Thursday, May 26, 2011


next up is an awesomely begrimed, forlorn, lo-fi track, A Love That Kills from London/San Diego-based noise-pop duo Psychic Dancehall {Dorian Wartime & Sylvia Innocent} off the forthcoming debut "A Love That Kills/Long Lost Lover" 7" (2011).

A Love That Kills is a murky, reverb-smeared, off-kilter bittersweet pop song, Wartime's raw, distorted crooning, filled with sniffs, breathy sighs et exhales is incredibly endearing, you can't help but feel for this guy who has obviously gone through some serious shit. i love how the casiotone keyboard sounds like it was recorded in the toilet! reminiscent of Birdie Hilltop et Dirty Beaches, enjoy!

MP3: A Love That Kills

the "A Love That Kills/Long Lost Lover" 7" comes out on Art Fag Recordings May 31st, vinyl is limited to 500 copies worldwide et apparently will not be reissued, so get in quick, otherwise you can currently stream it digitally from the Psychic Dancehall bandcamp, et it will be available for digital download from most outlets on May 31st.

there is not much background info about Psychic Dancehall available, their name presumably comes from The Fall's Psykick Dancehall off the "Dragnet" album, you can find some info here: lastfm

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