Wednesday, November 23, 2011


here's the perfect respite from a blustery et cheerless afternoon, a delightfully fuzzed-out, rhodes piano-laced, spangly, jazz-infused daydream, bathed in a warm, silken sunlight. let's all escape into the blissed-out, breezy interlude City Of Refuge, from Tokyo/NY-based bedroom pop producer Kido Yoji, off his irresistable "Call A Romance" EP (2011).

the gorgeous cover artwork is by Ryuto Miyake.
the stunning "Call A Romance" EP is out now, apparently it is going to be available on cd et lp, but at present i can't seem to find out who or where it is being released! so stayed tuned ... for now you can download it digitally from itunes.

want to hear some more? then head over to Kido's soundcloud for a plethora of great remixes et older tracks as well as streaming the entire "Call A Romance" EP.

you can find Kido Yoji here: myspace | facebook | kidoyuji | tumblr 

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