Wednesday, February 23, 2011


here's a ridiculously fat, distorted, laid-back, hazy, dubbed-out track, Tiger Eyes from dub-inflected noise pop duo Peaking Lights {Indra Dunis & Aaron Coyes} from their infectious album "936" (2011).

Tiger Eyes is a delightfully innovative mix of diverse sonic stylings, from dub, garage/noise pop, psych pop, hip-hop et lo-fi, amongst a myriad of keen influences. Coyes unleashes some awesomely fat, distorted drum/bass hooks, along with an ambling, jangly, reverb laden surf guitar, while Dunis’ tranced-out, incantatory, shaman-like vocals {reminiscent of Catherine Ribeiro} float in, droning indifferently over the wall of distorted et muffled RZA-esque beats. a deliriously infectious dubbed-out, vibrating bassline throbs throughout the track, while looped clapping percussion et free-floating layers of synth melodies et tingling riffs jingle et ripple hypnotically in et out of your subconscious.  

this is one tripped-out, hallucinogenic track, there is an overwhelming sense of weightiness, the lethargic, smeary, lo-fi, dubbed-out beats are oppressive et numbing, the fat, thrumming bassline hook will continue to rattle et reverberate in your brain long after the song finishes ... warning this track may induce nausea.

i can totally imagine Ghost Dog pumping this track in his boosted car, as he stalks the city streets, out on a nocturnal mission.

MP3: Tiger Eyes {Laid Back}

et here is another sublime track from the "936" album:

MP3: All The Sun That Shines

check out the lo-fi, digital-effects laden music video for All The Sun That Shines directed by Amanda Brown & Ben Shearn.

trust me you need to get yourself a copy of "936" if you haven't already, it's available online from itunes, or from NotNotFun records on cd or vinyl!!!

you can check out Peaking Lights here: myspace | lastfm

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