Tuesday, May 24, 2011


here's a fantastic new psyched-out, 60s-worshiping track, I Am The Rain from Liverpool-based all-girl psych-folk/pop trio Stealing Sheep {Becky, Emily & Lucy} from their new "I Am The Rain" EP (2011). 

I Am The Rain is a fleeting, tripped-out, eclectic, percussion-laden, 60s nostalgia-tinged, psych folk track, with hypnotic chanting blending with swirling mellifluous three-part harmonies. I Am The Rain is reminiscent of the Velvet Underground {Venus in Furs} et The Beatles {Tomorrow Never Knows}, enjoy!

MP3: I Am The Rain

et here is a wonderfully wistful track from the brilliant "Mountain Dogs" EP (2011)
MP3: Your Saddest Song

et also this stunning acoustic track from the debut "What If The Lights Went Out" EP (2010), reminiscent of Mirah et The Microphones.

MP3: Love You Are A Record

check out the mysterious et mystical-steeped visuals for I Am The Rain. video directed by Jack Whiteley.

you should also take a look at the stunning live performance of Your Saddest Song filmed at Abbey Road, by Jack Whiteley.

et also have a look at this great behind-the-scenes recording session footage, filmed by OBSCENIC:

et here is a another nice short behind-the-scenes video of making the "Mountain Dogs" EP.

the "I Am The Rain" EP is available on vinyl from Idle Fret et Rough Trade or digitally from itunes, while the "Mountain Dogs" EP and their debut "What If The Lights Went Out" EP are available on 7" vinyl from Red Deer Club or digitally from itunes.

you can also currently stream/buy the album on the Stealing Sheep bandcamp.

you can find Stealing Sheep here: myspace | lastfm | stealingsheep | facebook

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