Thursday, June 23, 2011


this next track is absolutely devastating, The Lamb from Montreal-based avant-folk/pop artist Laurel Sprengelmeyer aka Little Scream off her wonderful debut album "The Golden Record" (2011).

"Oh come on, hear me now."

The Lamb is a truly inspired track, a work of sublime beauty, Sprengelmeyer's fervid, plaintive vocals et seraphic harmonies send a tingle up my spine et goose bumps down my arms. The Lamb is one of those rare tracks that transcends any sense of its earthly, materialistic confines et takes flight into the ether, enjoy this stunning miracle, prepare yourself for a truly uplifting musical experience!

recommended for fans of Mirah et Feist!

MP3: The Lamb

check out the stylised, expressionistic, Lotte Reigner-esque, shadow-play, music video for The Lamb.

i highly recommend getting the brilliant "The Golden Record", it's available from Secretly Canadian on cd et vinyl!

if you haven't already, check out my post of Little Scream's The Heron and the Fox track.

you can find Little Scream here: myspace | littlescream | lastfm | facebook

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