Sunday, June 26, 2011


i know, i know, there's been a deluge of indie pop songs of late, well it's gloomy et rainy here in the antipodes/southern hemisphere, so bear with me while i mope about for a few days, anyways here's the fantastic new nostalgia-laden single, Longing from Brooklyn-based indie pop duo Soda Shop {Drew Diver of Horse Shoes & Maria Usbeck of Selebrities} off their forthcoming {not yet titled} EP (2011).

Longing is a warm et woozy, 50s-inspired, jangly, snare drum tapping, tambourine jingling indie pop track, with dreamy, saccharine, reverb-swooning vocals from Usbeck. Longing hesitates between light et dark, oscillating between whimsical instrumentation et heartbreaking lyrics et harmonies, it's as if we are standing in the vast shadow of the past, we can see the warm sun ahead, but can't manage to free ourselves, we are transfixed momentarily. enjoy! 

this track is definitely for fans of Cults!

MP3: Longing

et here is another wonderfully whimsical, jingly, 50s-tinged single

MP3: Farewell

the "Longing" single is from a yet to be announced EP to be released on Shelflife, in the meantime the "Farewell" 7" is still available on white vinyl with mp3 download.

you can check out Soda Shop here: myspace | facebook | sodashop

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