from 2010, which features some tracks from the upcoming album; including a stripped back acoustic version of How Come?

the "Black Grass" LP will be available from February 25th, via Rad Records, which is Field's offshoot of Marriage Records. you can find most of the Little Wings back-catalog online at itunes at amazon

check out Little Wings here: lastfm | marriagerecs | kyledraws 

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