Monday, May 23, 2011


i'm excited to be posting the angsty, sprawling epic single Love Life, from infamous Chicago-based post-rock innovators Joan Of Arc {chiefly Tim Kinsella}, off their brilliant new album "Life Like" (2011).

"Common sense was once the robots superstition
but singing in the rain, his circuits spark and fire
Anything less than everything remains nothing
when all we require in common is desire."

Love Life is brimming with the quintessential Chicago-sound, a distinct warm blend of fidgety, playful, jazz-tinged, post-rock experimentation that we've come to expect from Joan Of Arc, Tim Kinsella's obsession with robots continues {I Am Not A Robot-Barbarian}, as does his awesome, idiosyncratic, declamatory bellowing. Kinsella's ecstatically artless crooning et penchant for absurd, pithy, stream-of-consciousness style lyrics, littered with wonderfully cryptic et contradictory references, either hooks you immediately, or has you firmly smothering your ears et lurching for the stop/skip button, i'm clearly in the former group et have been since i heard Cap'n Jazz. Love Life is more of what you love or hate about Joan of Arc/Tim Kinsella, it's time to take sides!

MP3: Love Life

check out the "live" performance of Love Life by Kyle Obriot for Giant Systems.

et here's another great live performance of Love Life from SXSW

the "Life Like" album is available from Polyvinyl Records on cd et lp, with limited edition cyan coloured vinyl! it is also available digitally online from itunes.

you can find Joan Of Arc here: myspace | lastfm | joanfrc

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