Wednesday, June 29, 2011


need an injection of sonic bliss in your life? this next ethereal pop track should do the trick nicely, Cuckoo from London-based dream/psych pop outfit Still Corners off the forthcoming debut album "Creatures Of An Hour" (2011).

"I'd like to read your mind / can you read mine?"

Cuckoo is a vaporous, rueful, atmospheric, dream pop apparition, a solemn, undulating organ drones away eerily while a muted drum beat pounds steadily, Murray's hushed, wispy, lamenting vocals/harmonies swirl around us delicately, her lilting voice is utterly mesmerizing, completely transparent, gauzy et fragile, an epic, reverb-stained guitar riff cuts through the haze from time to time, breaking the spell Murray casts over us momentarily. Cuckoo is infectious stuff, it drifts inside your head et lingers in there indefinitely, like a tantalizing perfume you can't forget et long to experience again. enjoy!

MP3: Cuckoo

check out the new music video wonderfully hypnotic & ghostly, Lynch-esque, blurry, strobe-laden visuals for Still Corners stunning single Cuckoo, directed by Lucy Dyson.

the "Cuckoo" 7" is available from from Sub Pop on vinyl+mp3 et the debut album "Creatures Of An Hour" is set for release on October 11th, which will be available on cd or lp!

you can find Still Corners here: myspace | facebook | stillcorners

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