Monday, June 27, 2011


next up is Björk's hotly anticipated lead single Crystalline from her ambitious forthcoming album/multimedia project "Biophilia" (2011). 

Crystalline is an epic 90s-tinged, plinky, dubbed-out, scratchy, glittering avant pop concretion, featuring a devastating et intense, glitched-out, breakbeat outro that will give you whiplash. Björk mines the greatest moments from her innovative et eclectic musical oeuvre to give birth to this resplendent musical experience. trust me, this track demands to be played LOUD! but be warned, one listen is all it takes et you'll be playing Crystalline on an endless loop until september when the full album finally drops, absolutely captivating! enjoy!

MP3: Crystalline

the "Crystalline" single will be available from June 30th, while the "Biophilia" album/multimedia project is set for release on September 26th. the multimedia side of the project is directed by regular Björk music video collaborator Michel Gondry.

you can find Björk here: myspace | björk | facebook

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