Friday, June 24, 2011


here's a zesty, ska-tinged pop track, Eg Vetsje from Bergen, Noway-based all-girl indie/ska pop group Razika off their forthcoming debut album "Program 91" (2011). 

Eg Vetsje is a euphoric, 60s-flavoured, jangly, stomp-heavy, day-dreamy indie pop jamboree, this track is made to be played loud while you dance around the room idiotically or while doing a spot of vacuuming/cleaning in your underwear! enjoy!

it seems that young girls knees are becoming tres fashionable on indie album covers, often covered in bruises or with bloody scrapes {one band even named themselves the Bleeding Knees Club!}, i'm sure we have Eric Rohmer to thank for this wonderful trend/fetish! who doesn't secretly want to caress Claire's Knee!

MP3: Eg Vetsje

et here's another super catchy indie pop track from the album

MP3: Nytt Pa Nytt

the  album is will be available August 22nd from Smalltown Supersound on cd & lp! otherwise it will be available for digital download from itunes.

you can find Razika here: myspace | facebook | lastfm

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