Monday, February 21, 2011


you know when you experience a kind of "mystical" feeling, or "sixth-sense", that something dreadful has happened to someone you know, or worse that someone close has died, well today i had said quasi-mystical feeling as i started listening to a band i hadn't heard in a while ... who am i talking about? the Disconcerts of course, et to my amazement et despair i just found out {via f#$king facebook!} that they have called it a day! i mourn the fact that i never got to see these guys live! so this post is to commemorate the awesomeness that is/was the Disconcerts!!!

i know, i know my sixth-sense is about a month off, well, i've got sinusitis! anyways i felt that it was the right time to post something about these three very talented young lads {geniuses!} from Chichester, England, who have been steadily et independently producing a unique et brilliant blend of post-punk/art rock for several years to little deserved acclaim, they will be fondly remembered ...

i have to acknowledge my debt to Hedi Slimane whose stylish photo shoot of the Disconcerts lounging around their flat back in late 2009 piqued my interest in the band, et i proceeded to scour the internet for anything et everything the band had produced, which proved rather tough, but after some time i was repeatedly trashing the deliriously post punk-tinged "A. Medic" EP (2009), "Human Bodies in Motion" 7" (2009), et an untitled "album" filled with absolutely stunning tracks; Books Chairs Thoughts, David Bowie, Selsey Bill, Window Shopper ... each ecstatic song riddled with brilliant et infectious lyrics, catchy bassline hooks, angular, razor-sharp guitar riffs et ridiculously tight drumming. the Disconcerts continue et extend the rich et feisty British post punk, new wave traditions established by bands like XTC, PiL, Gang of Four et Fire Engines etc ... let's hope a comprehensive collection of their singles et demos is in the works!

Copper Gone Green is a dark, tranced-out, rhythmically et lyrically hypnotic track, taken from the Disconcerts' seemingly abrupt final offering "Copper Gone Green/Trouble Keeping" 7" (2010).

MP3: Copper Gone Green

here are a couple highlight tracks for those not acquainted with the Disconcerts:
MP3: Chance Remark {from "Human Figure in Motion" 7" (2009).}

MP3: She Was Spitting/Cotton {from "A. Medic" EP (2009).}

et here is a great performance video i recently discovered, it's for Steady Questions (an unreleased demo), the video is directed by Sam Bailey.

you can find most of the Disconcerts' output on itunes, or lastfm, et you can currently download the "Copper Gone Green/Trouble Keeping" 7" for free from lastfm.

check out Disconcerts here: myspace | lastfm | facebook

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