Sunday, October 23, 2011


time to slow things down ... to a crawl. next up is the hypnotically woozy, writhing et throbbing, narcotized, dystopian softcore anthem Synthetik, from London-based, Melbourne electro pop duo HTRK {Jonnine Standish & Nigel Yang} off their mesmerizing debut album "Work (Work, Work)" (2011).

"Your love is so successful, it’s perfect, it’s synthetik
... smother my skirt, smother my blouse
perfect, successful"

the icy et eerie, metallicized guitar riff that haunts Synthetik is evocative {possibly even a sample} of Howard Shore's chillingly detached soundtrack for David Cronenberg's film "Crash" (1996), which fits the track perfectly. enjoy!

MP3: Synthetik

the "Work (work, work)" album is available now from HTRK bandcamp on cd, red vinyl or as a digital download, otherwise it is available from Insound or The Ghostly Store.

you can find HTRK here: myspace | facebook | yourcomicbookfantasy

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