Tuesday, October 11, 2011


this next track is a work of exquisite beauty et quiescent introspection, Swell is a gauzy et sedated, rueful, melancholy-laced elegy from Brooklyn-based dream pop/folk duo Lizard Kisses {Marc Merza & Cory Siegler} off their stunning new EP "Tiny Island Teeth" (2011).

Swell features the sublime, airy, nostalgia-tinged vocals of Charlotte Loseth aka Sea Oleena, oh et it also has a wonderfully wistful 'singing saw' solo at the end, an inspired touch indeed! enjoy!

"I've lost track of my mind,
it happens all the time
when you're falling out ...
of love."

MP3: Swell

this is my favorite tape cover!!! i hope to own it one day!

i'd strongly advise you to check out the "Tiny Island Teeth" EP, it is available from Cake & Tapes, there is a limited edition cassette {50 only, 10 copies in 5 different artwork/color covers, it also comes with free download} so get in quick, otherwise you can head over to bandcamp where you can listen/download the EP digitally.

you can find Lizard Kisses here: myspace facebook lizardkisses

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