Tuesday, November 22, 2011


you'll have to excuse me, i only recently intercepted the next track et have been attempting to decipher the crackly et garbled signal, it is rumored to have originated somewhere near Mars. so here it is, the wonderfully woozy et euphoria-inducing, spaced-out, immersive, transcendental pop reverie, Black and White Flight, from UK based Polish "emotive pop" experimentalist Ela Orleans off her new album "Mars Is Heaven" (2011).

it sounds like Orleans is singing/narrating Black and White Flight while afloat in an immense starry void, with only a comet or two for company. enjoy!!!


the album was inspired by et named after Ray Bradbury's short story "Mars is Heaven!".

the wonderful cover artwork is by Fleur Fd.

the "Mars Is Heaven" is out now on Atelier Ciseaux / Last Station Radar, it is presently only available on very limited edition vinyl, only 300 copies pressed! so you better order NOW!!!

you can find Ela Orleans here: facebook elaorleans

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