Friday, February 11, 2011


next up is a day-dreamy, new wavey track i acquired recently Love Well Spent by Seattle based synth pop/chillwave outfit Craft Spells {primarily Justin Vallesteros}, it's from the recently released "After the Moment" 7" (2011).

Love Well Spent is a great New Order-esque, upbeat love song, featuring blissed out vocals from Orlando dream pop queen Emily Reo, her voice contrasts with Vallesteros forlorn crooning, yet their voices blend together nicely. the track is filled with lush shimmery, glittering new wavey synth riffs, swirling et twinkling around us, a crisp drum beat pounds out a steady, driving rhythm, mixed with clicky, glitchy percussion, while a keyboard tinkles out a simple, melancholy et sentimental melody. Love Well Spent comes et goes like a blissful, soothingly cool sea breeze on a summer afternoon.

MP3: Love Well Spent

also, here is Craft Spells' awesome breakthrough track Party Talk {for those not familiar with it}, it's off the "Party Talk" 7" (2010)

MP3: Party Talk

Craft Spells debut album "Idle Labor" (2011) is due for release on Captured Tracks at the beginning of March.

the "After the Moment" single et "Party Talk" singles are available online from itunes et lastfm.

check out Craft Spells here: myspace | caturedtracks | lastfm

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