Thursday, April 7, 2011


if you're after something that sounds like music from an early David Lynch film then look no further than this next track, Not A Friend from London-based shadowy indie/dream pop duo Cat's Eyes {Rachel Zeffira & Faris Badwan, from The Horrors} off their forthcoming debut self-titled album "Cat's Eyes" (2011). 

Not A Friend is a dreamy, nostalgic, torch song, Zeffira's wispy, haunting et forlorn vocals conjure up images of Julee Cruise crooning away airily at the Roadhouse, et like in a Lynch film, one can't help but sense an underlying, disquiet to the track, a darkness lingering beneath the sugary, light surface. 

MP3: Not A Friend

et here is the new catchy, upbeat, reverb-laden single from the album with great boy/girl vocals/harmonies: 

MP3: Face in the Crowd

the "Cat's Eyes" album is released on April 11th, it will be available on cd + lp from Rough Trade et Record Store, et i assume digitally online from itunes, where you can currently get Cat's Eye's "Broken Glass" EP (2011).

you can find Cat's Eyes here: catseyesmusic | lastfm | facebook

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