Wednesday, February 23, 2011


next up is a fantastic new track, Joe Says from San Francisco's all-female garage-folk trio The Sandwitches off their much anticipated forthcoming album "Mrs. Jones' Cookies" (2011). 

Joe Says is filled with achingly beautiful, endearing et heartfelt harmonies, gently warming us before giving way to the gorgeously fragile, bittersweet, lilting vocals. a jangly, fuzzed out guitar meanders, while a muted snare drum beats away steadily, an organ whirs away dreamily, along with an uplifting cello melody that surges from time-to-time, a haunting banjo ambles off in the background, adding to the wave of nostalgia that washes over us.

The Sandwitches’ sound is an interesting commingling of gothic americana, 60s garage pop/girl-groups, et Appalachian folk music, there are echoes of Joan Baez et Natalie Merchant in this track. 

MP3: Joe Says

et here are a couple of swell tracks from the breathtakingly sublime "Duck, Duck, Goose!" EP (2010).

MP3: Song of Songs

MP3: Stardust

i couldn't resist adding this twisted music video for Kiss Your Feet directed by Joey Izzo, it's from the Sandwitches debut album "How to Make Ambient Sadcake" (2009).

"Mrs. Jones' Cookies" is due out March 29th on Endless Nest, in the meantime if you haven't had the pleasure yet, you should get a hold of The Sandwitches' debut album "How to Make Ambient Sadcake" (2009), et the stunning "Duck, Duck, Goose!" EP (2010), both available online from itunes or at Endless Nest.

check out The Sandwitches here: myspace | lastfm

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