Friday, February 25, 2011


i recently became aware of the awesome LA record label Not Not Fun, et have been making my way through their impressive lineup of female artists, here's a deliriously nihilistic track, from ex-San Fran/NYC no-fi, noise-pop artist Psychic Reality {Leyna Noel} off the stunning "Psychic Reality/LA Vampires" split 12" (2010).

META/Meta-Prayer is a haunting, euphoric hymn to digital delay et distortion. Noel's psyched-out wailing, shrieking vocals are primal, raw et cathartic, at times other-worldly et ethereal, other times regressive, vulnerable et childlike. multiple lyrical layers fade in-et-out, merging, then drifting apart again, like restless spirits wandering aimlessly through a desolate landscape, trying to find some resemblance of the past. from time to time Noel unleashes a devastating, reverberating sonic maelstrom that crescendos into the void only to be subsumed by the nothingness. a deep, low-end, muffled, pulsing sub continues to throb away hypnotically, like a homing beacon, transmitting a signal out into the ether, for whom or what, it is unknown, should we be afraid? perhaps ...

this arresting split EP is definitely recommended for fans of Tickley Feather, Pocahaunted, U.S. Girls, Julianna Barwick et Pink Floyd ...

MP3: META/Meta-Prayer

her's the fantastic music video for Fruit, which is off Psychic Reality's brilliant new album "Vibrant New Age" (2011) . directed by Ben Shearn.

the "Psychic Reality/LA Vampires" split EP is available online from itunes et boomkat.

check out Psychic Reality here: myspace | lastfm | notnotfun

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