Wednesday, May 25, 2011


i thought we could all use a dose of wispy, blissed-out, atmospheric pop, so here is Delicate Position, the latest digital single from Melbourne-based dream pop/bedroom producer James Wallace aka Wintercoats.

Delicate Position is like a divine apparition, you long touch it, but fear that it will break apart or dissolve at your touch, this is transcendental dream pop at its finest, Wallace displays his flair for effortlessly, well-crafted, ethereal arrangements, the track is graced with the magnificently airy, seraphic vocals of Montreal-based singer/songwriter Charlotte Loseth {aka Sea Oleena}, this is a wonderfully inspired pairing indeed, they are two kindred spirits who have come together to produce something truly exquisite, enjoy!

MP3: Delicate Position

you should definitely head over to Wintercoats bandcamp page where he has a bunch of great dreamy, orchestral pop tracks, Spend This Day is a real standout.

if you missed it here is my post on Sea Oleena's stunning track Sister.

you can check out Wintercoats here: myspace | facebook | lastfm

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