Monday, November 28, 2011


time for a dose of cerebral medicine, let your ears et mind ingest et absorb this next musical epiphany, the ecstatically idiosyncratic et schizophrenic, tape-wobbled et stretched, avant-leaning, nostalgia-steeped, sound collage masterpiece Marro, from London-based, Orkney Island-native electronic/tape bricoleur Kevin Cormack aka Harry Deerness {also Half Cousin mastermind} off his hauntingly sublime new solo project/album "Harry Deerness" (2011).

MP3: Marro

"Harry Deerness" really needs to be experienced in it's entirety, so i definitely recommend heading over to soundcloud where you can currently stream the entire work or art. enjoy!!!

if you like what you hear then i'd suggest getting your hands physically on a copy of the phenomenal "Harry Deerness" album, it is out now on London-based boutique label Spillage Fete Records, it is available on cd or lp! also available from Norman Records or Rough Trade, otherwise you can download it digitally via itunes or amazon.

you can find Harry Deerness here: marro

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