Thursday, June 9, 2011


next up is a hazy, 60s-tinged garage pop track, Fiesta Texas from Seattle-based boy-girl-girl-girl garage pop group Witch Gardens off their forthcoming album "Alice Agatha Branch & Christ" (2011).

Fiesta Texas is a wonderfully warm, reverb-overdosed, murky, lo-fi garage jam, the recording has a live, spacious dynamic, it reminds me of when you're at a gig, standing {or sitting} in the toilet et you can hear the band jamming away, the sound is all muffled, the lyrics barely audible {but you know the song already so it doesn't matter}, you find yourself caught in an in-between auditory zone, where you are the only one who is experiencing the song this way, you wait till you hear clapping, zip/button up et head out with a smile on your face. Fiesta Texas is catchy et to the point, evoking the golden age of two minute pop songs, enjoy!

i have to admit my debt to Craft Spells for making me aware of this awesome band on their facebook.

MP3: Fiesta Texas

you can pre-order the "Alice Agatha Branch & Christ" album from Wonder Beard Tapes, at this stage it is limited to 50 "pro-dubbed cassettes", so be in quick, i already ordered mine!!!

there are a couple tracks from the album available on the Witch Gardens bandcamp.

you can find Witch Gardens here: myspace | witchgardens | facebook

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  1. Plus, your ears are ringing because you are midway through THE greatest single sh!tting experience of your life! OMG, right? Like, I know1! This!