Thursday, October 27, 2011

300. BUT ...

But you didn't realise then that when you lost 
that voice inside you, you'd end up all alone 
in an empty universe.

{Orhan Pamuk, Snow}


  1. i got lost in these pages for (many) hours i think. most of the music staffs are new for me. but i liked every video that i watched. also it's not a common thing that you can find music and literature together in a blog. i adore this place! and then now i've just read this quote. i know that feeling is something nationalist but i can't help feeling myself proud. 'snow' is one the unforgettable books that i read. and orhan pamuk is turkish as i am (:
    also if you haven't ever read yet, one of his best book "the museum of innocence" starts with this sentence: It was the happiest moment of my life, though I didn’t know it.
    i also love this sentence.

    anyway, i think i talk too much. but i appreciate you and your taste. so it's 00:13 in istanbul. i can wish you a good night.


  2. hey, thanks for the comment, it is very much appreciated and welcomed! i'm glad you're finding some interesting new things to listen, watch and read ...

    yes, i am a huge admirer of Orhan Pamuk's writing, he makes me want to go to Istanbul very much! i actually just finished "The Museum of Innocence" last week and was completely shellshocked et depressed when i finally got to the end (in a good way, it's a devastatingly emotional and cerebral story/journey, and Pamuk is insanely clever the way he weaves the numerous strands together, but as usual his stories are incredibly sad and one is left with a deep sense of melancholy afterwards). it was a hard book to finish, like the main character Kemal, i didn't want to give up Füsun, i couldn't bare the thought that she was going to die, so i kept stopping and not reading it for a few days to avoid the inevitable! haha! but his writing is too evocative and alluring to resist, so i had to face up to it. and i have to admit it was certainly one the most incredibly exhaustive and rewarding reading experiences i think i've had.

    i still think my favorite Pamuk book is "The New Life", that is absolutely remarkable novel, so many amazing ideas.

    take care!

    warm regards from the antipodes!