Tuesday, June 28, 2011


here's a wonderfully blissed-out, hazy, bittersweet track, Millionaire from Brooklyn-based bedroom pop crooner Ex Cops {Brian Harding} off his forthcoming debut "White Women" EP (2011).

Millionaire is a wistful, hallucinogenic, 60s-tinged reverie, a Badalamenti-esque synth wash surges away, lending a redemptive, expectant air to the track, a melancholy guitar drenched in reverb plucks et jangles away nostalgically, while Harding's reflective, poignant vocals et mellifluous, dreamy harmonies float delicately over a sea of warm analog tape hiss. Millionaire delves into the sublime realm of transcendental pop, imbuing listeners with a rich et uplifting musical experience, Harding leaves us with a bittersweet optimism, enjoy!

for fans of Youth Lagoon et Her Space Holiday.

MP3: Millionaire

check out the experimental 'found footage' video for Millionaire, created by Tim Underwood, nice re-usage of the epic ultra-slow-motion symphony/climax from Antonioni's Zabriskie Point.

the "White Women" EP is set for release September 2nd!

you can find Ex Cops here: mysapce | facebook | excopsband

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