Saturday, November 26, 2011


this next track/album left me in a state of utter stupefied bliss. i'm in two minds whether to even attempt to describe/express my admiration et excitement for this album for fear of tainting/influencing that all important first listen, or perhaps just failing to capture the unique et magical essence that radiates throughout. anyway, i shall simply say that discovering this album was a truly monumental occasion, one that will not easily be forgotten, it is a deeply affecting auditory journey that is best experienced in its entirety {et perhaps through airtight headphones}, as the tracks weave intricately into one another forming a wondrously epic tableaux of soul-searching/stirring music!

here is the rousing lead track, the existential-imbued, wistful, country-laced, sublime art pop meditation Auburn Epitaphs, from Boston-based 'folktronica' experimentalist Jordan Lee aka Mutual Benefits {featuring Marc Merza from Lizard Kisses!} off his devastating new EP "The Cowboy's Prayers" (2011).

"I press my pen, into the page
pretending that these words can change
feigning that they have some meaning,
that they have meaning."

i can't recommend this album enough, you really need to experience "The Cowboy's Prayers" EP in its entirety, it is set for release December 1st on Kassette Klub. it will be available as a "split cassette" with Philip Seymour Hoffman's "Your Loving Brother" EP, the cassette edition will come with a free digital download code, otherwise you can purchase it digitally from bandcamp.

if you like what you hear then id suggest checking out Mutual Benefits' impressive output available via bandcamp.

the entire "Split Cassette" is currently available for streaming via bandcamp, so i strongly urge you to head on over to hear more of this remarkable album!

you can find Mutual Benefits here: facebook | mutualbenefit

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