Monday, May 30, 2011


feeling incomplete? well here's a stunning, wistful, new wave-tinged track, After the Sun from Lyon-based glo-fi/electro-pop duo Princesse {Anthony & Maxime} off their impressive self-titled "Princesse (demo)" EP (2011).

"I feel like a tourist of my own life
I find it hard to believe in me here"

After the Sun is an infectious 80s-inspired, tropical flavoured, existential anthem, a mesmerizing, warm marimba loop et clean forlorn guitar riff hook you immediately, these two talented young guys demonstrate a keen sense of song structure/construction et an adept knowledge of pitch perfect, dynamic instrumental arrangements, the cool, detached monotone vocal delivery et deft dual layered vocals, along with the mandatory existential, melancholy-tinged lyrics really create an authentic new wave sound. After the Sun could easily be a rediscovered obscure, early 80s cold wave track from France or Belgium, but regardless of when it was made, After the Sun is a brilliant discovery, enjoy! 

MP3: After the Sun

i would definitely recommend heading over to the Princesse bandcamp where you can stream/download the "Princesse (demo)" EP for free.

you can find Princesse here: facebook | princessemusique | twitter

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