Monday, May 2, 2011


this next track was a magnificent discovery, a complete revelation actually, July is a devastating, soulful pop reverie from Boise-based bedroom pop crooner Trevor Powers aka Youth Lagoon, off his forthcoming et eagerly anticipated debut album "The Year Of Hibernation" (2011).

July is a remarkably endearing, life affirming, anthemic pop song, a mournful organ drones away quietly before Powers softly spoken, airy vocals float in, mesmerizing in their simple, artless et heartfelt delivery, along with his charmingly raw et childish, fervent, choir-like harmonies, Powers' voice is totally captivating et refreshingly sincere, the track slowly builds to an epic, euphoria-inducing middle eight, a joyous cacophony of reverb-laden vocals, pounding drums, chiming keys et fuzzed-out guitar.

July is the kind of track that gives you goose bumps when you first hear it, you know right away this is the real deal, Powers' isn't f@#king around here, he has genuinely got something to get off his chest et thankfully for us, music is his medium of catharsis, this is utterly compelling et beautifully considered/realized music, Powers' youthful fervor reminds me a lot of Archy Marshall aka Zoo Kid on Out Getting Ribs. i've nothing more to add other than, lie back et enjoy this sublime musical experience!!!

MP3: July

et here is the other fine single from the forthcoming album that has been made generously available on the Youth Lagoon Bandcamp.

MP3: Cannons 
also, great news, hot from the Youth Lagoon Soundcloud page is Powers' latest spaced-out, reverb-laden, soulful, epic offering:

MP3: Montana 

take a look at the epic new, nostalgia-bathed, Terrence Malick-imbued visuals for Montana, directed by Tyler T Williams.

"The Year Of Hibernation" album will be available July 5th on Juno Beach Records et will be followed with a vinyl release on October 11th, pre-orders are available from Insound, Lefse Records or Fat Possum records, where you can also grab it on cassette!

you can check out Youth Lagoon here: lastfm | facebook | soundcloud

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