Monday, February 28, 2011


Have you seen this boy? His name is Bobby.

beware, this next track is incredibly catchy et contains tonnes of swagger, Sore Spores, from Montague, Massachusetts based avant-/rock outfit Bobby off their forthcoming self-titled debut album "Bobby" (2011).

Sore Spores features the sublime et versatile vocal stylings of Molly Sarle {of Mountain Men fame}, her lush, soaring, lyrical harmonies are contrasted with her fluid, zesty, hip-hop-like drawl delivery on the verses, Sarle's delicious vocals are nicely counterpointed with low, rich, mellow male crooning, the female/male vocals contrast et blend together perfectly to enrich this hazy track.

an infectious acoustic guitar riff kicks things off, mixed with warm rhythmic strumming et the gentle plucking et jangle of an electric guitar, simple, funked-out bassline, stripped-back percussion et a slow, lethargic, muted staccato drum beat round out the laid-back, hypnotic sound, while a curious squealing, spacey, theremin-like synth effect whistles its way intermittently through the track.

for the entertaining et insightful backstory/legend of Bobby go here.

MP3: Sore Spores

the "Bobby" LP is due out June 21st on Partisan Records.

you can check out Bobby here: myspace | facebook | partisanrecords | bobby

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