Thursday, February 24, 2011


if you're feeling blue et in desperate need of something light, fluffy et heartwarming then look no further, next up is a great bubblegum-pop track that i heard a while back but didn't get round to posting, Go Outside is the breakout single from NY indie-pop duo Cults {Brian Oblivion & Madeline Follin} off their self-titled "Cults" 7" (2010).

Go Outside is a jingly, 60s-tinged, indie pop day-dream, a saccharine glockenspiel melody tinkles away, evoking a woebegone vision of snow slowly falling outside a window, the sound of a television can be heard in the background, it is filtered out, our day-dream begins as we are engulfed with euphoric, sundazed, reverb-laden girl/boy harmonies, transporting us to our happy warm place, the smooth bassline hook grooves away, sounding like it was right out of a Motown recording, gentle tapping, clapping, brushing percussion fleshes-out the track nicely before the child-like glockenspiel melody returns, bringing us slowly out of our warm, nostalgic reverie, the snow still falls outside, but it's ok, the song is on repeat!

does this track remind anyone else of Time Is On My Side?

interestingly the sample at the beginning of the song is taken from the "Death Tape" or FBI's "Q042" file, the last recording of Jim Jones as he speaks to the members/residents of Jonestown before the infamous mass "revolutionary suicide"/murder, the knowledge of this fact changes the reading of the track completely et gives it an eerie et haunting, 70s cultish vibe, which aptly explains the bands name. it also shows that there is a dark et twisted core lurking under the sweet exterior of these pop songs.

MP3: Go Outside

et here is another dose of melodious 60s-inflected sunshine pop:

MP3: Most Wanted

whatever you do, stay well clear of the music video for Go Outside, it's a complete abomination, et yet another uber-lame Godard rip-off video {see also the new Paris Wells "Let's Get It Started" video}! arrrgh! i get totally enraged by clueless music video directors blindly decimating Godard's iconic 60s films et rendering them into cringy, superficial, sentimental trash! hey, let's all film our "model" girlfriends with super 8 cameras! it's so nouvelle vague! merde!!!

the Cults debut album is currently in the works, et should be out around May.

for now you can check out Cults here: myspace | cultscultscults | bandcamp | lastfm

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