Wednesday, June 1, 2011


next up is a fantastic experimental electro pop track Dialtone from Brooklyn-based avant/lap-pop outfit Bell {chiefly Olga Bell} off their just released debut album "Diamonite" (2011).

Dialtone is an ecstatically blippy, glitched-out, drum 'n' bass-tinged, avant pop track, there is a distinct hint of Suzanne Vega {Tom's Diner} here with an avant-folk influence, Bell's multi-layered playful repetitive/percussive et syncopated vocal styling comes together to create a wonderfully rich listening experience. Dialtone is a highly infectious et innovative track, enjoy!

MP3: Dialtone

et here is the latest single from the album

MP3: River

the "Diamonite" album is available to purchase/stream digitally on Bell's bandcamp.

you can find Bell here: myspace | facebook | bellinspace

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