Tuesday, April 26, 2011


here's a wonderfully dreamy, 90s tinged, downtempo track Sister from Montreal-based electro/dream folk/pop artist Sea Oleena {Charlotte Loseth} off her stunning new album "Sleeplessness" (2011).

"Sleeplessness is three seasons' worth of endless nights
and half-lived days."
{Charlotte Loseth}

Sister is a beautifully airy et hazy song, Loseth's hushed, echoing vocals are absolutely mesmerizing, evoking water drops et ripples on a glassy surface, her voice, like concentric circles continually expanding outwards, growing distant, dissolving, merging with the delicate layers of weightless harmonies floating gently, like a fine mist, on the waters surface, Loseth's warm voice acts as a familiar guide, we follow her blindly, trustingly into the unknown. enjoy!

MP3: Sister

check out the beautifully pale, washed-out, day-dreamy performance video for Sister created by Charlotte Loseth herself.

the "Sleeplessness" album is available digitally via the Sea Oleena bandcamp page, you can listen to the album before purchasing, name your price, so be generous, this is a truly great album! i would also highly recommend getting Oleena's debut self-titled "Sea Oleena" EP (2010), which is also available as a digital download on Sea Oleena's bandcamp page, it is a very considered, haunting et fragile work.

you can find Sea Oleena here: myspace | lastfm | seaoleena | facebook

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